Chapter 34 Sean, You Make Me Sick!

“Shannon, you’re not Coco. You’re my dear Shannon.”

Sean stopped by her side to kiss away the tears at the corner of her eye. “Shannon, please do a blood test with John, will you? The results can never lie. You’ll know that what I said is true. I didn’t lie to you.”

Her heart throbbed when he kissed her, so, in a blind panic, she pushed him away.

She put her hand on her chest and felt her heart pounding. “Sean, what’s your problem? Why should I carry out a blood test with your son?” Crossly, she said to him.

His heart ached to know that she did not believe anything he said. Just like him, he was deeply skeptical at first. Again and again, she pleaded with him to conduct the paternity test with John, but he kept turning her down with all sorts of unbelievable reasons that were unpleasant to hear.

He told her the truth, but it was simply regarded with suspicion. It was the worst feeling ever, and he finally understood it.

Eagerly, he clasped her hands in an attempt to explain himse
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