236_ abducted


I think that we were in big trouble, this creature in front of us was dangerous. I can feel it.

"what do you need from us!" Leandro said, roaring…

And the two creatures just laugh…

"We need all of you. More than as you can imagine." the guy said as I remember his name was Exodus.

"We need you so your daughter would come out, see we need her and she was the only thing we needed, if she showed up herself no one would be hurt." The girl's name is Myrel if I am not mistaken.

"you couldn't just use us!" I said, `` I know what would possibly be needed from my friend Lyca and we would not allow you to just use us." I said

"You're not in the right place to say that, you were all in our prison, you can't just escape from us. understand!" the guy said and with just a single hold on the railing, we all feel that something cut our body, like there's something or a thousand of a small knife cut us.

"you couldn't

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