Betrayed by my mate.

Betrayed by my mate.

By:  China SummersBreath  Completed
Language: English
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Aurora Chandrakant is the daughter of Kaven head of the royal pack warriors. When her and her twin brother were 12 years old, they both began their training with their father. All her life her dad shows her nothing but attention and love but for some reason as years goes by that her mother becomes colder to her. Every night she will have the same dream about a baby being left at the door but not only she can’t recognize anyone face, but there is no one she can ask about this dream. Prince Alexander Heinrich is the next in line for being King of the West side packs. His father is always hard on him to be the King that he is now with the packs. He’s cruel and abusive to Alexander. The packs in their kingdom don’t really care for his way of taking care of them. They meet on her first day of training with her father. The first moment Alexander see Aurora he had a feeling that she could be his mate but when she first shifts that he will be positive. Alexander tells his father of her and setting up the Luna ceremony from them to mark each other letting the pack know of her being their Luna but his father refuses it. He doesn’t care that Aurora is to his opinion a lower ranking wolf and wants Alexander to choose a female of higher ranking to be his Luna. Like Kimberly Stone daughter of the Alpha of the Black pine pack. Now Alexander must choose between his true mate or being with someone he can’t even stand to be around, but his father forces his decision to whom he will be with.

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29 Chapters
Chapter one
                 (Aurora POV)               It was still so dark outside and so many people screaming. There was a woman looking down at me. She had long brown hair, bright blue eyes and unbelievably beautiful. Her face was full of fear as she was running through the forest. Stopping only to look where the sound of a wolf’s howling. Then she was off running away from the howling but soon she stops from snapping of some twigs.  
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chapter two
                     (Alexander POV)   Today started out like any other day for me. I wake up and have breakfast with just my sister Raina like every morning. My parents are never here to eat any meals with us. I do get to see my father but only when he wants to belittle me, or let me know what I’m doing wrong and to remind me to be more like him. I sat there finishing up my breakfast when Gamma Xavier, my future Beta Sebastián, and hopefully future Gamma Dani.  
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chapter three
                            (Aurora POV)It's been about a year that Ethan and I have started to train with our father. I've gotten closer to Raina and her brother Alexander. I even got to meet Alex's wolf Hunter and he has the most beautiful black fur. I'm not sure why but when I'm around Hunter that I always feel calm and safe with him. Anytime that Hunter is around me that he will always have a need to put his head into my lap for attention and to keep any other males away from me. A few month ago, my brother had his first shift to his wolf. He makes it look so easy when I know that it can be very painful the first time and becomes easier as time goes. His wolf is a good size, like the size of a pony and his fur is a dark brown. Of course, Hunter is still larger, like the size of large horse but he is going to be the Alpha king and would make sense that his wolf is larger. Today my father told us that we won
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chapter four
                       (Aurora POV)'Aurora, I'm your wolf and my name is Kamaria.''Kamaria?''Yes, and I'm happy to finally be able to talk to you.''What's happening to me Kamaria?''This is your first time shifting into your wolf, shifting into me. The first time is always the most painful for your body.''Will it get easier?''In time your body will grow use to the shifting but right now you're going to need Alex to help you through this one.''Why him?''In time you'll understand but for now lets deal with you shifting into me.'                     (Alexander POV)I had to talk to Kaven about Aurora being my mate. He was shock to hear that about his daughter has found her mate at such a young age and that mate being me as well. Right now, my attention is needed to be on her. I go over to her and make sure I keep her calm and allow
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chapter five
                        (Aurora POV)Four years has gone by and Alex and I been getting even closer by each day. I still wonder if he's my mate because I never felt this way toward any other guy that I'm around. I'll be turning 17 in a few days from now and I'm wondering what charm Alex will be giving me this time. Ever since I was 13 and he bought me the charm necklace that he's been getting me a new charm for each birthday. For my 14th birthday he got me a butterfly charm, 15th birthday he gave me a star charm with a diamond in it, and for my 16th birthday I got a rose charm. I got a phone call the other day from Raina about spending the next month at her place since both our fathers will be traveling to each pack in the kingdom to check in on their pack warriors. I was happy when my father finally told me today that I can go spend the time he's gone staying with Raina. I was sure when I first asked him that he was goi
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chapter six
                       (Alexander POV)It's been a few days since my father left to check on the packs in our kingdom and I've been in charge. It's going smoothly but I've been training for this since I was 12 years old. As I was finishing up the last of the paperwork for the day when I start thinking about Aurora. She must be here by now getting settle into her new room. I made sure the room was done up just for her liking. I had help from Seb's mate Autumn to find out what Aurora likes. Seb and Autumn met each other during the time we were visiting the packs like my father is doing right now. Autumn is the daughter of the Beta from White stone pack and he was more than thrilled to find out his daughter's mate is a royal Beta. It was an instant connection between them both and after that they were inseparable. They couldn't even keep their hands off each other and every time I see them together just made me want to be w
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chapter seven
                      (Alexander POV)I was enjoying the sight of Aurora eating her favorite foods. I'm glad I was able to give the royal chief a list that Autumn was able to get for me. I couldn't help from smiling while watching her.'Um Alex?''Yes Seb, what is it that you feel the need to bother me during dinner?''Well, I wanted you to finally tell Aurora that she is your mate.''Get off my back! Don't worry, I will talk to her really soon.''I sure hope so, because every time Autumn and I are together you always look so sad. Your my best friend and it kills me to see you like that. What is going to happen when Dani finally finds his mate as well. You'll make him feel as bad as I do now and no, I'm not saying you're doing it to hurt us.''Um, Seb, Alex? I have found my mate.''What?!'Both I and Seb said at the same time trying to keep the shock look off our face so the girls don't know that were
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chapter eight
                         (Aurora POV)'Yes Aurora, Alex and hunter are our mates.''How long did you know this? How long did Alex know about this?''I'm not sure about him, but I knew about it the first time we shift that they were our mate. Please, don't be angry with them about this for I begged them not to let you know till I feel you were ready to handle something like having a mate.'As I turned to walk away, I felt a hand on my arm stopping me in my track with the feeling of the heated sparks."Please, don't leave my little moon.""How long did you know Alex?"He looked down not wanting to make eye contact with me and that just made things worse."How long Alex? How long did you know that I was your mate?""I would like to tell you that I knew the first time I met you but wasn't 100% sure. I wasn't sure till your first shift that we were mates. Please understand how hard it's been for H
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chapter nine
                     (Alexander POV)I brought my attention back to my sleeping mate and nuzzle my face into her neck just breathing in her scent. I never want us to leave this bed, but sadly I have things I need to take care of like pack business and planning for the Luna ceremony. Now that we have mated my wolf will not calm until we mark each other. I'll also want to introduce her to the pack as their future Queen, but I'll first have to talk to my father about her and he's not going to like it. My father will be against it only cause she is not the right rank in his opinion. I don't care what he thinks about my moon because I'll never leave her. I'm not sure how long I laid there looking at my moon.'Alex, we're in the kitchen right now getting things ready and we'll be able to be out there in about 30 minutes.''Alright Seb, I'll wake her up right now and get her into the bathroom.'I looked at her knowing how m
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chapter ten
(Alexander POV)I already miss my little moon and it hasn't even been an hour yet that I have left her. I know I'm going to need to get my daily work and make a phone call to Alpha Andrew before dinner if I'm going to spend time with my moon. First, I'm going to give the Alpha a call to get that over as fast as I can. I really don't want to talk to Alpha Andrew because I know he's going to bring up the subject about his daughter being my mate, so I'll have to get Beta Randy on the phone as fast as I can. I hope Jasmine will understand that Kimberly is not welcome here at all, not to even visit her. I know saying that is being cruel to her, but before I aloud her to be here she'll have to promise to leave me alone or has found her true mate. Well better get this call done now."Hello?""Hi Alpha Andrew, this is Prince Alexander and I need to talk to Beta Randy if I can?""Yes, Prince Alexander I just linked to him and asked him to come to my office. May I ask you the reason for you're c
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