ISSY (easy)
ISSY (easy)
Author: Amberdorn

Love. What's the scariest thing about the most beautiful feeling in the world? Is it the fact that it turns us into a fool with its touch? Or that it blinds us to the truth, driving us to the edge and still making sure we don't realize it? Or is it how it causes us to fear its absence? 

Staring down at her best friend, lifeless in her arms, Isabelle realized the scariest thing about love. Something a lot of people don't know about: It takes you, drives you, controls you, and if not careful, it ruins you. It doesn't have to be for a person. It could be for an object (materialistic) or something abstract. 

Hands gentle, yet terrifying. 

Kisses soft, yet damaging. 

Trails of good and bad.

The scariest thing about love is what it does to you.

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