Really Dirty Business

Really Dirty Business

By:  MAB DE NARRA  Ongoing
Language: English
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Hero and Lyra are more than just friends... In the morning, Lyra Semana is a very strict professor to Hero, her outspoken and handsome student in Business Law and Policy. In the evenings, Hero Agpalza is a very demanding superior to Lyra, his smart and seductive "Business Consultant". They never planned their relationship to be like this but it had to happen for both their sakes and sanity. Lyra needs to help Hero stop a ruthless and unknown killer who intends to take over his family's business. Meanwhile, Hero needs to financially support the hospitalization of Lyra's parents and save her from a very dangerous and obsessive ex. Will all these issues find a way to make them realize their love for each other or will they end up being alone and apart instead? Or even worse... dead. ---------- Check out my interview with GoodNovel here:

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103 Chapters
Somewhere in a large exclusive housing community, everyone was fast asleep in their expensive residences. Everyone, except for one scared individual who was living in the biggest and most luxurious mansion in the whole residential village. His whole house was in darkness, except for the flashlight of his smart-phone and his laptop’s screen. Someone has cut the main electrical source! Why aren’t the back-up generators kicking in? But I’m sure the special security setup will still work because it has its own power source…
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So she’s entering the shower. Good! Now, it’s my turn to move...As usual, Hero has been watching her all night from the balcony opposite her apartment. He could smell the appetizing scent of her cooking.  That would be her infamous chicken and pork casserole, which will be her meal for tonight, and then her packed lunch for tomorrow. If I’m lucky, she would be offering that delicious dish to me after our class when we eat together. But at the same time, he realizes that if he’s unlucky, s
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“Hello darling, I’m so happy to see you reading again. No more headaches?”The obese man in front of her smiled widely, his rounded cheeks stretching to accommodate his toothy grin. If there was anything his wife really loved, it’s his jolly countenance, especially in the mornings. Sometimes work for him demanded that he goes home in the early hours of the day before sunrise and he knows that his wife is not happy with that. But what can a man do if he is overly busy with his newly acquired business? Or actually, his wife’s newly acquired business?”I’m fine my love, please stop worrying. My blood pressure has not been overly high for the past two weeks. And yes, I still prefer the traditional paper for my news reading instead of a tablet, thank you,” replied the hefty male while turning the page of the full newspaper in front of him.The slim graceful woman glides to the back of the lumbering man and hugs him from behind, enveloping him in layers of sweet-strong perfume and the rich
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“So are you done with your phone call, darling?” the diva wife inquires after her apprehensive husband has slipped back his smartphone into his suit’s internal chest pocket.“Yes, I am, but I really need to go right now. There’s actually an emergency that I have to fix, my love.”“Oh no, I was so hoping for even an hour to have a little chat with you. You haven’t been home early these past few…”“I know, love. I promise to make it up to you once your son and I are done with our future plans for your father's businesses, alright?””Of course, my darling Antonio. I’m just so lucky to have you and Hero who are intent to fix everything and make all of these questionable enterprises finally legal and legitimate. I am both so proud of you!”The large man hurriedly kisses his slim-framed wife, then motions to his bodyguards to pick up his attache case, “And we both love you so much, my forever beautiful darling. Don’t do anything straining or stressing today, alright. I’ll try my best to be h
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Lyra is feeling the rush, the exhilaration, and the ultimate freedom of her ride and she wishes so bad that it would last forever… But like any good thing in this world, it will always end. So I’ll just enjoy this moment while I still can. 
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Hero is feeling the rush, the exhilaration, and the ultimate freedom of his ride and he wishes that it would last forever…But like any totally amazing experience, they would usually end on a cold note. So yeah, I plan to enjoy every bit of this wonderful feeling while I still can.The presence of his professor behind him is giving this mid-20's old student a hard time, but he’s managing to concentrate on the road despite it all. His rider’s curvy arms were hugging him tightly from behind. He could feel her small feminine hands almost grabbing his muscular eight-pack as if her life depended on it. Her torso and her legs were still an inch away from him but even so, her firm hold on him is still giving him a hard-on.Yep, at the speed I’m going, I’m not surprised. I don’t see why I should slow down, though. All the more reason for her attention to be on other things besides the humungous bulge in my pants.Hero moans a bit as his professor’s dainty hands firmly grip his abs as the bike
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The motorbike parking area has a lot of vacant spaces so it didn't take too long before they are already walking through the hospital’s main entrance. While his professor fills out some forms and checks out certain information at the nurse's station, Hero decides to check his large-screened, high-tech smartphone. He stares at it for a while, his eyes narrowed to slits while his lips twist in a slightly upset expression.
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The room was a mess and the woman unrecognizable by the time he was through. But he was on a high, unlike any drug would give him. It's been a while since he's gotten this sort of thrill from a job. As a matter of fact, it's been a while since he's been given a job! And it's always fan-fucking-tastic when you love your job! It's always such a goddamn rush! Rube stretches his heavily muscled frame, t
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Thirty minutes later after he had left Lyra's condominium building, Hero is already parking his bike in his special spot at his workplace. That was actually a record time since he usually takes an hour to get there from school. Lyra’s condo unit was further away. Whenever he’s deep in thought, he would always speed through the roads, letting the fast winds and velocities drive away his problems. Usually, it worked.
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Damn, shouldn’t have drunk all of that whiskey after last night's job. I may not have hangovers no matter how much I drink but I’m starting to get really sleepy. And it’s just 10 in the morning too! Hero, as usual, arrives early to his beautiful professor’s class. He still had twenty minutes to burn and to wake up from his sudden bouts of sleepiness so he starts reviewing what happened last night. Finished the interview. Completed the job. Drank myself to sleep. Realized too late that we have special make-up classes today due to a week-long school suspension, no thanks to an intense hurr
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