Chapter 2553 Overwhelmed Every Inch Of Her Body

The grandma he referred to was Allison.

The child's words reminded Luca of Allison. She had been to Korea for a while, and she was not sure how the operation went.

She did not hear Luke mention it either.

However, she caused such a scene when she went back to Crawford Manor for the New Year, so it was likely that no one cared about her surgery.

"Is Mr. Crawford back?" Luca asked the child.

"Daddy knows that you were going to have dinner with Uncle, so he came back early. He’s now working upstairs," Tommy said.

Luca picked up the two bags of snacks, went into the pantry, and kept the treats out of the child's reach.

Tommy loved to eat. She was worried that they would overeat, so she put them up a little higher. When they wanted to eat them, Aunt Neile could take the snacks for them and control the amount so that the children would not overeat.

"Are you done with your cartoons?" After she put away the snacks, she asked Tommy who was following behind.

"Yeah, the show’s over." Tom
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