Till Worlds Do Us Part (Book 2)

Till Worlds Do Us Part (Book 2)

By:  Miriam Mavuzi  Completed
Language: English
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You are lucky if life grants you a second chance to love. The question remains, will it feel the same again? Even if it does, will things finally work out? Worlds, class and race seem to be Genesis(Rena) and Danlie's (Yoké) greatest obstacle. Love can transcend all that, they say, but what if you have to choose between love and family? Author page on Facebook: @Miriammavuzi01

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91 Chapters
1-The past, one last time
1 year and 1 month later“I’ve noticed your improvement over these couple of months. And you’ve been saying that you feel ready to stop. Well, I agree with you, you’ve made so much progress. I've spoken to your father and he said that on your last day of therapy I should get your opinion on how much your feelings has changed about certain people now. Do you mind?” I sat up on the whirl chair and placed my arms on the armrest. “Of cause not.”“And he said that we should have it all on camera because he wants to watch it. Is that okay with you?”I shrugged. “Why not?”Lauren set the camera up on the little round table next to her sofa and positioned it properly. I was sitting opposite her. Her office was spacious and the furniture always looked spotless. Her carpet, not a speck, always looked vacuumed. Her vases and coffee table sparkled, never a speck of dust. Even her fake plants were always shining and looked lively, as if they were watered every morning. The temperature in her room
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2-New beginings
I was standing on the pavement and waiting for the speeding cars to give me a chance to cross over. Although I was standing by the pedestrian crossing, the drivers didn’t seem to care. Even the fact that it was -112 degrees today, didn’t trigger their good side. I took out my gloves from my coat pocket and began putting them on.“It sucks right?” I heard a croaky woman’s voice next to me.I looked to see an old granny bent over her tripod, her fuzzy white hair tied at the top of her head in a messy ball.“They are in vehicles but are not even stopping for us. They are in such a rush for nothing, whereas we are actually going to walk all the way to where we are going.” She complained.I gave her a tight smile, a smile clearly telling her that I was glad that she was kind enough to initiate a conversation with me but I was not interested. I continued looking towards the approaching cars.“These drivers should get their license revoked, this is so unfair.” The old lady continued. “Don’t y
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3-Letting go
I was sitting at my office desk reviewing Danlie Forbes’ resume when a weak ray of sunlight shone over his fake certificates. Today the sun decided to shine a little on our side of the world. Even though you could barely feel it, it felt good to feel a little of warmth from somewhere other than heaters, hot water bottles and electric blankets. Looks like the man did excellent in all three of his interviews. His fake qualifications were all attached. BCom degree in Marketing, Bachelors degree in English and Diploma in business. The fake name he worked under was Harvey Scott. What a weird combination. The managers that had hired him was supposed to run his papers for validation. How could they have not? I heard a soft knock on my door and then Penny stepped in with a few files in her hand. She came to take a seat opposite me. Penny was a skinny and tall 22 year old. She had black hair that was always up in a neat bun. Her fingernails wer
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4-Behind the scenes
The next morning I was woken up by a kiss on my forehead. I opened my eyes to see Nathan standing there on the side of the bed with a tray in his hands. There were two glasses of juice, pancakes and a few fruits already cut up and arranged beautifully on the tray. “Good morning, beautiful.” Nathan said to me as I sat up on the bed feeling a slight headache. Probably from yesterday’s whiskey. “Good morning.” I smiled up at him. He placed the tray on my lap and came to join me in bed. “Breakfast in bed.” He smiled at me. We placed the tray in the middle between us and I crossed my legs. We began eating. Halfway through the breakfast Nathan burped. “Pardon.” “Ew!” I laughed. “I excused myself.” Nathan said. “Teachers…” I laug
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Alice didn’t come home until the next morning around 3am. I jerked awake as I heard her staggering past my room. I came out into the hallway. She was with Dave. She had her arm around his neck and he was helping her walk to her room in the dark. Her hair was sprawled over her face. “Shh” Dave occasionally told her as she kept making noises and saying things. “Is she okay?” I asked Dave, coming to support her on the other side. She reeked of alcohol. “Yeah, just a little drunk.” He responded. “Is this your definition of ‘a little’?” I asked him. “I’m sorry.” “How did you even get in here?” I asked him. “I know dad made it clear that you were not allowed to set foot in here anymore.” “Alice told the guards to let me in.”
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6-Mission impossible
"So I just have to get my dad to sign this document and then get it back to you?" I asked the lawyer as he handed me three pages held together by a blue paper clip. "Yes." He replied. He did not look happy about this. "Thanks." I told him. "Can I get your card? I'll phone you once my dad signs it." "Sure." He said pulling out his wallet from his back pocket. I looked back at Finn. He fixed his shades and then returned his hands behind his back. The lawyer handed me his card. "Thanks... Steven." I said reading his name on the little card. "I'll call you soon. Please stay close to your cell." Steven nodded slowly. "Why do you want to drop the charges against him, miss Genesis? Do you know what he did?" I looked at him, then looked towards the door and then at him again not sure how I'd explain myself. "Steven, let's jus
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7-Petty white lies
Do you know that moment when you are conscious of doing something wrong but just to see if someone else picked it up you ask them what? This was that moment."Did you read the whole document?" Father asked me. I gave him my sweetest smile, feeling my heart rate settling again, "Yes, sir." He signed his neat curly signature on the empty space and placed the pen on the paper. "Thank you." I told him as he turned back to his waiting clients. "Sorry about that, it's just some work was stopped because it needed my signature." I heard him say as I turned to leave. I stood by the door and watched them turn back to my dad and nod. "You see, that's the best thing about signing with Roseburg Advertisements. We never let anything get in the way of our productivity." I felt guilt well up inside me so I shut his door quietly. I felt really bad
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8-Change of plans
I spent the rest of the day sitting in front of my laptop and looking up Duran State Penitentiary. The articles I read about the prison sent chills down my spine. The prison is run by gang leaders and almost everyday an inmate gets killed or injured. Being the most overcrowded prison in our country, cells meant for only 22 men are often occupied by 50 men and some of them sleep on the floor and share 1 commodity. How is Yoké supposed to stay in such a place? One article I read said that new inmates are the most at risk of getting harmed by older inmates unless they join a gang.Yoké must be feeling really scared right now. He doesn't know about gangs, and a prison environment he'd probably never even imagined before. What is he thinking of me right now? Does he think I've forgotten about him? I need to see him. I need to go see him and just assure him that I'm trying all that I can to get him out of that hell hole. He needs to know that I'll stop at nothing to m
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After taking several sips of his coffee dad leaned back on the couch. "You know, it feels good to sit like this with you." He said. "I've been getting that a lot lately, from Nathan." I smiled. "Well, I just wish Alice could have been here too. But she's a whole nother person." "She just prefers something different. Something more... fun, I guess." "She takes after Leticia." He said sipping his coffee. "You take after me." "But a year ago I was like her too." I said holding the warm cup close to my body. "You didn't like it." "Yeah... but your choice of teaching wasn't as humiliating as hers. You are more sensible." "Well, I am older." I shrugged. "Yeah..." Raphael sighed. "That's why I want you to work and get enough experience. Because you'll be the heiress of our companies. This is the headquar
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10-Visiting list
The piercing sound of my alarm clock jerked me awake. Trying to fall asleep was like starting a war in my head; with thoughts of Yoké fighting off every bit of sleep, with questions I didn’t know the answers to. Is he okay? Was he able to sleep? Or is he struggling like me, maybe spending the whole night wondering when I’d show up to take him away from that awful place… But as usual, sleep always conquers. Although I set my alarm clock for two hours earlier than I usually wake up, I was full of energy and wide awake as soon as I heard it ring. I turned on the radio, wishing that I could turn the volume much higher than it already could go. I felt so excited! I would be seeing Yoké today! I jumped into the shower, spending more time than I would on a regular day. I made sure to take a lot more time doing my make up and hair too.I’ve watched hundreds of romantic movies of when the girl and the guy
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