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She's an obsessed teen, suffering from Bipolar disorder. Struggling with her miserable life and her parents' breakage, she finds this popular school boy. But everything adds up to her wounds as she discovers so many secrets about her parents' past, hiding her twin from her and being that the reason she has been that way is due to their broken family, she tries to run away. Does things get better afterwards, or even worse? Let's find out now on 'ABANDONED'!

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My Story
♥Amyla Robert♥ I am called Amyla Robert. And this is my story. Some years back when I was 6yrs old, I became miserable. That is, I was Sullen, gloomy, sad, gloomy. And depressed All these started because of the environment I grew up in... My Dad would always bite my Mom up and give her bruises everywhere They never really had time for me...as they lived their life with no shame I never really had friends either because my parents would always live me at home with my Nany...Miss Jane She smoked when my parents are not around and always bringing men to my room and send me to live room I once "threatened" her I will tell my parents about it and she laughed like a crazy woman and said "Your parents won't care. Because they love themselves more. They do not give a Fuck about you. And no one would" My heart ached as tears filled up my eyes and she took out a cigarette and lit it up "You know what...? Sometimes if killing yourself is a possibility, take it. Trust me Myla. If I
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Another identity
♥Amyla Robert♥ We arrived home and went straight to my room not waiting for my mom to question me about anything. "Myla!" She called but I did not respond as I had already locked the door of my room. I laid in bed and started sobbing bitterly in remembrance of what happened some minutes ago. I did not want to confront anyone. And almost swore not to forgive my mom for being this blind and heartless towards me. In my sobs, I finally drifted to sleep with my outing clothes on. ♥Raymond Rex♥ I have been thinking of the possible reasons why that girl will try putting an end to her life. It has been eating me up for some strange reasons. I was lost the whole time while driving. Stephany must have seen my mood and decided to keep the silence. Though I know, she will ask what happened and why I was so lost. Like I knew that girl somewhere. It was so rainy this whole night that, Stephany called her parents telling them she will be sleeping at my place. When I heard that, I did not
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