Chapter 4592

Kathleen’s words really shocked Marianne deeply.

She never expected that Kathleen, who was the head of the Fox family, could fall in love with a married man so calmly and emotionally.

Moreover, it was not difficult to even hear a hint of humble feeling in her words at all.

She suddenly admired Kathleen’s calmness. She felt that she was truly a thousand miles behind compared to Kathleen.

However, she was still puzzled, so she asked Kathleen, “Miss Fox, since Charlie is already married, aren’t you worried that there will be no results in the future if you still continue loving him so much?”

Kathleen smiled and said indifferently, “Emotions cannot be stopped. It’s just like some things where you can control yourself not to eat, but you cannot control the feeling of you wanting to eat.”

After saying that, Kathleen stared at Marianne and joked, “By the way, you also know that he is married, so can you manage not to have any good feelings for him from now on, then? Please teach me how
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Dameian Wayne
How is it right that a person can seek revenge over a promise make to a man who is now dead, but the moral high ground is so low when it come to marrage! Your women are no better than Prostitutes. The are not Heroic, just scum trying to take whats not their. Clair has the right to kill all of them.

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