When Your Heart Found Mine!
When Your Heart Found Mine!
Author: Dazzling Star

value of life

Ella's POV
"Oh! not again," I rolled my eyes, as soon as I opened it and saw white ceiling above me.

"You are awake," I heard a voice approaching me.
"And here comes the lecturer of the weekend, Nurse Suzi. I know very well what she is going to lecture about, 'Suicide is not a solution' Ella, you cannot do that," I got up mumbling underneath my breath.

"Ella this is the fourth time you have..."
I interrupted Suzi hastily, "U huh.. actually, it's the third time. Last time I got admitted due to food poison. So that doesn't count."

"Still you did on purpose, isn't it? You ate stale food knowing you would fall ill," she said, folding her arms and looking at me with her dreadful eyes.

"Yes, I did Suzi. I had no other option rather than eating the last remaining of food in my apartment," I wanted to say out loud but I know I couldn't say that.

"No, Suzi you are so wrong. I just wanted to take a visit to heaven, but I ended up visiting your hospital. Really, Ella, you suck," I quipped chuckling.

She ignored my joke, and continued, "Anyway thanks to that man..."

"And here comes the rescuer of the weekend the Mysterious Invisible Man. I actually wanna know what is his problem is. He never shows up nor does he let me know who he is. After being rescued for so many times still, I have not seen his face. How disappointing isn't it?" I thought deep inside rolling my eyes.

"Why do you always have to do that?" her soft tone and changed topic made me realize that she knew I didn't prefer to talk about her Mysterious Invisible man.

"Simple want to live in heaven," I chuckled.

"Heaven? Seriously? Do you think by committing suicide you can live in heaven? If you say yes, then you are absolutely wrong, sweetheart. People are promptly sent to hell who commits suicide," she said, pinching my cheeks.

"And how do you know that? Did a person who committed suicide walked back from death and acquainted you personally?" I raised a question, raising my eyebrows.
She was stunned hearing me. The sinister curve formed on my lips, when I comprehend that I had won. I actually wanted to win the argument with her.
"Yeah, I nailed it. For the first time in my history, I had won my argument against my lecturer," I cheered inside.

Suddenly she gripped my wrist, and mumbled coldly, "Come with me."

"Wait," I tried to impede and wear the hospital slippers which was actually smaller than my feet. I walked with half heels on the cold floor.

"Where are you taking me?" I inquired out of curiosity because I had no idea where Suzi was taking me.

Finally, after walking a few steps, she stopped by the door and turned towards me, "You are so eager to die right? For you, your life has no value right? But guess what Ella there are people who are fighting for their lives with all their efforts just to breathe. And you know what the saddest part is? Their battle for their life is not with others, but with themselves."

She then pushed the door wide open and stepped inside. I stood by the door in a quandary of whether to follow her or not. But I was curious what she was talking about so I decided to follow her in.

When I got inside my eyes fall on a girl, lying unconscious on the bed with a ventilator helping her to breathe. Several ECG machines were kept on both sides of her bed. Which was probably showing the rate of her heartbeat.

I was not understanding anything. So, I glanced at Suzi, whose concerned eyes were fixed on the girl lying on the bed.

"What is all.." before my question landed completely from my lips Suzi spoke up.

"Rona Salk nineteen years old belonging to a very miserable family. She had to work as a maid in order to assist her family income. But she was Ganged raped. When she filed a case in order to get justice her family including her was beaten till death. But this girl managed to breathe despite, innumerable injuries. Doctors say it is a miracle and are waiting for another miracle when she will finally wake up and get better. Do you know what she said before she went unconscious?" Suzi shifted her gaze from Rona to me.

And before I could speak anything she added.

"Please don't let me die. I want to live and still fight for justice. I just want to breathe, until I get justice. Criminals should be sent behind the bars."

Suzi's eyes were shoved with tears by then. She looked away from me and wiped her tears away. She then walked outside the room. I followed her silently without any words because her every word got straight to my heart.

When we got out of the room and walked through the hallway she explained, "I know Ella, there must be a reason behind your act of suicide, but think deep do you believe your life is miserable than Rona? Even if she wakes from her bed she will not be able to walk like us and even can't have a baby because her uterus is dangerously damaged. 

She doesn't have any family members nor any assets. Her treatment expenses are paid through the donation of this hospital until she recovers. After she is out of this hospital she will have a very miserable life, that you can't visualize and also her life will always be at risk because the criminals are walking openly. She knows it all but still, she wants to breathe and live.

 Think deep Ella do you think your life is any miserable than her's? I know you might have your own battle but is your battle difficult than hers? She is there waiting for a day to get up and make a new start which is way impossible. Contemplate, it all Ella we should be happy for whatever we have.

Sometimes the things which we don't want are only the thing which other people might be needing. I hope you will now understand your life's importance which you desperately want to cease."

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