Chapter 11.5



                         "I'm very serious, Kairo," Salvatore said, clenching his teeth.  

    His wry smirk deepened, "I'm very serious, too. Spill!" He ordered. 

    "I'll cut your balls. If you share a single word to Ria and try to hurt her," He snorted with a deep frown. 

    His smirk remained on his face, "Underline my words in your brain. I won't hurt. My. Wife," His gaze turned penetrated. 

    Salvatore nodded and averted his gaze from his intense gaze, "She was sixteen. When she started to get slurry notes. She didn't sleep all night, just crying and frightened to be alone." A long exhale left his body. 

    He arched his brows. She was scared last night. But it was also impossible when he was head of security

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