Paint me a heart

Paint me a heart

By:  Superovkata  Completed
Language: English
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Alice Stevens was different. She would not fall for the school's popular boy, thinking that he might date her only to embarrass her later. She was devoted to her painting, happy with only one dear friend. Then Thomas Black came, the famous rising rock star. He came to turn her life upside down, and stole her heart, despite her trust issues. He proved to her that no matter that she was an outsider, he could truly love her. Going through a number of intense moments, and lots of problems, they change their lives and the lives of a whole group of teenagers, close to them. Here is my FB page and my Instagram and Twitter if you want to join and chat. ;) I am pretty active on Facebook.

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Jason Boyce
Absolutely heart touching. Love your work, keep going. Huge fan!
2021-07-22 04:08:17
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Laura Lynn
Loved this story!!
2021-06-18 07:24:35
user avatar
Loving it❤😍
2021-06-09 16:32:54
user avatar
This book has been in my library for a few days and I just started reading it. The starting is intriguing. 😍
2021-06-09 10:57:16
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Hiraeth Faith
This story gives me a sense of youth and very fun to read, cant wait for more chapters!
2021-04-20 15:02:19
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Apratyashita Thakur
Loved the synopsis ❤❤❤😊 can't wait to read the story
2021-04-03 00:52:11
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M.Z. Mauve
new cover looks great👍😁
2021-03-30 19:07:51
default avatar
This was a great story to read! So happy for the two! Maybe a follow up story would be great.. Good job author 😊
2021-03-23 07:28:46
user avatar
Such an intriguing synopsis! I can only imagine how the whole story is! so excited to read! Awesome job, author!
2021-03-07 00:54:29
user avatar
This story deserves a full 10/10
2021-02-06 03:39:28
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Диан Захариев
I really liked the story.
2020-12-02 04:22:04
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The story progression is good the character is well describe and emphasize, your synopsis is great keep up the great work. <3
2020-11-29 10:25:51
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H. Linton
First off, love the cover! the mc is relatable and its easy to get drawn into the world you've created. great work!
2020-11-18 02:43:52
user avatar
First of all, I really liked the cover. The storyline is great and the author's dedication in writing the book is evident. A round of applause ??
2020-11-15 21:11:53
user avatar
Thank you for bringing this awesome story to us!
2020-11-15 02:30:10
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73 Chapters
1. From amateur picture to school project
Author's thought: "If you don't open yourself to others, you are missing out on the good things too." Here I was, the crazy girl, sprawled out on her belly, covered with leaves in the schoolyard. No, I wasn't bullied. It wasn’t because I was showing off how popular I was, nor was I skilled in martial arts and training outside. The bullying - I had presumed they just hadn't decided to do it, yet. The thing was, I would have done anything for my art, regardless of what others might have thought, and the reason I was on the ground was my art. "Alice, maintain that pose, and let me just get that off.” Linda, my best friend, spoke as she bent forward to remove a leaf from my face. "Now it's perfect!" She exclaimed and resumed her work. She was amazing and very loyal, and I loved her for that. Linda was Korean, not that it mattered one bit. I would have loved her even if she had horns and a tail. If anything, it made her even more special. We became close in eighth grade when she had t
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2. No apologies needed
I was not the prettiest girl in my town or some skinny model, but I understood art when I saw it. I knew how to click my own pictures, so I posed in front of the mirror. My full lips stretched in a bright, charming smile. I maintained that pose and clicked a picture with my phone. I loved the blue in my eyes. But still, I loved it more when I make photos and paintings with no colors. Just black and white, which was strange considering the fact I usually worked with colors. Maybe, I had to just admit that I looked nice when I smiled.Satisfied with my look, I considered myself ready for the new day and went downstairs to wait in the living room for my siblings to come. I had my hair in a ponytail and light makeup. I was in a mood to wear my loose, black "Disturbed" T-shirt and gray tight jeans, so that's what I had gone with."Good morning, Alice," the sleepy, muffled voice reached my ears as my step-brother rubbed his eyes while descending the stairs."Good morning to you too, Steven,"
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3. Not mean, but a womanizer with a painted heart
The bell rang, indicating that the history class was now over. I gathered my things, stuffed them in my backpack, and zipped it this time. When I got up from my desk, I saw the hot, new boy in school standing in front of me, as he patiently waited and also prevented me from moving."Um, you are making my personal space smaller," I stated, without looking up at his face, because I knew it was too close for my liking."Yes, but we had an understanding… sort of," he spoke softly, not moving one bit, as he put out his right hand, "Hi, I am Thomas Black."Oh, yeah? I didn't know that.I mentally rolled my eyes and thought about it for a moment. I guess he was really up to do this from the beginning. Let's get just this over with, so we can get on with our lives."Alice Stevens. Nice to meet you, Mr. I have two identities." I greeted him back sarcastically, and took a half step back, to make eye contact. That was the only space I had."Hey, we are starting over. Don't be the mean one now. A
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4. Invitations and secrets
The most exciting detention was over an hour later. I was both thankful and disappointed when Thomas went to help Daphne, the older girl, after he stated that ‘I painted his heart’. Whatever that was supposed to mean in his head."What a self-oriented, he is made of confidence!" I bit out angrily as I climbed inside Linda's Chevrolet."Hi to you, too!" she teased, as a small giggle escaped her. I shot her a serious look which made her continue, "Ok. Who?""Like you have to ask. That… Thomas." My face scrunched up in annoyance when his name left my lips. Linda placed a hand on my shoulder and I sighed. A second later, someone unexpected appeared outside my window making me jump in my place.It was him, of-freaking-course!He knocked on the glass and bent down slightly to look at me with his perfect invading-my-space smile. I turned to Linda to send her This-is-what-I-was-talking-about look, and she just shrugged at me apologetically. Another knock on my window followed,
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5. The arrangement
No lights were needed for me to know that Tina's eyes were throwing lightnings my way. Yet, she flipped open the switch and revealed her angry posture. Her eyebrows narrowed, and her lips pressed into a thin line.I gulped at the thought of what cruel revenge she could muster up for me being here… and she didn't even know that I read her message. Hell was coming my way."Your phone." I managed to say and pointed to the desk behind me, afraid to turn my back to the mean angry girl.A look of realization dawned on her face as she followed my pointer to the device, and she let out a sigh."I went to look for it. Where was it?" she asked with a calmer tone, but I could tell she was still on edge."In the bathroom." I simply answered.I was no coward, but I didn't want her wrath to spill on me. I didn't want to be complicated… but I made it anyway."I know your secret, but don't worry. I am not judging you or anything." I said, looking away for some unknown reason."What did you say? What
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6. Shop me my style
6. Shop me my style"Good morning, everyone!" I spoke, while looking in my phone’s camera and posed for a picture. ‘Day one of twin sis makeover (TSM)’ I captioned the photo I had just made, and posted it on social media.I had my ‘Stained’ T-shirt on, dressed like myself with hair down and only mascara on. I wondered how I would look at the end of the day, when Tina would have forced her fashion ideas on me.I went to the kitchen and grabbed a banana for the road. It was my favorite breakfast. Sweet, easy to eat when you are not in the mood and most importantly healthy. I liked to get one to-go and eat it in my car while I was driving to school. That's what I did today too. The only difference was that I spotted Tina in the yard when she was going to her car, and she actually said ‘hi’ to me with a very big not fake smile. That was a first!"I will see you by the lockers at half past two, okay?" she asked, and I nodded in reply.In the parking lot, I was making a list of things I c
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7. I will paint on the wall, you paint on me
As soon as we got back, we went to the Dean and delivered the painting supplies that we bought on our way out of the mall. I actually picked some pretty interesting stuff that would really make our paintings pop up from those old walls. After that, I went to my last class, which was Thomas free. The two classes I skipped were with him, so I hadn't seen him all day.After school, I went to paint with others, and they actually enjoyed the stuff we got at the mall. One used glitter to make a snow sparkle, another placed small gems, instead of painting them and made it look crazy realistic. Some electric colors that I bought made Daphne's northern lights look just amazing. I was glad about my purchase, and it gained me some respect from others in the project.My first idea was mostly in black, gray and white (no surprise there), a girl sitting on the ground somewhere in the school. Many crows above her head, attacking. She had her hands up, protecting herself from them. My imagination was
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8. Surprise, surprise
When the light was taken away from my red face, I hid it in my palms. I could not believe what had just happened. I thought that those things only happened in movies, or when someone is getting engaged or something. This was so crazy!"I shouldn't have come!" I yelled, still hiding my face with my forehead resting on Linda's shoulder."What?! What are you talking about? It was amazing! How many people do you think can get this kind of attention?" She yelled back, removing my hands, so she could see me. "Come on! Enjoy it while it lasts. It doesn't have to mean a thing!""I don't like attention. If he knew me, he wouldn't have done it." I pointed, and risked a shy look to the band on stage."Who knows what it would have been? Does it matter?" Tina rudely remarked behind me."The thing is, Thomas seems to like Alice," Linda explained, her voice fighting over the music and the crowd's screams."Interesting. Do you like him?" my step-sister asked directly, and I felt like I was going to ha
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9. With guys things are a little different
"So, spill away." Alex said.I sighed, wondering how much I felt comfortable sharing."Well, you know the new boy at school, right?" I started and he nodded. "He is not leaving me alone.""How did he offend you?""He didn't say anything bad to me. Just, I don't believe that he really feels the way he acts as he feels." I tried to organize my thoughts."You think it's a game to him?""What else can it be? He does not know me at all. How can he like me?" I stated."You should know that with us guys, things are a little different." He told me, and turned to show me his smile, like he was hiding a part of what he was about to say."I know it can't be the same. But, can you blame me for not believing that he met me the other day, we barely talked and here he is; greeting me from the stage as someone special to him?""He did that? I must have missed it… But the answer to your question is, yes. I can blame you. Not that those are the words I would use. It's more like I can relate to him." Ale
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10. Detention by choice
"You were at my house?" I questioned, standing up from the floor, with a brush in my hand.Thomas took his time to answer, slowly walking towards me with a grin. I could admire how his face lit up when he was smiling so charmingly, if I wasn't so surprised and annoyed. He stopped in such distance from me, that if I just reached out my hand, I could bury my fingers in his blonde hair."I had to find you and talk with you." He explained, staring in my eyes for the reaction of his words."No, you didn't," I said and turned around to avoid his eyes… or hide mine."Yes, I had to! You disappeared last night. I thought that you would like the song I was singing to you." His confident voice spoke behind my back, but I just dipped my brush in the brown paint and continued my work on the wall. "Alice, did I offend you somehow?"I thought that I heard the surprise in his last words, and I couldn't help but turn back to check his face. He was standing awkwardly, his hands in the pockets of his tig
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