Twins in Her Womb: Sir President, Please be Gentle

Twins in Her Womb: Sir President, Please be Gentle

By:  Heap Heap  Updated just now
Language: English
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It was supposed to be a routine test tube baby situation, but suddenly everything went wrong. The problem was Master Luke Crawford, the heir to the Crawford empire, mature and composed, cold and domineering. Once he put his mind to it, there was nothing in the world he could not do!She had thought that they would go their completely separate ways after she delivered the children. Five years later, however, the man dragged two adorable babies along and waited for her in front of her dorms, despite everyone watching!Mr. Crawford was cold and emotionless in front of everyone else, but in front of her...

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The novel is written by Heap Heap and is of Love-triangle marriage Romance story genre. Its rating is 9.3 out of 10 ratings from 1696 ratings. Readers find the twist emotionally dragging and provoking. Bianca Rayne agreed to a contract with Luke Crawford under which she would get pregnant and give birth to his children. Mentally and psychologically feared during the fertilization, she hopes things will be great. But, after giving birth and departing, a guy and his twin children unexpectedly showed up in front of her house. She immediately acknowledged them and tries to understand after knowing about a surprise...

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Chapter 1 She Does Not Know Who He Is
It was late at night. A black full-size Lincoln SUV is driving into an extravagant mansion in A City’s most expensive suburb.Inside the mansion.Bianca Rayne’s eyes were covered with a silk blindfold.He did not want her to know who he was.“Don’t be afraid. Take deep breaths.“You can do it, Bianca. There’s nothing more important than getting Dad a liver transplant so he can live. It’s fine to sacrifice a little for Dad.”She could not ignore the sound of the car entering the mansion.Now that it had come to this, all she could do was keep talking to herself, to persuade and comfort herself.When Luke Crawford walked in, his body tall and his spine straight, he immediately saw Bianca, who was standing in his room. She was young, in the prime of her youth—“H-Hello…” She could sense his body approaching, so she instinctively took a step back despite the blindfold, stuttering as she greeted him stiffly.She had thought that the past few days of mental preparation had left her
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Chapter 2 Successfully Conceived
Once he was done, the man left.Bianca was exhausted to the point of passing out. She stayed curled up on the bed for a long, long time.The doctors said it was easier for her to conceive this way.…This continued for more nights than she could keep track of. Luke Crawford would come to the mansion every night, no matter how late his work kept him. He never failed to show up.The middle-aged driver who followed Luke around, Charles Finn, was Faye’s husband. Both of them were experienced in these things, so they really wanted to give their young master a word of advice. These things should be taken slowly! Rushing it would only be unhealthy!However, their haughty and aloof young master was also known for being a harsh employer with the cold face of a devil. He was famous for being hard to handle!The couple had no choice but to keep their mouths shut!They could only watch as that young girl was rendered limp and listless every day thanks to their young master’s energetic dema
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Chapter 3 The Twins Are Born
“Hear me out, Kevin. We only have two daughters, right? I know, Marie isn’t your daughter by birth, but she’s called you her father all her life…”Before Jennifer finished that sentence, Kevin interrupted her. He had been recuperating in bed for many months now, and he was already feeling much better. “What are you trying to say? Just tell me straight. After all, I’m your loving husband.”“I know you love me and our Marie..” Jennifer held Kevin’s hand, so thin that it was practically skin over bone, and said softly, “You mentioned that you’d send Bianca overseas to study after she graduates from high school right? Our Marie is only two years older than Bianca, and all she does these days is hang around bars. She’s not going to class properly at all, and I’m worried sick. After all, she is my only biological child! Kevin, I want Marie to study overseas with Bianca!”Bianca stood outside the door, frowning slightly.Marie was twenty years old this year, and she had somehow learned ho
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Chapter 4 Half Of Her Blood
Bianca shook her head and forced herself to not think about the mother whose name and face she did not know. That woman was a stranger to her.After a while, her phone rang.The caller was Bianca’s best friend, Nina Langdon.Bianca picked up.“Hi! It’s been a long time since we video-called. Why are you trying to avoid me?” Nina complained into the phone. She rested her cheek on her hand dejectedly, saying, “Are you sure you wanna go to the UK, Bea? What if someone bullies you there? My fists don’t reach that far.“Also! I hear that guys mature early overseas, and loads of school dorms are co-ed! You gotta be really careful about that when you go there! Hey, do you understand what I’m getting at? Forget it, I’ll just be open with you. If you really can’t hold back when you see those foreign hotties! Remember to use protection!”On her screen, Bianca could see that Nina was sitting in a small restaurant. It seemed like she had just ordered her food and was waiting for it to arrive
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Chapter 5 Return, Five Years Later
When Bianca next set foot in the busy A City once more, five years had passed. She had been away for almost two thousand days and nights. It was not a very long time, but it was not nothing either.Back then, she had been pushed about mercilessly by destiny. She had been completely powerless!Now, she just wanted to use her own strength to take control of her life with her own hands.It was morning.“Bea, over here—” Nina wound down her car window and waved at Bianca, who was walking out of her suburb.Time had passed. Five years later, the two of them were no longer clueless girls of eighteen or nineteen.Bianca and Jean had returned to the country together yesterday, and Nina had been the one to pick them up from the airport.That night, Jean had taken Bianca back to the Langdons’ place for dinner.Mr. and Mrs. Langdon were more than happy with Bianca as their future daughter-in-law.That morning, Jean had wanted to go to the interview at the company with Bianca, but someth
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Chapter 6 Heart Racing
Ten minutes later, Jean was done with his interview.He pushed the door open and walked out.Bianca immediately got to his feet. “How was it?”“The interviewers ask some tough questions, but it isn’t anything we can’t handle.” Jean could not help but kiss Bianca on the forehead, saying calmly, “Overall, it’s not bad.”Bianca heaved a sigh of relief.“Next, Bianca Rayne,” the female secretary called out.Bianca hurriedly straightened out her clothing and went inside anxiously.The second she walked into the room, Luke looked at her with a complicated gaze.Bianca sat down properly and raised her head, meeting each interviewer’s eyes, one at a time.After that, she introduced herself briefly. “Good morning, everyone. First of all, thank you for giving me this opportunity to attend this interview. My name is Bianca Rayne.”Since she decided to return to this country and find a job here, she had come up with plenty of interview openers in her mind.It may not be the most creativ
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Chapter 7 Jean Acting Strange
Bianca left.Luke suddenly put down the blueprint he had been holding. He stood up and left his workstation, walking toward his wine cabinet instead. There, he took out a glass and filled half of it with wine, draining the whole thing with a frown.This cursed lust!It was already quite late when Bianca left the company, but thankfully there was one last subway to take her home.Once she reached home, the first thing she did was reply to Jean’s messages on WeChat.After that, she pulled out her luggage and started to organize the things she needed for her trip tomorrow.Just then, her phone rang.The caller ID said it was Jean.“Aren’t you asleep yet? I thought I told you to rest early instead of calling me,” Bianca said in concern when she picked up.“I’m not done with work yet, so I brought the stuff back to the hotel room to continue overtime.” Jean continued, asking her, “I saw your text earlier. Why are you going outstation too? Who will you be going with?”“I don’t real
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Chapter 8 Blanca? Rainie?
Bianca did not dare to say anything more after the little boy turned his nose up at her.The time ticked past.The boy said, “It seems pretty awkward, huh.”The girl nodded.Bianca, “...”“Lady, you can call my father right now and tell him that you don’t want to care for us,” the boy said.He was quite the hostile little boy.“I never said I don’t want to take care of you.” She had to make that clear.How could she dare to say she did not want to care for her boss’ kids? The boss would eat her for lunch.“Since you want to take care of us, then you should act like you do.” The boy clearly did not like this cold atmosphere.This lady was much dumber than the other ones.Bianca, “...”It was her fault for not checking the almanac before she left the house.“Come with me, Big Bro.” The little girl could tell that the aunty’s expression was turning unpleasant, and she dragged her brother away angrily.Bianca let out a long breath, watching as the two children disappeared thr
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Chapter 9 Open The Door, It's Me
Little Rainie was unbelievably happy now that she had sneakily eaten some fried chicken behind her father's back. On the way back to the room, Rainie kept sticking to Bianca, hugging her leg like a koala to a tree.It was quite hard for Bianca to walk with a baby hanging off her leg.She had to limp all the way back upstairs. "It's really late now. I'll send you back to your room so you can get to sleep." The adult and two children watched cartoons in the room for a while before Bianca turned to the pair of siblings. The older brother looked up at her and said, “We don’t have the room card.”Rainie was hugging Bianca with her plump white hand, her eyes tightly closed. She was almost completely asleep now.Still, how could they get back without the room card?Bianca was feeling conflicted. She had no idea when the president would be able to finish his work for the day and return to the hotel. "Lemme call Mr. Doyle." Bianca looked at Rainie, who was already falling asleep. S
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Chapter 10 Bad Man
For a few seconds there, Bianca's mind went blank!She frowned and inwardly berated herself for being so weak-willed.'Bianca, don't forget, you have Jean!'Jean is the only man you can feel anything for!'"You're with me now. How could you get distracted?!" The man forcefully pushed her white coat aside. There was a moist and warm sensation on her lips.He then lowered his head and kissed her hair. After a long time, his low voice spoke into her ear seductively. Bianca was about to explode when she heard the man’s low voice!Luke had a really nice scent of shower foam on him, just like she did. That meant that this man had just used her shower foam when he took a shower earlier.Bianca knew just how dangerous it would be if she did not put up a desperate fight right now.Just plain struggling was not going to work.All she could do was apologize in advance for disrespecting her boss. At least that would be better than whatever was going on now!Bianca’s eyes grew used to
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