Chapter 4: My Saturday

                                     Chapter 4

It's Saturday morning my favorite day of the week. The only day I can legally throw my alarm Clock out the window because of its piercing noise. Funny enough the clock itself always aims to land on someone's head, no matter how hard I try to evade it.

11:30 and I'm still in bed. My mom walks in and unexpectedly throw me off the bed by tilting the bed to the other side so I could roll off it.

"Get your sleep head outta bed you've spent half the day sleeping already. "

I groaned out Loud and complained. why can't I sleep in and recover all the lost sleep I've Missed during the cause of the week.

"But it Saturday mom can't I just sleep in a little while longer."

I say with a cute puppy dog eye, sadly for me, it had no effect on her because she has grown immune to it.

"No, you can't now get outta bed before I make you."

With that, I reluctantly get outta bed. I say a short word of prayer to my maker and I do a little bit of yoga in my room.

After a while of yoga, I decided to hit the shower. I washed my body thoroughly and shampoo my hair as well. I went to my wardrobe to pick something casual to wear and I headed downstairs to meet my mom.

"Uwana, there you are it about time you came down. Could you take out the trash its really starting to get all over the place? Oh and don't forget to do our laundry and make sure you trim the grass outside too."

After giving my mom the usual greetings I gave her a terrifying look and say

" All Of Them"

She only smiles and says all of them before returning her attention back to her cooking.

I decided to start with the most difficult part, taking out the trash. I make sure I mask my nose before Carrying out this task because I must tell you, the stench can be pretty deadly at times.

Moving on to the next difficult one, cutting the grass. I groan mentally on this because I see it as punishment.

I feel what's the point of trimming it when it's still gonna grow longer than its original height. It is too late to back out on this, so I'm gonna show the grass who the bigger man is... Moi.

Lastly, the last agenda on the list before my tedious Saturday routine is complete. Its laundry time and before I realize what I'm doing I am done with my laundry. Thank the smart ass who make life less ethic for me by creating something they call washing machine.

"Breakfast is ready dear are you done with your chores yet"

My mom yelled from the kitchen, I entered the living room where she just walked in trying to put on the TV to something suitable for both of us to watch while we eat. I make myself known and let her know how ready I am to devour her delicacy.

We had plain rice with a perfectly garnish egg sauce. It was soo appealing to the eyes and I just couldn't wait to dive in. After helping her to set the table, we said a short prayer before eating. To top it all as I ate, I was enjoying my favorite series titled My Wife and Kids.


A few hours later the dishes were all done and I was having a life-changing conversation with my mom.

"So what happens when I graduate "

I asked my mom, and she responded.

"You could look for a good college around here to settle in if you really don't want to go back to Tanzania. "

I sighed that's the Big question do I still want to go back, to the people that destroyed Everything I've lived for, Everything I've ever wanted?. I don't think soo. I think I'd rather school further away from my people and away from my country. Where I know I'll be safe.

"Is London good enough"

I say with a sad smile. My mom smiles and said

"Anything for you dear as long as your happy I'm happy too"

And she smiled genuinely at me. After a while of a heated discussion with mom. I decided to go and check on Raymon and noticed that he is slowly recovering. I brush his mane lightly and he neighed at me as if to say thanks I'll be all better by Monday.

From there I heading on to wandering around my neighborhood to see if I could make any new friend. Just as I moved two houses away from mine I saw a guy about my age but maybe a little older. He was typing furiously on something metallic in nature but could produce moving pictures.

After a while of standing awkwardly behind him trying to get a better view of what he is so concentrated on without me been noticed, I decided to make my self know by mentioning a small "Hi " which got his heart into overdrive as he literally flew off his sit and landed on his freshly cut lawn.

I giggled loudly at this because I've never seen a guy so jumpy before. Where I come from its usually the others way around. While I was still trying to sober up he spoke up saying

"Damn woman, you scared me!"

This only causes me to laugh out a little. He gave me a questioning stare. Saying

"Who are you? how may I help you? "

And I responded with a friendlier tone

"Your new neighborhood my house is just two houses away, I was just checking around the neighborhood before I spotted you trying to strangle that poor thing with your thumb"

And he responds with and out roar of laughter.

"First of this 'thing' has a name and second of all I was playing a video game on it Before you interrupted".

I made an O shape with my month as is if I understood what he said when in truth I didn't. I shrugged my shoulder and decided to leave but he asked me to stay so I did and I didn't regret one bit of it.

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