Chapter 4589

Marianne was surprised. She knew that Charlie was twenty-eight years old, so she could not help but ask with her eyes wide open in shock, “You were still working on a construction site six years ago?!”

“Yes.” Charlie explained, “Six years ago, the engineering team that I was working in took over a new construction site. I happened to be appreciated by Party A by chance. He insisted on arranging for me to study at a university for more than a year. After that, he married his most beloved granddaughter to me...”

Marianne stared at Charlie and blurted out, “You’re not joking with me, are you? Why would the boss treat you so well and marry his granddaughter to you?”

Charlie smiled lightly and said, “It was actually a coincidence. His ancestors had always been loyal family servants of the Wade family, so he recognized my identity. Although I did not have anything at that time, he still wanted to give me a home in the real sense.”

When Marianne saw Charlie’s heartfelt smile, she suddenl
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I hate that I started reading/listening to this book… I PAID SOOO MUCH OF MY MONEY…...
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Tammy White
Why is the audio not working?!?

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