42-No deal

“So, Gen, do you mind introducing your friend?” Dad asked me.

“Of cause not.” I turned to Dan. “Everyone, this is Dan. My hacker friend. And Dan, this is my dad-“

“Mr. Raphael. Of cause.” Dan said smiling politely. “I truly admire you, sir.”

“What do you admire about me?” Dad wasn’t smiling back.

“Your hard work.” Dan nodded. “Building an empire this huge is not child’s play. So much must have been invested. Energetically, financially…”

Dad nodded. “Yeah, that’s very true. That’s why when Gen told me about you hacking our system and what you found out, it worried me sick.”

Dan nodded. “Of cause.”

“Anyway.” I said. “Dan this is Steven, our family and company lawyer. This is Francis my dad’s nephew and right hand man.”

Dan nodded.

“Does Dan have a surname?” Dad asked.

“Dan Forbes.” I quickly said. I didn’t want dad hearing ‘Danlie’ and p

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