Chapter 2615 Who Was Right And Who Was Wrong

The man raised his brows and asked, “Then what should we do?”

Pierre did not say anything. He stared at his secretary, who fell back onto the sofa.

“Mr. Pierre?” The man waited for him to say something. He was considered Pierre's sidekick, and he was usually supported by Pierre to help him run some errands.

"Steal the safe box," Pierre spoke.

“Steal it? Sure thing. I’m pretty good at things like this.” The man nodded. He was good at handling these things. Stealing a safe box and increasing some manpower was not difficult for him.

Moreover, that was Pierre's company. Taking the safe box away was not considered stealing it.

Ms. Malone heard their conversation and stopped crying. She reminded embarrassingly, “Mr. Pierre, but the safe box in your office is mounted…”

A hint of oddness flashed across Pierre’s eyes. How did the secretary get hired?

Could it be that the HR department hired her for her looks? Why could she not think wisely?

The man shook his head continuously. They
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