67. Heartwarming

The night was warm…even hot. Thomas’s skin was like the werewolf’s in the movies - like a cozy fire. When we went to sleep, there was some addictive tension between us. As we laid on our backs, I wondered if I should make a slight move to touch his hand or maybe trace his cheekbone with my fingers.

He seemed to be deep in thought, too, seeming careful to not touch me without an invitation. It was a long naive game we played until he finally gave in to his desires and leaned over me to kiss me.

We were making out for half an hour and I swear my lips felt swollen before I closed my eyes, giving in to the exhaustion of the day, resting my head on Thomas’s shoulder. I loved it when it was just the two of us. I was getting too attached to this boy, who now seemed to have become a lot more than some crush. I was deeply falling for him and no stalker or other force

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