Lyrcan wolf the daughter of a sinners

Lyrcan wolf the daughter of a sinners

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Complete! What would happen if a bullied girl who hated and disowned by everyone turns into a half-wolf half-vampire? What if he bumps into the most notorious grandson of the most powerful wolf and instantly falls for her? But as he planning on how to escape from that man she meet the other clan descendant and falls for her too. Who's going to win her heart. A bad arrogant playboy? serious funny joker? Or her long lost best friend who happens to be his best enemy? I was silently walking when I heard a moaning sound. I got curious and forget that I'm going to be late and find the voice and where it came from. Cause maybe someone's need help right? But when I am closer to that sound and saw where it come from I froze from what I saw. My eyes wider and I can't move. I swallow hard but my heartbeat is not stable. Why? Cause what I see is totally scary... Behind the tree, there's a girl wearing a skirt that it's already pushed into her waist but she's facing and holding tightly the body of the tree cause there's a boy behind her pumping like there's no tomorrow, and when he saw me, instead of stopping from what he's been doing cause obviously it's disgusting... He only winks on me. What the... His hansome face is sweating his top button is open and his muscle in his arms is so firm because he holding the girl's waist tightly.

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293 Chapters
One_Zack Zekyle and Samuel Rex
Lyca" She stood stiffly in front of her parents. while her parents were slowly eaten by flames. Yet, her entire clan was just watching. There was nothing she could do other than scream. Besides, she's the reason her parents were punished. Because of her existence in this world. Her father is a half-vampire, half-wolf who had fallen in love with her wolf mother. They had to hide their forbidden relationship because falling for the enemy is a huge sin. Fall in love with a vampire... As her mother got pregnant, her parents' relationship was revealed to the entire clan. They had to run and hide from everybody. until her tenth birthday. The clan caught them. Now she had to watch her parents suffer in the fire. She quickly wakes up from her bad nightmare, where someone hunts her every night ever since her parents are gone. Her aunt shook her up to wake her up. "Lyca, wake up. "You'll be late for school." Her eyes widened. Lift her quilt as she hears the "late" word. No, it can't
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two_ Zack
Zack Zekyle ZORNZON POV Zack Zekyle Zornzon, Was my name. The way I act and think is nasty. I'm arrogant and selfish, and I don't care about anyone else. Thanks to my father, I hate the world. When my mom left, I started to hate my father the moment she did that. Because my father gives up looking for mom so quickly. I understand that he doesn't want to look for her when he brings his new family over. I think my mom left because she found out that my father was having an affair with another woman. I can't blame my mother. If I were her, I'd do the same. Why? Because when you see your husband with another woman and find out that they already have a child who is only two or three years younger than your child, you'll burst like a bomb. *** I woke up in a new bed, naked. To pick up my clothes, I did it one by one. They were all over the room. My head is painful. With my friends, I got drunk last night, and yay! I met two hot girls, and now they are naked on the bed. There are still a
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three_ Samuel
Samuel It is twelve o'clock. In the middle of the forest, you can smell the fresh air. All of the elderly and important human-wolves in the entire SORJON Our clan is listening to the voice of our clairvoyant chanting something in the air with her two hands up. In front of her, a bonfire Of all the ten clans, we are the only ones who have been blessed to have clairvoyance. Although it is insufficiently powerful, it is useful. Each of us possesses unique abilities. Although it has a level, you can put it anywhere from one to one hundred percent. Sometimes each of us has two or three superpowers, although it's not that strong and so far in our millions of years of circle of life, we have never heard that one of us has a power like what the clairvoyant was telling us now. It's fantastic and horrible at the same time. What if she has a negative attitude or something? I have no idea what she would do to us all. TELEPATHY, TELEKINESIS, HYPERSENSITIVITY, INVISIBILITY, STRENGTH, AND THE A
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four_ Damon and Olivia
Lyca Every student is keeping an eye on us. I try not to reveal my identity, as if they wouldn't recognize me. I let out a sigh "You really want me to pull you like this, huh?" I raised my head to catch a glimpse of his attractive features. Even though he's a total demon, he still has that wonderful face. We've come to a halt in the middle of the corridor so I can get a better look at him. His eyes shine, and he appears to be smiling naughtily at the same moment, a naughtiness visible in his eyes. So, what exactly did I say? Did I say he was attractive? He's a scumbag! Disgusting! "I could stop tugging you, but if I say so, you must walk alongside me. That seemed more convenient for the two of us. Do you agree with me?" "I give a nod. Do I, after all, have any other options? I mumble" "Good, now let's go." "I have a practice game in football, and I need you to sit on one of the benches while cheering for me." I immediately widened my eyes. I've never done it in my life because
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five_ the Healer
Damon, When the wind blows, it smells like flowers: fresh, sweet, aromatic, and fragrant. What was the source of it? I took a quick survey of the area. I can't see anything except the players all around me. What is the source of that scented flower? I can smell things even if they're far away since I'm a pure-blooded vampire. I can move like a flash too. In addition, my eyesight is excellent. No matter how dark the room is, I can see everything. It was not my choice to be pure-blooded, but I was born that way. My mother was a human, a hunter, and a fighter before I was born. That was a hundred years ago, and because she was that strong, a pureblood vampire adored her. However, because she was a human three generations before I was born, my biological mother is already dead, and the cells she passed on to the next generation are like a sickness that the next generation would inherit. They'll also be able to tell whether a pureblood is born. My father will be in excruciating pain, as
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six_ Her Aunt
Zack" We were walking side by side. Lyca is on my right while Damon is on my left. I raise my eyebrow. "What are you doing, flirty vamp?" "Huh?" The annoying person only replied. The reason why I get more annoyed. "Do you want me to throw you in the middle of the school? " "Tsk! I wanna see you try." I was about to flick my finger when suddenly... a loud voice boomed. "What took you so long?" In front of us is Mr. Salazar, our disciplinary school teacher. And that's why I remember the punishment I want to protest. But what can I get if I do that? I know that I'm much stronger than he is, but Mr. Salazar is one of the GUARDIAN and he is a fighter. If I protest now and pick a fight with him, my grandfather will give me another punishment, and aside from that, I will lose my energy because Mr. Salazar can fight longer. "Sir, where do we start? Damon asks, and I sigh. "Can I go now to my class with Zack?" Of course, I forget Lyca with her standing position while stooping. Wh
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seven_ Transform And Transition
Olivia*** I winced when the bitch bit me. I can't believe it. How pathetic! All she can do is bite her enemy. Lyca shouted so loudly. while hugging her aunt. TSS, loser, I immediately got out when I saw them both fall. Well, I guess they are dead now. I threw a lot of knives at them. and it's impossible for them to live after that. I guess I did what I think is right for that bitch! I run in the middle of the dark, dense forest. Every step I make makes a crackling sound, and it's echoing through the dark, thick alley of the forest. I really need to get home because what I made is forbidden, but I really want to kill that bitch because of her. Zack hurt me, and I feel humiliated in front of everyone. And I don't want to be mucky with my friends. Every clan has already signed an agreement that every problem needs to be fixed the right way so we can prevent war. And what I did, I know, is obviously starting a war, so I really need to act like I didn't do anything. As long as there's
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eight _ Awaken monster
Irya, Olivia's sister, "Olivia! Olivia! "What happened to you?" I keep calling my sister's name, but she doesn't appear to be able to move. "Dad! Mom!" "Help!" Everyone came running towards me after I shouted loudly. "What happened to your sister, Irya?" "I don't know, dad, she's just got home, and the shaking is uncontrollable." "Oh my, what is this?" What was on my sister's shoulder was pointed out by my mother. It's like a foul, bloody wound. Every second, it becomes bigger and bigger. We examined her entire physique after placing her on the couch. But it appears that there are no other wounds besides the crawling, filthy, nasty wound that has now covered virtually her entire body. I cried and begged my parents for help. "She will live, right?" "We will try to find a solution to this," my parents groaned. And my father got up to make a phone call. And I couldn't do anything except cry while listening to everyone. "Hello... yes..." Silas: May I speak with him? Yes, OK. Sila
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nine_ Lyca's grandfather
Lyca" As I make my way down the vast stairs of the mansion, I can't seem to pull my gaze away from the corner. Everything about this screams wealth and riches. The chandelier is stunning. There are many portraits on the wall, but one in particular stands out. She immediately recognized her mother as she touched it. She approaches it and hugs it, yet it appears like she only extended her hands. I can't stop picturing her in my head. This is my mother's residence. I'm certain of it. "Mom, I miss you." When an unexpected voice resonated through the room, she was partly crying. While he is speaking, "I've been waiting for you, Lyca!" And when I saw who it was, I immediately came to a halt. "Sorry." In hushed tones, she said As she saw her grandparents standing in front of her, she believed this was her mother's house. They didn't alter at all. Her grandfather is still as attractive as ever, with gray eyes similar to hers. I guess I get that from him. As I examined him more closely,
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ten_ Helping her with her Transition
Samuel" After class, I ran immediately through the side forest of our clan territory perimeter to get some practice. I've been doing this every day to be more powerful and someday to be the ruler of all the wolf clans. That was my plan. But for some reason—I mean, Lyca's reason—my plan will be ruined. I saw her earlier and what she did to Irya. I know Zack didn't think it was Lyca because, in the first place, Zack didn't know about Lyca. I clench my fist and move fast to attack my opponent. But the elderly are much faster than me and avoid my attacks. I eagerly give him another punch with the matching power of mine. That was one of my powers, and the other is that I can move faster than lightning. And now with every move I make, the dry leaves fly around me like a tornado. And my opponent couldn't avoid my attack this time. "Hahaha, it looks like you're getting stronger every day, Sam." My uncle's laughter echoed all over the forest. And at night, birds fly in so much fear. I shook
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