“So are you done with your phone call, darling?” the diva wife inquires after her apprehensive husband has slipped back his smartphone into his suit’s internal chest pocket.

“Yes, I am, but I really need to go right now. There’s actually an emergency that I have to fix, my love.”

“Oh no, I was so hoping for even an hour to have a little chat with you. You haven’t been home early these past few…”

“I know, love. I promise to make it up to you once your son and I are done with our future plans for your father's businesses, alright?”

”Of course, my darling Antonio. I’m just so lucky to have you and Hero who are intent to fix everything and make all of these questionable enterprises finally legal and legitimate. I am both so proud of you!”

The large man hurriedly kisses his slim-framed wife, then motions to his bodyguards to pick up his attache case, “And we both love you so much, my forever beautiful darling. Don’t do anything straining or stressing today, alright. I’ll try my best to be h
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