Immortal Billionaire

Immortal Billionaire

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"Wearing a skirt so short, Ms Katz... is not allowed in my building," he said with sternness in his tone."But sir- I've spilt coff...." her respective voice was interrupted by the arrogant boss, "Whatever the reason is, Ms Katz. Go home and change the dress then come back to work." with that he focused his attention at his laptop.She, with a clenched jaw, turned to leave his cabin when his deep voice lingered in her ear saying, "Oh and you will work extra hours today.""But sir-...." there was no way in hell he was letting her complete the sentence when he again interrupted her, "You're wasting time, Ms Katz. The extra hours are for the time I'm giving you to go to your apartment and change your dress."Darby Rothschilds had everything he's ever wanted. He has every reason to be the arrogant man that he is. But he has some secrets... secrets which are meant to be carried to graves only.Alexandra Katz, a young girl who just finished highschool and in desperate need of a job. What if she finally got a job in a multinational firm named as Rothschilds Corporations and became the secretary of the very own Darby.There was something about her... Alexandra... if only he could know that she was the cure of his cursed life.

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65 Chapters
The moist soil dirtied the man's boots as he continued to trek down the path to an abandoned graveyard. Dark was the sky and it almost looked like it was going to rain soon. that fact didn't bother him though. He'd be out in a jiffy once he finished the job enough to keep him dry.Around him was a forest with slender trees and overgrown shrubbery. Some distant ahead, at the end of the pathway, the gate of the cemetery lay open, its hinges almost falling off the support columns and its bars, rusty and chapped. For a mage like him and one that had walked the earth for quite some time, he had been to different kinds of places, enjoyed his time while there and met some lively people who had no clue to what he was. But this one, however, was a different story.He had never been in this cemetery before, or any cemetery for that matter. He hated such places, but he had to tolerate it for now. After all, what he was about to do would be all worth it i
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1. Femme Fatale.
"Alright, settle everybody!" the loud and clear female voice interrupted the chattering of the employees.Then, within a second all of the employees got seated, carefully with a straight posture.The hoofing of the shoes made some of them gulp in nervousness while the eyes of the female workers lit up, thinking of nothing but their hot arrogant boss.The man walked in, three-day stubble and a neatly pressed suit, the kind you only see on high priced lawyers and gangsters. He took in the room with a single sweep, his hazel eyes settling on nothing but the bunch of employees who were politely yet quietly seated."That's it?" his deep yet mesmerizing voice hit the ears of the employees and it was a melody, sweet yet soft.He had tousled dark brown hair, which was thick and lustrous. His eyes were a mesmerising deep, the softest brown infused with green as if he held the new spring growth inside. They were the forest floor and the gentle flowers, somew
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2. Under The Darkness.
"Sir, do you want anything else?" a man, dressed in a proper formal suit asked respectively as his head bowed down."No, Arrow. That's all. I want to sleep," he, who was leaning back on the bed with satin silk covers on top of him.The servant obediently gave a nod and without interrupting him further, he left the room.Nighttime... it's always his favourite. Not a single worry of anything, the darkness, the silence... not anyone roaming in the streets and chattering loudly. Pure silence... which gives him peace.Darby stood up from his bed, his bare skin was pale as he walked towards the balcony.The stars are somewhere behind the haze of black cloud that is stretched thinly above and the transitory moonlight bleaches the grey-scale world momentarily, and then it is gone. His mind is a blur with possibilities, each more fanciful than the next.Even if he told his servant that he wanted to sleep, but every single person in his villa knows th
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3. The Sexy Visitor.
The woman that walked in could have graced any billboard or magazine cover, but she was better than those two-dimensional photoshopped models. Somehow her imperfections made her perfect. There was a shyness to her, hesitation in her body movements and a softness in her voice. Her cream suit had a tailored look that was bold against her dark brown hair, her perfectly manicured nails were one of her pride. Her eyes, like the indigo ocean, were pools of iridescent blue, sculpted upon her creamy face like dazzling jewels. Strands of molten gold tumbled out of her scalp, cascading down her back like a waterfall. Cherry lips, crystal white teeth: she truly was a beautiful sight to behold."Darby...." she smiled as wide as she could, the face filled beyond happiness. "Laura... What a surprise. I wasn't expecting you," he stood up like a gentleman as she offered her hand for him to kiss.He kissed her hand and she let out a smile when he asks her to sit."W
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4. Dark Mare.
The city hospital, where Mr Smith was taken and Darby's car was parked right in front of the hospital building.Darby hasn't visited any patient in a hospital in ages. Could there be a chance he can go in? Darby Rothschilds has very resentful memories regarding the hospitals. Whatever has happened in his past... there's no chance in hell he will go in."Come on, sir," Hilda spoke respectively. And Darby seemed to lost in his thoughts. "Mr Rothschilds?" she uttered politely."Huh?" he said unaware."Let's go inside, sir," she said."Um... no, Hilda. You go inside and check up on Mr Smith. I'm not going in. The... the place is crowded," he made up an excuse.of course, he could not let his assistant know that he has a fear of going into hospitals.One thing Hilda knew that Darby does not like crowded places so this kind of made sense."Alright sir..." she gave a quick nod and held the bouquet she arrange
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5. The Trip.
Another second and he shook his head, closing the eyes, opening them again.He was normal again... exhaling deeply, he walked back to the gorgeous lady, waiting patiently for him."Where'd you go?" she asked concerned look on her face and he replied, "Ah, nothing. I kinda have a soft spot...""It's alright. I've replaced him with someone else," she smiled delightfully.The dinner went well and Laura spoke, "Darby, there's a gala on this weekend by Mr King... this is the biggest gala of the year."Darby although was present here but his mind was not here at all."Huh?" he stated unaware."Are you even listening?" she asked worried in her tone."Yea, I was zoned out for a bit..." replied the handsome hunk.Darby just stepped in his villa and the manager politely greeted him and presented him a letter."What's that?" he asked, looking uninterested."It's an invitation, sire... to the King's gala.""Okay
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6. Hawks.
The man just ignored it as he did not remove the blindfold but when the continuous chatter of the girls lingered in his ears, he shook his head, controlling his anger.When the plane was being landed and Xandra along with her best friend was taking their luggage out from the upper side of the plane and he removed his blindfold walking passed by them.His shoulders touched with hers and he pushed it walking passed by her."How rude!" she said when he ordered his secretary to bring his luggage.She from behind kept on staring at him with the full attention and he tripped on his way, about to fall but managed to balance himself."Oh..." a hint of a smile touched her lips and she continued doing what she was doing."Bangkok, baby!" both of the friends walked out of the airport, yelling in excitement."Mr Rotschilds... how was your flight? I'm sure you haven't had any troubles..." a man stood next to the car, with a hand in pocket, wearing
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7. Night Moves.
"So what if I have a boyfriend? Can't I have some fun..." Ruby winked at her best friend's direction who face palmed herself.Ruby was drunk and a gasp from Xandra made her turn around when she asked, "What is it with your long face, baby girl?""K-Kevin is here," Xandra spoke when Ruby immediately turned around seeing her boyfriend was surrounded by a bunch of girls, his hand on a girl's waist and he was having fun."What the fuck is he doing here?" she slammed her hands on the bar counter as she stood up, striding towards her so-called boyfriend.And Xandra followed her."Hello, dickhead..." Ruby said smiling when Kevin was stunned and the colour slowly drained from his face."Who is she?" asked one of the girl when Ruby replied, "His girl... Now shoo away.""Darling, he doesn't want to be with you that's why he's here with us," one of the overconfident girls was arguing with Ruby as she scoffed and replied, "Darling, fuck off befor
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8. A Sigh Of Relief.
The men were attacking one by one that's why they were being hit.Then they decided to attack together.A guy from behind grabbed her from the neck, two held both of her hands and a man who was standing right in front of her spoke, "We are going to tear you apart."His smirk was getting bigger and bigger when his partner said, "Let's take her to the corner and finish our work."She was shouting for help but the road was completely desolate. Not a single car or person was present there."Leave me!" she shouted struggling in the men's grip when all of them heard a deep voice saying, "Are you all deaf?"All of the men turned around to see there was the tall figure but they could not see him because of the darkness."Get going young man. There's no work for you here," said a drunk man when he replied, "You heard the girl. Leave her."The voice of the man was deep yet stern."Or else? Will you rape us just like we are going t
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9. For Good.
"Gentleman... ladies, please. It would be appreciated if you will go a little slow with the celebrations. A business meeting is going on outside..." arrow came and spoke respectively when Xandra immediately answered, "Oh, I am so sorry... We will be quiet, now.""Thank you, ma'am," Arrow gave a nod and politely walked away.Xandra remembered she has seen this man somewhere.As soon as she remembered him from last night, she murmured, "Arrow...""You want an arrow for your birthday gift?" Ruby asked unaware when Xandra recalled the last night's scene where the angry voice of the man, made Arrow rushed when he got bumped into her.She, even though did not saw his face but the deep mesmerizing tone was enough to know that he was annoyed.But that's her fault? How?She let out a smirk as she told Ruby to sing her a birthday song.As Darby took a sip of his coffee and was about to place the cup back to the saucer, he stopped in midw
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