ISSY (easy)

ISSY (easy)

By:  Amberdorn  Completed
Language: English
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Isabelle and Emily didn't want to finish high school on a supposed boring note, so they decided to spice up their life a little and accept the offer to attend Badmus High school. They know it is one of the biggest secondary schools in Lagos, but what they don't realize is that not all that glitters is gold. Relationships are ruined, truths revealed and lives are changed in this thrilling tale of high school drama. WARNING: This book contains explicit contents and other triggering events, so the reader's discretion is advised.

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ISSY (Easy) is a Young Adult novel that engages with heavy topics. The two main characters, Isabelle and Emily didn't want their school days to end in a boring way, so they decided to accept an offer to attend a new secondary school called Badmus High School. Despite being one of the largest schools in Lagos, there is much to be discovered about the school. Relationships are warped, truths come to light, and lives are changed forever. Revel in the suspense and tragedy, with just a touch of humor in this gripping teen drama.

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Love. What's the scariest thing about the most beautiful feeling in the world? Is it the fact that it turns us into a fool with its touch? Or that it blinds us to the truth, driving us to the edge and still making sure we don't realize it? Or is it how it causes us to fear its absence? Staring down at her best friend, lifeless in her arms, Isabelle realized the scariest thing about love. Something a lot of people don't know about: It takes you, drives you, controls you, and if not careful, it ruins you. It doesn't have to be for a person. It could be for an object (materialistic) or something abstract. Hands gentle, yet terrifying. Kisses soft, yet damaging. Trails of good and bad.The scariest thing about love is what it does to you. 
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1: For something shiny
¶¶All that glitters isn't gold.¶¶This story began when Isabelle and her best friend, Emily, finally won in pressuring their individual guardians to take the offer and allow them study in Badmus High. Attending Badmus High has been a dream of every Nigerian teenager, because it was considered one of the best schools in Nigeria. So as soon as the opportunity came knocking, the two girls didn't hesitate in jumping at it. Mrs. Juliet Onyenorah, Isabelle's mom, found it concerning that a school was ready to accept final year students without the usual entrance examination while Jane Obinna, Emily's Aunt, was drawn in by the exclusive benefits Badmus High had to offer. As said by an advocate of the school, the fee would be cut as this was a means to promote the school's reputation and bring in more talents. Despite Mrs. Onyenorah's suspicion, her husband was on Jane's side, so they proceeded with registration. It was a Sunday and Isabelle and Emily were at a salon, fixing up their hair
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2: For serenity
    ¶¶If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love. Don't be surly at home, then go out in the street an start grinning 'good morning' to total strangers ~ Maya Angelou¶¶  “You guys already met Miss Lucy,” Jessica said, and everyone at the table laughed. Every table had ten chairs — five on both sides. She, Jessica, Emily and Grace were seated with their backs to the doorway while the rest sat across them.  Their table, though, looked like it was at the center of the hall and aside that, everyone wanted to hear what she and Emily had to say. Even Opeoluwa appeared interested. Everyone except Joel. But that wasn't what bothered her. What did was the fact that people from other tables wer
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3: Hate and Anger
¶¶let it hurt. Then let it go ~ r.h. Sin¶¶  "How was your first day in your new school?" Isabelle's dad - Mr. Desmond Onyenorah - asked.  Her parents had come home from work, earlier than usual, so they were having diner together.  Isabelle's parents has owned an event planning firm for twenty years now. Isabelle's mom headed the catering section, since she was a skilled chef and her dad managed the accounts. They had employees, who saw to the other aspects of the business.  The organization was created before Isabelle was born and has managed to make a name for themselves; subsequently, lessening their leisure hours. Although they were always busy, they managed to spend
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4: Sins, consequences
 ¶¶If you focus on the hurt, you'll continue to suffer. If you focus on the lesson you'll continue to grow¶¶Desmond was twenty-five-years-old when he married Juliet, who had just turned twenty-three few months prior to their wedding. It was a marriage born out of love and a promise to stick together forever.  A year later and Juliet was without a child. Everyone was patient. After all, there had been marriages that didn't produce a child in the first year.  The second year came and people started to ask questions, especially Desmond's mother. They all questioned Juliet's ability to conceive and issued the blame on her, given the lifestyle Juliet once lived. Juliet used to be a wild woman, who gave herself to any man she found
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5: lie for Africa
¶¶What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.¶¶HBankole ran down the field, dribbling past his opponents and taking the football along with him. He made a quick pass, ran a little further as he shouted for his teammate to make a pass to one of their teammates in front. Emily wasn't a fan of soccer, but she was certainly a fan of watching handsome guys play the game. “Wow. Dave looks so cool out there,” she said. “Of course he should,” was Jessica's reply beside her. Everyone who was as curious as Emily were watching from the bleachers, and Emily hadn't realized she had been heard. With a sheepish grin, she turned to Jessica, who went on, not realizing Emily had been in thoughts.
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6: Double trouble
¶¶There will always be someone who can't see your worth. Don't let it be you.¶¶So many thoughts raided Isabelle's mind the moment the strange woman stepped out of their kitchen. Dreadful ones that made her clench her hands.“Don't you know how to greet?” Grandma demanded from the couch, body twisted to the back so she was glaring at Isabelle.Isabelle tried steadying her breathing as she looked at the woman. “Mama, good afternoon.”“Is that where you should be greeting me from? It looks like that your mother doesn't teach you manners, eh? Chai! If you were a boy now, I'm sure you'd have learnt some respect through your father.”Isabelle looked to her father, whose face held a plea. With lips set to a straight line, she went to kneel before her grandma and greeted again.
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7: Regret plays a role (part I)
¶¶I felt like no matter how much I tried, no matter how much I gave, I would never be good for anyone. So I stopped trying. ~ Joel Edochie (ISSY-easy).¶¶Joel hated himself. He cursed his very existence and the biology behind his every breath exchange. Sometimes he did wish he could just die, but fate has always been against him.His late mom had spent years trying to mould him into a different man. Into a better person. Not one that would disrespect any human feeling, especially a female's. And he had just thrown all that away by allowing his pent-up anger get the best of him. Staring down at his palms was like looking in the mirror. The scars that marred them — and even his body — all represented the pain he has had to go through all these years, and their numbers told of how much
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8: Regret plays a role (part II)
 Opeoluwa was a sucker for novels and only Joel knew that. After being mocked countless times by Jessica and Grace about it, she decided to let everyone — except him — believe she had quit reading. Even in school, whenever anyone (aside their small clique) saw her with a novel, their eyes popped out of their sockets. She hated that. She hated the look they gave and the memory of it. It reminded her of whom she used to be: the clumsy girl who couldn't even tie her own shoelace. She despised that girl. Sniffing, his stomach grumbled, and he set the book down. Luckily, he had packed a few fast food options. His options lay between pasta and noodles. Pushing up his lips in thoughts, a finger tapping his chin, he heard Opeoluwa speak as she entered the living room. “Where did all that cold water come from?&rdquo
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9: Why we hate (part I)
 ¶¶We all had demons we dealt with. But it felt like no matter how hard we tried, we'd never be able to outrun them. ~ Jessica Badmus¶¶  “Put him on the bed,” Martin's mom — Miss Adekunle — instructed Bankole. “This boy will not kill me.” Martin was slumped over Bankole's back. For someone as slim as Martin, he sure had Bankole barring his teeth, causing his breathing to be ragged. One slight misstep and one of the two would be rewarded with a serious concussion.  Fixing his grip around Martin's thighs while muttering from one cuss word to another, Bankole managed to rest him on the bed without slamming him. “Thank you so muc
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