Chapter 12

"So, let me recap there just for a second," Alexis held her finger to silence the solemn looking Agathus. "The scum-His highness! Was sent to a fake war between the Kaedmen Empire and the Eastern Empire along with his 18 other half-sibling princes, planned by the previous Emperor and the current Emperor of the East? This sounds like a drama." Alexis was now completely immersed in the unfolding story.

"That's right." An unexplainable emotion stormed behind Agathus' eyes.

"It was supposed to be a trap to kill all the illegitimate royal heirs, however, Alastair ended up killing the Eastern Royal family and destroyed the original plan. So the bet couldn't be finished through? Are any of the other princes alive?" Alexis again, felt that familiar pang she felt yesterday when speaking to his highness.

'His own family sent him to his death...'

"No, he was the only one who lived along with five other soldiers... It was a massacre, so it's known as the battle initi

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