My Uwana

My Uwana

By:  Diana_Simpson  Ongoing
Language: English
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Drawn to the internet, Uwana had always wanted to feel among. For once all she wanted was to have that perfect social media character that no one ever insulted. Sadly her story is quite the opposite. Uwana faces a series of cyberbullying depression and worse she is being accused of murder. With all this surrounding her, she had thought long and hard about ending her life. Will, she ever survive this

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29 Chapters
Chapter 1: First Day
                                      Chapter 1"I don't know what to do grandma...  This power is overwhelming. It's like they are the once controlling me" "Don't worry my child. It takes time but when the time is right you shall have fully possess your possession." "But grandma,  what if I can't do it.  What If He comes back and I can't  defeat him." "Trust your instincts it will lead  you aright." "But grandma" "Trust your instincts child" "Grandma!!!" ***Bring it! Bring it!! Bii!. (Sound of my annoying alarm) I gasped jutting back to reality.  I sighed feeling frustrated. And the annoying alarm was
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Chapter 2: True Friend
                                        Chapter  2It's the next day of school and I try to wake up 5 minutes earlier this time. At least I tried but it was an extreme failure because I succeeded in waking up 10 minutes late. Thanks to the annoying alarm I changed into some worth soothing alarm. Now I'm regretting the action of changing it, Just so you know, I hate mornings They are evil.  I groaned out loud as I Get up to make my way to the bathroom. Since today is Tuesday I put any effort into my outfit. I take one of my dandelion gown and a new undergarment. I hurry up into the bathroom to do my business. It doesn't take me up to 15minute before I'm done. With my sling bag on my shoulders, I'm out of my room heading for the kitchen to eat breakfast.  I find my
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Chapter 3: Lab Partner
                                       Chapter 3"Urgh!!! This totally sucks :( I hate waking up on the wrong side of the bed!!!"  This is what happened when I decide to be extremely nice by giving my horse what he solely desires. Now I'm sore all over. "Uwana!!! Hurry up! Or you're gonna be late!!!!!!!" I hurry up with my business in the bathroom and I stumble out to continue wearing my Jean trousers in my room. I pack my hair into messy bund and sling my back unto my shoulders. I take the slide that is next to the stairs and within a minute I'm downstairs.  On getting downstairs I see my mom in the kitchen with my lunch packed up in a paper bag since no doubt I've missed my breakfast. She hands my lunch to me and I put it in my bag immediately. I
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Chapter 4: My Saturday
                                            Chapter 4It's Saturday morning my favorite day of the week. The only day I can legally throw my alarm Clock out the window because of its piercing noise. Funny enough the clock itself always aims to land on someone's head, no matter how hard I try to evade it. 11:30 and I'm still in bed. My mom walks in and unexpectedly throw me off the bed by tilting the bed to the other side so I could roll off it. "Get your sleep head outta bed you've spent half the day sleeping already. " I groaned out Loud and complained. why can't I s
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Chapter 5: Best day of the week
                                        Chapter 5If Saturday is my favorite day of the week then trust me Sunday is way better, because I literally don't have to wake up at all till past 1 in the afternoon. I mean no choirs no need to wake up early. After waking up at 12noon. I do a little bit of communication with my maker since I still haven't found a church here yet. I guess my room would just have to do. Moving on I do my usual yoga routines before I take my time to do my business in the washroom. I wash my body thoroughly to remove all the sweat from my body. Fifteen minutes later I'm all dressed in a  purple hoodie and ocean blue jean trouser. I walk down the stairs an
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Chapter 6: Monday Morning
                                       Chapter 6Bring!!!! BRI!!! Urrgh I shut the alarm off and turn my body to lie down on my back. I turn my head to look at the clock and find out its 7:30 in the morning. Usually, I would groan at this but instead, I find my self smiling as the memory of yesterday flooded my mind. *flashback*The races started smoothly until Ethan was running out of Gas and Raymon was thirsty already but I still kept on pushing him forward. " Hey!! No fair how on earth is that horses faster than my bike :(" Ethan said and I laughed out loud because I was two inches ahead of him, it gave me so much joy to see him l
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Chapter 7 : Uwanzzy
         Chapter 7"This is amazing. Did he actually walk you home like, was he really right by your side the whole time " I laughed at her statement because she really wasn't going to give me breathing space now that she knew. "No way! This is  soo unfair, I can't believe you kept this from me the whole time!" I giggled and replied "I actually didn't keep it from you technically you did..." "Yea yea I know I am meant to ask, but what's the use of asking, your the one to tell me, not me asking you" "Urgh, you know what hazzy let's just forget about it. The past has passed and I'd really like to finish my lunch now " "Yea but you
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Chapter 8: Sylvarien
                   Chapter 8"Hey! Dad!!!! I'm going to school!!!!!!" I yelled at my dad before heading for the kitchen to grab something to eat. My dad and I have been leaving together for the past 5 years. Ever since my mom left, his life hasn't been the same. He's always been there looking after me picking up after me ever since. life hasn't been easy without her and heck she wasn't making it easy when she was still around. I was in the kitchen wiping my hands when my Dad engulfed me in a bear hug from behind. " Morning to you too,  I can see you in a hurry to leave me again huh." " Sorry about that. It's just there is this new girl in school,  and there is something different about here " 
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Chapter 9 : Hello Metal Object
                            Chapter 9I was taking my time to walk back to where my Locker when I meet Hazel stand beside my Locker,  typing furiously on a metal object. She stop typing when she noticed me standing 2 centimeters away from her "There you are I was worried I had lost you in the pool of --- Wait whats wrong?... Uwana? Who owns that shirt" "So I kinda accidentally spilled a drink---" "Oh, thank goodness it's nothing important. Anyways we got bigger fish to fry we gotta get to class in 5mins! Now c'mon " And with that, we were rushing towards our next class, just as I was about bumping into the sly Queen Hazel drew my attention to it and I narrowly miss her. "C'm
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Chapter 10: the long talk
                            Chapter 10 "Uwana... There you are I've been-Oh what's with that face I don't like the face you are giving" Hazel said in one sentence. I laughed a little at how she constructed her sentence. "Relax Hazzy its nothing I just got into a little trouble with the Media man. More like walking maniac man" Hazel laughed in a not so little way and I laughed along with her. After we sobered up she finally spoke up again " Thanks for standing up to him Uwana, That's how I get ridiculed every time I go late to his class." 
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