You Will Never Be Mine

You Will Never Be Mine

By:  Mo Shengge  Completed
Language: English
120 ratings
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Shannon Gray loved Sean Ford wholeheartedly, regardless of her loneliness or feelings of lack of accomplishment.She once believed that he would be her forever until the end. However, things happened the other way around. Finally, she woke up when he pushed her to the edge of the cliff for another woman, only then did she know that she was just a passerby in his life and he would never be hers…Sean, you will regret this one day. In fact, no one can escape from feeling helpless. Perhaps, I will be gone when you decide to come back...

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Vicy Hall
Why did it have to end. What about John. What happened with John. I have so many unanswered questions
2022-11-10 03:07:33
user avatar
Josefina Silvestre
Though tragic, at end a happy ending...
2021-09-10 03:22:36
default avatar
Such a lovely read! I couldn't bring myself to put it down... Do you have any social media that I can follow?
2021-07-13 19:16:46
user avatar
Areli Tuitama
great book loved it
2021-07-10 20:52:16
user avatar
annalou iglesias
nice book..i love it
2021-06-21 14:25:17
user avatar
Unaisi Sunaki
Enjoyed reading it.
2021-05-24 11:17:57
user avatar
2021-04-13 19:53:24
user avatar
Lucinda Vaughan
sudden end and the book is so interesting is there no chapters to follow?
2021-04-07 09:27:47
user avatar
Pacelino Presto
mhgttyu mkihgtcm. bnjiugtt nkjh loihgg bggg
2021-04-03 10:53:29
user avatar
swati shukla
very good.... but i would recommend that please if you can.. make women Character strong as well...
2021-03-24 17:59:13
user avatar
Fuzelihle Ngcobo
Loved it, even though the plots in these love stories is almost similar. But the nice thing about this one is that it ends and does not keep on dragging like the others. To the author - the fact that you kept it short, it became the best story ever...
2021-03-24 06:07:12
user avatar
Jyoti Lenka
excellent story
2021-03-11 00:18:55
default avatar
Very heart warming. Though the lead woman is stupid and idiot.
2021-02-24 19:49:44
default avatar
Rita Lightfoot
Very good couldn’t put it down.
2021-02-23 12:40:35
user avatar
Maria Prieto
2021-02-22 22:37:16
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47 Chapters
Chapter 1 She Was Here To Sell Her Body
“Bam!”Shannon Gray pushed the door open and walked straight into the CEO’s office. “Sean, tonight you...”But seeing what happened on the couch instantaneously put a lump in her throat. Though brokenhearted, she never let her tears shed.Sean Ford, her husband, was on the couch with a young model, Shelby Sue, both barely dressed and disheveled.The same thing had happened so many times that she had lost count. Witnessing her husband’s affairs had become something normal, but it still hurt. She felt as though a knife had been plunged into her heart, over and over again. Meanwhile, Sean Ford grew impatient with the interruption. “Shannon, what makes you think that you can come here?”She tried hard not to let her tears choke her. “Sean, will you come home tonight? You haven’t been home for three days,” she calmly asked. On the surface, she managed to keep her emotions under control. “Hmmph!”In his smile, there was a certain tinge of irony. “Shannon, cut the sweet-talk, you j
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Chapter 2 Shannon Gray, You Are A Filthy Woman!
Sean Ford did not hesitate to turn her body around and start thrusting her, rather savagely, in fact.He seized her by the throat in exasperation, for he could not get over the fact that she had seemingly taken away the life of their baby in a willful abortion, and yet here she was, risking everything to protect the child that she bore with Julio Hayes.The accident that happened six years ago was the very cause of all her miseries. The doctors informed them that he would never be able to walk again. Refusing to have her life burdened by a disabled man, she carried out an abortion to terminate the pregnancy. If he could, he would cut her into a million pieces just for her to feel the same pain that he had been through for the loss of their child if he could.Her words were still ringing in his ears, vividly. “Sean, I don’t want to raise a child with a disabled man. Julio Hayes is the only man that I’m willing to bear a child with.”“Sean, the fact that I’ve slept with a disabled ma
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Chapter 3 His Cruelty That Pierced Her Heart
The operation took almost eight hours to complete. John managed to survive, but his condition had become progressively worse. His life depended on all sorts of expensive medication to buy him more time until the umbilical cord from her second pregnancy became available to be extracted. Without the medication, he would not even last for a month. Shannon wiped the tears away. She was released from prison a year ago and met Sean again after a long separation. They were still married, not for love, but for vengeance. He wanted to punish her for the betrayal.He ruined her career in every way possible so that he became her only source of income. She had to make money by prostituting herself, solely to him.It was a great sorrow to her every time she kneeled before him, like a prostitute, but there was no other choice. John was her life, and she would trade anything, including her own dignity, in exchange for money, as long as it could pay for John’s recovery.She was determined to carr
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Chapter 4 She Sold Off His Heart
Shannon bit her lips so hard that her earlier wound started bleeding though she did not realize it.To her utter surprise, he demanded that she stripped herself naked in the presence of Quinn.The last thing that Quinn wanted was for Sean to have sex with Shannon. She had got to do something to stop it. Eagerly she raised her head and caressed Sean with her lips.“Sean, kiss me.”Sean was a little caught off guard, but he did not push her away, simply because Shannon was still in the room. Shannon stood and watched helplessly as the man and the woman began kissing each other, so tenderly and affectionately. The intimacy made her eyes tear involuntarily. Brokenhearted, she could hardly bear the overwhelming distress of her husband’s affair with the woman she hated the most.In a trance, she looked fixedly at Sean and his lips; the way he kissed the woman in his arms reminded her of the good old days when they were still madly and truly in love. She used to kiss him the same way a
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Chapter 5 He Was About To Give Her Away
The necklace that was given to her by Sean was an absolute treasure, which was worth a great deal of money. The pawnbroker certainly recognized its value, but he took advantage of her unfortunate situation for his own benefit. He offered to pay her only 80,000 dollars for the necklace, and not a penny more.She sneered at the fickleness of relationships. All it took was 80,000 dollars to sell off one’s heart. Nonetheless, the money was still insufficient to pay for John’s medication. She was still short of 30,000.Her phone started ringing as soon as she arrived at the hospital. It was Sean on the line.He held his phone up in an unbelievably firm grip to the point where the veins on the back of his hand stood out so clearly, as a sign of his indignation. Her betrayal angered him, but at the same time, troubled about the fact that she was walking alone in the downpour. Concerned for her safety, he sent his personal assistant, Sam Lowe, to follow and observe her closely, only to di
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Chapter 6 A Heart-Wrenching Experience
Sean caught sight of Ken’s hand on Shannon’s waist and scowled very subtly.Under normal circumstances, Ken could have lost an arm.However, Sean did not let any of his resentment show. Instead, he lifted the corners of his mouth and gave her a scornful smile as he said, “Is Mr. Hann interested in the lady that I’ve brought with me tonight?”Ken stared at Shannon’s pretty face in amazement as he replied, “Beautiful, so beautiful.”“If you’re interested, please, help yourself. Have fun.” Sean sneered at Shannon and continued, “All she cares about is money. She can be a bitch to anyone who pays.”Ken was overjoyed. “Rest assured, my beautiful lady, that I have more than enough money to pay you. All you need to do is to please me, and the money will be all yours!”“Here! Have a toast!”Hurriedly, Ken offered her a brand new bottle of brandy.The liquor was giving her a stomach ache, but she had to drink it. She gritted her teeth in reluctance as she accepted the bottle. Without ad
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Chapter 7 A Living Hell
Shannon felt as if she had just been struck by lightning. She would have already collapsed on the floor if she had not leaned against the wall for support.‘Such absurd ludicrosity,’ she thought. Sean had just killed her child and yet he was ready to have another baby with this stepmother of hers.Quinn looked at Shannon with hatred in her eyes. If she could, she would make Shannon feel bad in every way possible just to feel a little more at ease.Meanwhile, Sean wept for her. The man of great power and strength was seen crying when he heard about the news of Shannon’s miscarriage. In a bar that was checkered with dazzling neon light, he sat there pondering over the news and wept bitter tears. Quinn was infuriated, for she could not accept that her man was crying over another woman.Quinn looked at Shannon with an attitude of patronizing superiority. “Shannon, did you know why Sean wanted to terminate your pregnancy?”“It is because he’s chosen me over you,” she added, hastily.
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Chapter 8 He Never Let His Tenderness Show
Quinn was lucky. Even after extensive bleeding, the baby survived.Meanwhile, Shannon was finding it difficult to accept her circumstances. Her years in the prison had scarred her and triggered her depression. For a long while, she had been able to keep it under control, but this time, the blow was indeed too much for her to handle. Like a storm, it had shaken her faith.Those with acute depression often oscillate between depression and violence. Instead of hurting others, they hurt themselves.It was the same for Shannon. She needed to inflict injuries on her body. The pain was her only reminder that she was still alive.She needed to survive, at least for John. Without her, he would be helpless and desolate.After what she had done to Quinn, surely Sean would make her pay.Indeed, he came to see Shannon after Quinn’ condition stabilized.She was found prostrate on the bed. With ferocious aggressiveness, he clasped her shoulder and said, “Shannon, how could you be so cruel! Aft
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Chapter 9 When There’s No Love, Everything Else Is Just A Joke
Shannon finally regained consciousness, and the first thing that she realized was that her body full of aches and pains. In the days that she was in a deep sleep, there was always someone clasping her hand and keeping her company. She had a feeling that the person was Sean. However, she dismissed the possibility almost immediately. It was ridiculous. The only person that he actually cared for was Quinn. He had nothing to do with her at all and did not even care whether or not she lived. Clearly, she must not flatter herself.Abruptly someone pushed the door open. Quinn was here, along with a chunky container of chicken soup.She pursed her lips into an awkward smirk as soon as she saw that Shannon was awake. “Shannon, I’ve brought you some chicken soup. What do you think? I’ve been such a wonderful friend to you, haven’t I?”With that said, she opened the container and attempted to splash the soup all over Shannon’s body.Shannon was aware of the impending danger, so she moved
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Chapter 10 She Killed John
A muscular man seized John by the arm. The boy kept struggling to break free, but there was no way he could overcome the man’s strength.Suddenly, Quinn took out a sharp knife that dazzled under the sun. With a slash, she ruthlessly made a wound on the boy’s arm, and almost immediately, his arm became drenched with blood.The wound was painful indeed, but John did not even make a sound, for he knew that his mother would definitely be worried.“John!”Shannon cried out loud in agony. “Quinn, let go of John! I will not let you hurt him!” Tightly, she squeezed the phone in her hand as her anxiety surged. Quinn was aiming the knife at John’s body at this time.“Quinn, you can do anything you want with me! Let go of John! Don’t hurt him!”“Shannon, I may consider your offer.” Slowly she put down her knife as she said, “However, I need something in exchange for his life. I’ll let him live as long as you take his place!”Shannon was so worried that she might hurt John again so she co
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