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My Story

♥Amyla Robert♥

I am called Amyla Robert. And this is my story.

Some years back when I was 6yrs old, I became miserable.

That is, I was Sullen, gloomy, sad, gloomy. And depressed

All these started because of the environment I grew up in...

My Dad would always bite my Mom up and give her bruises


They never really had time for they lived their life with no shame

I never really had friends either because my parents would always live me at home with my Nany...Miss Jane

She smoked when my parents are not around and always bringing men to my room and send me to live room

I once "threatened" her I will tell my parents about it and she laughed like a crazy woman and said

"Your parents won't care. Because they love themselves more.

They do not give a Fuck about you. And no one would" 

My heart ached as tears filled up my eyes and she took out a cigarette and lit it up

"You know what...?

Sometimes if killing yourself is a possibility, take it.

Trust me Myla. If I were in your shoes, I would have done the same" Mrs. Jane said again, and tears started rolling down my cheeks

She gave me a "worried" look

"OH...did I hurt your feelings more than...your parents?

I am so sorry. I'll try not to do that next time" She said dramatically parting my head and I ran to my room, locked the door, and cried bitterly

Since then, I have been suffering from severe depression and it became worst as days passed

It has been 10yrs now that I have been completely diagnosed with bipolar disorder

The doctor said it is was due to hormonal imbalance...which was triggered by either mental stress, significant loss, or a certain traumatic event

My parents have been putting an eye on me since then. Scared I might course a scandal

do not come from a wealthy or poor family. But Average family

There are good times and tough times in their job, and they try to handle it accordingly. Yet they still fight

It came to a point where they decided to divorce. And they told me about it

It was the most traumatizing moment of my life. Not necessary because of their divorce but mostly because I am top of the reasons why they decided to divorce

And due to that, I must change school

I have been living with just my mom recently and things have been going well until now. When she brought a Man home for dinner

It has been 10minutes now and they have not kept quiet for a second

"Hey there. Your mom told me you will be changing school. Are you excited to meet new friends?" He asked and I did not even look at him

Why would he be asking me this when I will be entering the next academic year

When my mom saw that. There is no chance of me ever responding, she said

"Why don't you quickly finish and... get to your room. So that you get up early prepared for school tomorrow

When she says that, it automatically means I should leave now!


I cleared my plate and went to my bedroom.

I offed the lights of my room and sat in the dark, put on my headphone, and started listening to music. Until I fall asleep


I got up the following morning well. But the thought of me going to school today made me feel so sick

I really did not want to go to school today. Not after the insults and hatred, they give me

I laid back in bed and closed my eyes when my mom entered my room without knocking

I rose Quickly due to her sudden presence

"It's five minutes to 8:00. And you are classes would be starting some minutes from now.

When do you intend to live?" My mom said

"Is that why you walked into my room without knocking!?" I asked 

"Watch your tongue young lady. It's my duty and right to check on you in cases like this" She replied

"And since when did it becomes your duty!? Because if I can recall clearly. You've never really checked on me" I said, and she was speechless

"That's what I thought," I said laying back down

"Amy." She called

"Mom. I'm not going to school today" I said

"Are you kidding me!?

You have exams coming up soon and you'll need these classes" She said

"That's the more reason I wouldn't go.

That is just an expenditure of time. Because I will soon change school" I said and she tried saying something else, but I cut her at once saying

"Mom just LEAVE me ALONE!" 

She shook her head and left.


To be continued...


A second edition of this story will be available soon. I'm so sorry for the grammatical errors.

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