Chapter 4590

Charlie was not very bright when it came to relationships.

Even though he had been married to Claire for four years now, he had not really been in a relationship in the true sense.

He had never had any conflicts with Claire, nor had he gotten angry or quarreled with Claire. His relationship had always been very calm.

He naturally did not have any sensational love experience with the big ups and downs in his emotional experience.

However, for masters of love, which one would not have experienced countless storms and battles? For those who were experienced, they could instantly tell that Marianne had fallen for Charlie at a glance. However, Charlie was an inexperienced man. In other words, he wouldn’t get the point even if the other party were to cry in front of him.

So, when he saw Marianne crying, he quickly said, “Oh, isn’t it just because your cell phone is broken? It’s just a small matter. I will send you another one. Why are you crying because of that?”

Marianne was a little
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No more audio ??
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Dameian Wayne
Please stop the " he so innocent" routine. Its getting tiring. He need to set boundaries with these ladies. He explanes himself to every one of them except Clair.

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