Chapter 2547 Do I Need To Call The Police?

After Luca left the restaurant, she headed back to Watson Biopharmaceuticals.

She came downstairs for lunch late, so lunchtime was almost over by the time she finished, which was why there were not many people around.

The employees in nearby companies had already returned to work, so the streets were relatively empty. Other than the parked cars, not many people were walking around.

Luca rushed back to Watson Biopharmaceuticals.

She was too focused on Pierre’s conversation while eating, so she ate slowly. If she did not hurry back now, she would be late.

When she got to the entrance, a ray of light flashed in the corner of her eyes.

Luca stopped in her tracks and looked across the street.

At the same time, a black car on the opposite side of the road caught her attention.

When she looked up, the people in the car ducked down.

They were fast to react, but Luca still caught sight of their shadows.

Luca’s eyesight was sharp, so she saw them duck down. If they had not tried to hid
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