63. History Lesson.

"Make necessary preparations for tonight, Brahms."

Agnes ordered her only mouse servant who gave s positive nod.

Darby was locked up in a room...sitting on his comfortable king-size bed, staring at the only picture he has been hiding in his chest, under the shirt.

He stood up to walk out of his room so that he could talk to her.

On his way, he met Brahms...stopping him he asked, "Where is Agnes?"

"She is performing witchcraft," Brahms told him.

"Which craft?" Darby asked as his brows furrowed in a frown.

Sitting in a dark room with only the light coming from the flames of the candles, Agnes performed black magic.

She was aware of what she was doing or what consequences she has to assume later.

With her eyes shut close and mouth mumbling endlessly, Agnes chanted some old verses.

When, at last, she was done...she held the knife in her hand and let out a smirk.

When Brahms made all the arrangements, he informed the witch.

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