Chapter 2552 Hoped That Amur Would Stay Safe

"Wait," Amur said. He walked to the living room, picked up two full bags, and handed them to her.

"What's this?" Luca glanced at the bags with a supermarket logo printed on them.

"Snacks for the kids..." Amur explained, "I just so happened to buy them when I was at the supermarket."

"Thank you." Luca did not reject his kind offer. When he deliberately emphasized the phrase ‘just so happened to buy them', she thought that the awkward Amur was a little cute.

As she looked back on the past three years, he had matured a lot and could take on responsibility.

She knew that Amur rejected Luke because of her previous experience. Nevertheless, he knew that the three children were innocent.

"I'll be making a move, then." Luca picked up the two bags and left.

"I'll send you off." Amur walked quickly to the door and opened it.

Luca shook her head and said, "You've been on the road for a few days. I'm sure you're tired. Rest early. The driver is downstairs. I won't be in any danger."

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