Chapter 6: Monday Morning

                                       Chapter 6

Bring!!!! BRI!!! Urrgh

I shut the alarm off and turn my body to lie down on my back. I turn my head to look at the clock and find out its 7:30 in the morning. Usually, I would groan at this but instead, I find my self smiling as the memory of yesterday flooded my mind.


The races started smoothly until Ethan was running out of Gas and Raymon was thirsty already but I still kept on pushing him forward.

" Hey!! No fair how on earth is that horses faster than my bike :("

Ethan said and I laughed out loud because I was two inches ahead of him, it gave me so much joy to see him lose to not just a girl 'me' but to my favorite horse in the whole wide world!

Finally, we decided to take a break, we stopped at a filling station. Ethan finally filled his tank and we took a walk toward the riverside on getting there we stopped so Ramon could take a drink to regain his lost energy.

"Wow!! :)... I can't believe you beat me to this, like.... I am so speechless right now. 'Cus that horse is one of a kind"

I laughed at his statement and I respond in my most heartwarming voice.

"Your mean Raymon is one of a kind"

And he gave me a look that says hell yea :)

"Yea he definitely is ... Wait who now?"

He asked with a perfectly raised eyebrow. I chuckled at his reaction and rephrased my statements

"He has a name you know, and that name is Raymon"

"Whoa for you to give him a name it only means you to have had a lot together"

I smiled at his statement and said In my mind if only he knew... That we started making our way back home.

*End of flashback*

Coming back to reality I felt my shoulders upwards was wet Wondering what had happened, I get up only for a gush of wind to bring me to realize that my mom had dumped a bucket of freezing water on my head in an attempt to wake me up.

Just to sever as a reality check another lands on my face and the next face I see is one of my very pissed off mothers.


15mins later I'm done with my morning business and I'm all dressed up in my flowery jumpsuit with my hair in high pony tale getting downstairs I grab my lunch make a head to head contact with my mom and within minutes I'm out the door and already on Ramon's back heading to school.

On getting to school I still had a min left to make it to class so I speed walk into the hallway to locate my locker. I dumped my lunch in my bag and I  grabbed a few more things from my locker before shutting it.

As I did I was greeted with a face that scared me half to life and it was That of Griffith Hugo. His deep masculine voice almost made me melt on the spot but I had to put my self together to face this moment.

"Hey there beautiful Haven't seen you around"

"Umm I haven't seen you around either"

"True its cus I haven't been around lately"

And that was when the stupid bell decided to seize the moment. it rang and signal the class has just begun,  this ruined my perfectly awkward conversation with prince charming over here.

Well, it was going awkward anyway. But still cursing the bell for ruining the moment. He interrupted my thoughts speaking in his finest British accent.

"Would you do me the honor of walking you to class my lady"

He said in a very humble and alluring manner and it got me blushing. On getting to class we had math and I Thanked him for walking me to class, I told him he really didn't have to but deep within me, I was praying for a repeat of this.

Immediately I entered the teacher introduced the topic, I took a seat next to Hazel and she gives me one of those looks that say how in this world did you get the most popular hot looking guy in the whole of Canada to walk you to class!!!! I shrugged it off as if it was nothing as the class began.


Its lunchtime which means food time and I sincerely would not like to be interrupted, well except Hazel who wouldn't stop ranting about how lucky I am to get Hugo to walk me to class.

Like its meant to be the best thing that ever happened to me, heck the best thing that ever happened to me is getting a decent meal into my belly before lunch is over. Hazel realized I am paying more attention to my food than her and then she did the unexpected.

Just as I was about to dip my spoon into my food to finish the rest of my lunch she yanks the food away from my side and glares at me.

"Hhhhhey!!!! Hazzy give it back! "

"Nope until you give me a full gist on how you got Hugo to walk with you"

"Do I really have too "

I said in my usual pouty face, but she was more determined to hear the story

"Yes, you do! you can't just keep such juicy details like that all to your self I mean..."

" Okay okay fine. There is this one time when you know ... Hmmm.. Phew... Grrrr..."

"Just say it Uwana you are killing me with suspense here"

" Okay, he walked me home!"

I said closing my eye really tight in other to delay me form see the reaction On her face. After minutes of silence, I finally peeled one eye open and the look on her face was priceless, and that only made me burst into laugher.

"Gee Hazzy he only walked me home we are not getting married, why look soo priceless"

With That, I helped her shut her mouth which she had left open for the last 5mins. I still could not believe how shocked she is, it was her next statement that really blew me away.

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