The Tyrant Emperor and his Eccentric Mage

The Tyrant Emperor and his Eccentric Mage

By:  zkitty  Completed
Language: English
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Failing College isn't the worst that could happen to you is it? No. No. You could get kidnapped by some crazily handsome lunatic from another world who claims to be an emperor. And not only that but force you to basically help him become a popular one at that?Well, that's exactly where Alexis' life is currently headed as she's held captive in a strange mystical world in the clutches of one of the most not-so-powerful-but-still-powerful And not to forget charming man alive.Enter Alastair, a half blood king, framed with the murder of his 18 half siblings by his own family who wishes for his beheading and his only hope is a mouthy girl from another world who he seems to have taken a liking to.Where will this adventure lead these to? At the end of tragic romance? Or with both of them six feet under?“You belong to me until this year is over”.

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Julia Nora
nice story! i like it!! by the way, is there any socmed to keep up with your readers?
2021-07-19 17:20:16
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great book! love how all the tenses work out. i am really intrigued by it
2020-09-12 08:13:52
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Dakota Hunt
It would have been better if it had more to it just left me with so many questions
2021-04-29 09:47:15
77 Chapters
Chapter 1
The clock struck nine pm. It was time. A sense of uncertainty came over the girl as she stared at the computer screen before her. All it took was one refresh. That was it and she could know the result. The final result that would forever control her life. Dictate her future income. ‘It couldn’t be that bad…’ she consol
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Chapter 2
Alexis' mind reeled as she felt that falling feeling for longer than she had ever. It was like a roller coaster that lasted longer than the few minutes it should and when the man’s feet gracefully touched the floor, Alexis' head rolled over on the inside.She groaned all to soon, because it seemed the man who bought her was also affected by the fall and dropped her sideways on a bed, thankfully. She continued to groan on the bed and tried to make sense of what had just happened.'The floor opened up and we fell a few stories down didn't we? It would only make sense' she heard the man continue to also groan. ‘Why would the floor open up, though?’"Your highness!" A loud screech pierced through her ears further confusing her. "I knew travelling like that would have a bad affect on you! Can you still breath? What about your sight? Is it blurry? And your bones?" The voice seemed to sprout endless concerns, until the sharp deep voice coming fro
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Chapter 3
This time, Alexis wasn't in a large European style bedroom, but a small room that was connected to another huge bedroom, separated by a small door.She recalled how luxurious that huge bedroom was and again wondered just where she was. It wasn't like anything she's seen before. She couldn't assume she went back in time because the quality of some the stuff she saw was amazing. This room seemed to be more of an office space, not loaded with papers or possible scrolls but clean, tidy and definitely well kept.Alexis was roughly placed on a wooden chair before a large glossy desk, directly in-front of her was a view  of the blue sky through a smaller window compared to the last rooms, but the golden linings across the window made it clear to her, that this room, despite being small was well invested into. It must be an important place."It's my private study," her kidnapper seemed to answer her inquiring gaze. His red eyes gave her a
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Chapter 4
"Well", she continued to wait for an answer and soon the tip of his mouth moved."I don't enjoy the company of humans." He answered. His eyes looked anywhere but her as he answered, from his demeanour it was clear he felt uncomfortable with such a question being asked.Confused and a bit lost, Alexis leaned back and suddenly recalled how Agathus, the hybrid, had spoke about different species like Ogres and Dwarfs.'Were there others?' She thought carefully before speaking."Oh... we don't have different species in our world. Well, we do, but only humans can speak and maybe a parrot or two..." Alexis muttered glancing around, "so what your trying to say is that humans don't spend time with you and so... they don't like you?""Wrong. I don't like them." "So what's the problem then?" Alexis was utterly bemused."Fix my public image." He spoke coldly.Alexis frowned. 'What was this? Some kind of riddle?' Sh
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Chapter 5
Alexis couldn't help but stare mesmerised by the angelic being in front of her. The being in turn, just smiled in return as if she was very used to people staring as dreamily as Alexis did.Her silvery hair framed her pale skin and her green eyes fluttered open surrounded by long silver lashes. Her clothes consisted of a long foot-length white dress, it was simple yet, somehow, it looked amazing on her. She was breath-taking and very tall as well, like a woman out of Greek mythology. Alexis couldn't help but think she was very similar to the emperor in that aspect.The only feature about her that made Alexis sure of what she was, were the pointy ears on each side of her head. Had it not been for them, Alexis would have thought she was an angel."Your an elf, aren't you?" The woman chuckled at Alexis' triumphed face. Her laughter sounded sweet and silky."His highness did inform me about your lack of familiarity with other verbally intellectual
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Chapter 6
Emilia soon left Alexis who still sat in her seat staring drearily at the pile of books left in Emilias wake. She shook her depressed feelings away and turned to the dwarfs.'If dwarfs couldn't apparently think for themselves then how did that one maid come up with the idea to make tea? That was enough of a thought!'"Excuse me? Miss maid?" She called the dwarf from earlier. The dwarf maid noticed and obediently walked over, "Can I ask for your name?"The dwarf maid looked stunned for a bit and then seemed to recover as she gave an adorable curtsy while speaking, "Angela, My name is Angela"."Angela..." Alexis stared at the maid, with her blonde hair and brown eyes, she did pass as an Angela. "Is it alright if I ask you a question?""Oh I'm not good with questions, Ma'm. But I will do my best!" She beamed at Alexis."What made you think I needed tea earlier?" Alexis realised the question was pretty rude an
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Chapter 7
Deep red rose coloured eyes burned into Alexis making her jump back in a fright. Her whole body had been cushioned by his highness who she thought she saw on the second floor."You crazy fool!" He shouted and grabbed her by the shoulders. "You could've died! Do you have any idea of how stupid-!" His words caught in his throat as an expression of surprise overtook his anger. Alexis had already felt the warmth around her eyes, just as she had felt the shaking of her whole body. Her teeth chattered in shock. “W-why are you?-" he started to ask, but seemed to not know what exactly to say.Tears slipped down Alexis' face making the once fierce man a flustered mess. Her face flushed as if she had a fever and Alastair could feel her trembling."I'm so sorry!" She wailed, still awkwardly perched on the emperor."H-hey! this is no situation to cry-" the King fumbled with his words and soon with a sigh he started patting her
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Chapter 8
Alexis didn't pay attention to the hydrangea bushes carefully maintained in the garden spaced or the orchids that bloomed along the side of the path she stood on. She didn't notice the captivating Bleeding-heart tree that they passed, nor the stray peonies that popped up here and there like a wonderful surprise.No, she was busy mulling about the Emperors sudden change of behaviour. If the gentle man who cheered her up really existed or maybe the cold, arogant and condescending Emperor was just trying to trick her?She shook her head after a long while with a sigh.'Let's not think about that bipolar mess and focus on discovering those bad rumours.'"How long before we actually manage to see some humans?" Alexis turned to the short green man beside her. Now that she put her mind to it, he was slightly taller than the dwarfs.'Must be the ogre blood.'"Oh, well if we carry on walking we should run into some. Humans really like their flowers,
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Chapter 9
"What?" Alexis, offended that Agathus would think she's suicidal, questioned.'Wait... I did try to commit suicide a few hours ago... what was I thinking back then?' Alexis shook her head at her impulsive thinking earlier."Was it a hard question?" Agathus seemed surprised, but he realised some humans were naturally quite air-headed."No! I understood it, of course. But why would you think I'd do something like that?""My first impression of you was someone who was kind of stubborn and I'm good at gauging personality types for humans. So I would say, it astonishes me that you haven't escaped and are actually trying to help his majesty." His voice was full of praise, but Alexis didn't seem to take it as it was and looked at him with furrowed brows."Even a stubborn person will listen if it meant acting out would leave them in small bits..." she muttered, she intended it not to meet Agathus' ears, but his sharp dwarf ears heard the wo
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Chapter 10
Soon the mesmerising laughter died out and the man heaved shamelessly in front of the now, completely embarrassed Alexis."You're a tyrant." She coldly said, shocking everyone else on the table except, of course, the emperor. "How dare a plebeian like you call me such!" Alexis couldn't tell if he was mad or just saying it because he was used to it."What is that word? What does it mean?" She was fed up with this King.'What a clown!'Soon a dwarf holding a steaming tray came near her and effortlessly placed utensils and bowls of food in front of her. A steaming steak  with strange vegetables on the side, drizzled with what she hoped was lamb sauce."Thank you." She said to the dwarf, her actions were seen as bizarre by the royals."Why thank someone whose just doing their job?" Alastair asked, curious at what the otherworld girl would say."It's polite." "So you have manners, it's the first I've seen any
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