The Charismatic Charlie Wade

The Charismatic Charlie Wade

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Charlie Wade was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity as the heir of a prominent family remained a secret. He swore that one day, those who shunned him would kneel before him and beg for mercy, eventually!

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The Charismatic Charlie Wade displayed Charlie’s ability as a humble live-in son-in-law. The amazing son-in-law let each member who despised him because of his poverty feel guilty when his real status as one heir of a prestigious and wealthy clan which operates almost the whole commercial empire is revealed. Read The Charismatic Charlie Wade to witness how the amazing son change the attitude of others and let those people who looked down upon him stumble to plead him. You can also listen to the Charismatic Charlie Wade Audiobook on GoodFM.

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Alex Olwenyi
The book is good my all time entertainment whenever am bored keep on updating
2024-05-27 16:35:02
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Cheav Chhay LY
good book ... for reading!!!
2024-05-26 09:23:05
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Lisa Gardiner
This book is great please keep writing more and more about Charlie and the rest !
2024-05-26 04:12:35
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Mutiullah Omogbolahan Abdulsemiu
Very Awesome Book
2024-05-26 00:48:43
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Burrel O. Smither, Jr.
Charlie better not turn around, because Vera is being lied to. we will see what tomorrow's writing brings
2024-05-25 11:25:29
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Hayati Arshad
loved ... the stories still reading ... ... yet waiting for new update
2024-05-24 16:02:20
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Doralynn Wade
I have already paid for these previous chapters and now they want me a pay again this ridiculous. a ripoff
2024-05-24 01:54:25
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Evans Kapepala
I'm always satisfied whenever I read this novel
2024-05-21 18:44:21
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Bukky Oghes Obahor
Very interesting story. I love the story line
2024-05-21 17:24:55
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Very nice reading
2024-05-20 04:49:13
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Onade Elohor
a very beautiful novel I wish the complete story could be unlocked the wait is suffocating serious
2024-05-19 05:57:18
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Jeremy Riedell
loving this book, can't get enough.
2024-05-18 20:51:39
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Mar A Masgad
the best story so far, wish to unlock some chapter
2024-05-16 23:43:46
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I wish I could unlock the entire book, too
2024-05-16 11:28:37
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Hlangulani Ncube
I'm enjoying the book
2024-05-15 22:07:00
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5886 Chapters
Chapter 01
Decorative lights and illuminants lit up the extravagant Wilson family mansion.Tonight was the 70th birthday banquet of Lady Wilson, the head of the Wilson family.Her grandchildren and their spouses gathered around her to hand her their luxurious gifts.“Grandma, I heard that you love the Chinese tea. I looked high and low for this century-old Pu’er tea worth half a million dollars to present it to you.”“Grandma, you are a devoted Buddhist. This Buddha statue is carved from the authentic Hetian jade, it is worth seven hundred thousand dollars…”Looking at the nicely wrapped gifts in front of her, Lady Wilson laughed heartily. The entire ambiance was harmonious and happy.Suddenly, Charlie Wade, Lady Wilson’s eldest grandson-in-law, spoke, “Grandma, could you lend me a million dollars, please? Mrs. Lewis from the welfare home is diagnosed with uremia and I need the money for her treatment…”The entire Wilson family gaped in extreme shock. Everyone stared at Charlie with bewi
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Chapter 02
Ten billion dollars?!Charlie was shocked. His eyes wide open, his mouth wide agape.He knew that his grandfather was very wealthy, but back then, he was too young to understand the concept of money. He only knew that the Wade family was one of the wealthiest families in Eastcliff and even the country, but he wasn’t sure what his net worth was.Right now, he finally knew.If ten billion dollars were just pocket money, it meant that the entire Wade family had a net worth of more than one trillion dollars!Frankly speaking, at this moment, he was slightly touched and swayed. However, when he thought about his deceased parents and how his grandfather was part of the reasons why they had died, he knew he could never easily forgive him.Sensing his frustration, Stephen quickly said, “Young Master, you are one of the Wade family members, so the money is yours. Besides, technically speaking, it belongs to your father.”“The Master said that if you’re willing to go home, he will let you
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Chapter 03
The next morning, after preparing breakfast, Charlie rode his scooter to Emgrand Group’s office.He parked his scooter on the side of Emgrand’s parking lot. As soon as he locked his scooter, a black Bentley slowly parked in a spot across from him.He looked up inadvertently and saw a young couple getting out of the car.The man was wearing a branded suit, looking very handsome and smart. Meanwhile, the lady was dressed up in a flamboyant style. Although somewhat gaudy, she was considered a beauty.As it turned out, the lady was Wendy Wilson, Claire’s cousin, and the man was her fiancé, Gerald White.Charlie didn’t know why they were here, but he knew that the best way to avoid trouble was to stay away from them.However, the more eager he wanted to hide from them, the higher chances they would see him.Wendy caught sight of him from the corner of her eyes. She yelped loudly, “Hey, Charlie!”Wendy called out his name in a friendly manner, but Charlie felt goosebumps all over his
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Chapter 04
This was also the first time Charlie had ever met Doris.He had to admit that Doris was a very stunning and alluring young lady!She was about twenty-seven or eight years of age with a slender yet plump body figure, captivating appearance, and a very mature and honorable manner.Sitting down in front of Doris’s desk, Charlie started, “I will not come into the office often, so I would like you to continue looking over the company on my behalf. In addition, please do not disclose my identity to the public.”Doris was aware that Mr. Wade, who was sitting in front of her now, came from the extraordinary Wade family. For a prominent family like theirs, Emgrand Group was nothing but a mediocre business, so it was normal for him not to manage it himself. Hence, she quickly said, “Sure. Mr. Wade, just tell me if you need anything, I’ll be at your service.”At this moment, a secretary knocked on the door and said, “Miss Young, a man called Gerald White and his fiancé are here to see you.”
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Chapter 05
The two announcements released by Emgrand Group completely shook the entire Aurous Hill like a high magnitude earthquake.When the Wilson family learned about the ownership change in Emgrand Group, they figured out why the collaboration with the White family had been terminated. It seemed that Emgrand’s new owner didn’t think much of the White family.Back to the point, who was Mr. Wade? He simply bought Emgrand Group that was worth hundreds of billions of dollars without batting an eye—he was a little too powerful, wasn’t he? Even the richest man in Aurous Hill wouldn’t be so generous!All of a sudden, a lot of wealthy families were about to eagerly make a move. They wished to establish a connection with the mysterious Mr. Wade while on the other hand wished to marry their daughter to him.Moreover, the announcement about Emgrand Group’s investment of two billion dollars for the hotel construction project also shook the construction and interior decorating industries in Aurous H
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Chapter 06
Claire’s announcement sent a shock wave across the room, making everyone gape in extreme surprise!Everyone thought that Claire must be out of her mind! It was the worst time to stand under the limelight now! Other than failing miserably, there’s nothing else she could achieve!Emgrand Group was the largest company in Aurous Hill and the Wilson family was nothing more than an insignificant ant to them! Whoever took the challenge would only end up failing!Harold couldn’t help but mock sarcastically, “Claire, do you really think you can get a deal from Emgrand Group?”Wendy continued in the same mocking tone after her brother, “Claire, who do you think you are, what do you think Emgrand Group is? You being so reckless and irrational will only humiliate us, the Wilson family!”Someone else added, “Wendy is right! If she is kicked out by Emgrand Group, our family will be a laughing stock in Aurous Hill!”Blood rushed to Claire’s face and she felt her face burning in embarrassment.
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Chapter 07
Looking at her parents ridiculing Charlie, Claire sighed and said, “Dad, Mom, don’t blame Charlie for this. It was my idea, I just don’t want our family to be looked down on anymore. Haven’t we suffered enough all these years?”Claire’s mother blurted, “But still, you can’t take on such a task. It’s not just you—even if your grandma goes in person, they wouldn’t entertain her!”Charlie managed a bitter smile as he watched the bickering. He bet that his snobbish in-laws would never believe that he was the real owner of Emgrand Group.At this exact moment, there was a knock on the door.“I’m coming…”Elaine heaved a distressing sigh as she walked to the door and opened it.Charlie shifted his gaze to the door and saw a young man donning an Armani suit standing at the door. The man looked very charming and alluring with a Patek Philippe watch on his wrist, which seemed to be worth at least four million dollars.Elaine shrieked excitedly, “Hey, Wendell! Why are you here?”The man w
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Chapter 08
The next morning, Claire brought the file filled with proposals that she had prepared overnight and went to the Emgrand Group office with Charlie.Standing in front of the 100-story building, Claire suddenly felt as if her heart was hollow and empty.How could such a magnificent company like Emgrand collaborate with the Wilson family? Not to mention that they were aiming for a thirty million dollars deal.It was like a beggar approaching a wealthy man and asking for a thirty million dollar change. It was absolutely ridiculous.However, she had promised her grandmother and accepted the challenge in front of everyone, so she had to go for it no matter what…Sensing her anxiety, Charlie stroked her head tenderly and said, “Dear, don’t worry, go ahead, you’ll make it. Trust me.”Claire sighed dejectedly and murmured, “Alright, let’s hope so! Wait for me here.”She took a deep breath and walked through the door.As he watched her walking in, Charlie took out his phone and called Dor
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Chapter 09
For an instant, an abrupt and outlandish thought appeared in Claire’s mind.The Mr. Wade that Doris mentioned—could he really be her husband, Charlie Wade?When she processed it again, she found it to be too preposterous.How could it be!Charlie was an orphan who grew up in a welfare home!However, who else in the world would treat her so well besides Charlie?Thirty million dollars was an extravagant hope, but they gave her sixty million…She couldn’t help but asked curiously, “Miss Young, may I know if your chairman is Charlie Wade?”Doris’s heart skipped a beat. The boss had already demanded her to keep his identity secret, only to reveal his last name to the public. She would be blamed if his wife guessed it!She shook her hands frantically and said, “Miss Wilson, I hope you can drop it. Our chairman is the descendant of a prominent family in Eastcliff. His identity is highly confidential and I have no right to disclose it.”Claire nodded gently. She composed herself upo
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Chapter 10
Everyone was stunned upon the sudden roar.Everyone hurriedly took out their phones and searched for Emgrand Group’s official social media account!Indeed!The certified official account of Emgrand Group had posted the latest statement!A shock wave swept the conference room as the post was announced!Claire really did strike the deal! With twice the intended total value!It only took half an hour!How was it possible? How was it so easy?It didn’t make any sense!Harold was feeling shocked and regretted!Before today, Claire Wilson was incomparable to himself in terms of status or identity.If he had accepted the task yesterday, he would not give Claire a chance to shine herself regardless of the results!Yet, he refused because he feared that he w
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