Chapter 41 He Wanted To Kill Her Child!

To Quinn’s surprise, Sean rushed out to save Shannon’s life at the critical moment without a second thought.

Unknowingly, Quinn’s eyes were flooded with tears, for she could not understand how Sean loved Shannon so much!

She reversed the car and slowly accelerated as she attempted to hit Shannon again. She would not be satisfied as long as Shannon was alive.

However, Sam managed to arrive just in time with a group of people before Quinn succeeded. She was worried that Sam would catch her, so she quickly changed her direction and drove toward the southern outskirts.

Sam did not go after Quinn by himself as he was worried about Sean’s injuries. Instead, he summoned his subordinates to tail Quinn’s car.

Anxiously, Quinn accelerated and drove away recklessly. She was in an extreme panic as she did not want to be caught by Sean’s men. She heaved a sigh of relief when she noticed that she managed to escape from their clasp.

However, when she was driving toward a junction, all of a sudden,
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