Chapter 2568 By Any Chance, Are You Worried About Her?

After Luca left Johann’s office, she left the hospital together with Rain.

They ran into Queenie while they waited for Warren to drive the car to the pick-up point.

Queenie was startled for a moment when she saw the two of them standing together. Luke had asked Rain to help her before, and that was why Queenie recognized Rain.

“Luca, Rain, why are you… at the hospital?” Queenie remembered that Luca was working for Luke too. It was very likely for her to know Rain. Hence, she changed the topic of the conversation abruptly and immediately asked them why they were at the hospital.

“Mrs. Norman?” Luca immediately became worried when she saw Queenie. “Why did you come to the hospital?”

“Oh, I came with Leia for her follow-up. The doctor said she hasn’t recovered much. That’s why I came with her to listen to the doctor’s advice. You…” Queenie sized Rain up and looked at Luca.

Luke would not send Rain if it was a normal situation.

However, Rain and Luca were standing together now. Que
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What’s going on, why only 1 chapter a day now???!!!?!??????? Need more chapters or finished the damn book already!!!!!!!!!!!

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