When Your Heart Found Mine!

When Your Heart Found Mine!

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*Warning: Story contains mature 18+ sexual scene so read at your own risk..." "See Ella, you know I am straightforward. So I am telling this directly you should please us both in the bed starting from today. In a simple sense, you have to be our mistress..." When Ella's ex boyfriends break into her apartment and forced her to be their Mistress, her life changed forever.

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188 Chapters
value of life
Ella's POV"Oh! not again," I rolled my eyes, as soon as I opened it and saw white ceiling above me."You are awake," I heard a voice approaching me."And here comes the lecturer of the weekend, Nurse Suzi. I know very well what she is going to lecture about, 'Suicide is not a solution' Ella, you cannot do that," I got up mumbling underneath my breath."Ella this is the fourth time you have..."I interrupted Suzi hastily, "U huh.. actually, it's the third time. Last time I got admitted due to food poison. So that doesn't count.""Still you did on purpose, isn't it? You ate stale food knowing you would fall ill," she said, folding her arms and looking at me with her dreadful eyes."Yes, I did Suzi. I had no other option rather than eating the last remaining of food in my apartment," I wanted to say out loud but I know I couldn't say that."No, Suzi you are so wrong. I just wanted to take a visit to heaven, but I ended up visiting your hospital. Really, Ella, you suck," I quipped chuckli
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her miserable life
Ella's POVI am Ella Royal, age 21.You may misinterpret taking my surname 'Royal' thinking I pertain to the Royal family. Please, don't because I don't pertain to the Royal family or any family. I am an orphan brought up in an orphanage. Now you may be mystified about how I got 'Royal' surname in an orphanage right? So the thing is I was called 'Ella Royal' by the head miss of Orphanage, Miss Seema Nicole. When I was decent to comprehend things. I was anxious to know and once I went to her and inquired why did she call me Ella Royal.She answered back bestowing sardonic smile "Because you were enticed to the orphanage like a newborn of Royal family," and she just chuckled. She believed she could mock at that hour. Though I was fierce to earshot her respond I had no other alternative beside just to stay calm and compel curve on my lips. Now I am out of the orphanage. No parents, no family no one at all. I am just a single piece whose heart has been broken into pieces not once but tw
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her neighbor Suzi
Ella's POV "I loved the food they were delicious..." I said, wiping my lips with tissue paper."Thank you," Suzi replied with a smile and stood on her feet.Suzi truly had cooked the food so well. It looked ordinary but its taste was too good. Rice, vegetables, chips, pickle, pulses..she managed to cook all this even after returning from her work.In case of me, I feel so exhausted when I return back from my work that I find it difficult to pour myself the water to drink. But Suzi who seems to be in her late twenties was really so energetic. "Be ashamed of yourself Ella..." I said underneath my breath."Here..." Suzi handed me a paper bag."What's this?" I asked in the hesitancy of taking the bag from her hand."Told you I have baked extra cookies so those are for you," she answered back and started to pick the plates from the table."Actually you don't have to..""Uh! it's alright..." she interrupted and walked towards washbasin."Let me help you with the dishes," I said keeping the
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reminiscence 1
Ella's POV"Yes, Ella yes we both have turned insane in your glamour. We both want you. Amuse us, Ella, please us. You have done this with both of us but in a different bed, so from now on let's do it in one bed...""No, don't..." I awoke in a terror. I inhale heavily and my body was all drenched in sweat. I made an effort catching my breath and comforting myself but I was precisely very terrified. I pulled my knees close to my face and draped my hand around it. I sowed my face on my thigh trying hard to come back to reality.It felt like yesterday and the wound that I got on my heartfelt so raw which never was intending to heal. Only the difference was I no longer shed tears. Whenever I recalled my past I mumbled underneath my breath but didn't sob.I darted at my watch which was striking just 2 in the morning. I climbed down my bed and walked to the window. As I pulled the curtains I gazed at the black and calm sky which had numerous white dots twinkling at me. I forced a smile at t
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amber eyes
WARNING: This chapter includes mature sexual content in its last paragraph. If you don't want to have a look then you just can ignore it.Ella's POVWhen my store was completely empty with no presence of any customer I began to create a rough tally of my expenditure. Mrs Smith finally had passed my salary. But as a matter of fact, my expenses were more than my income.Sadly, I had to deduct the amount which I had assumed to purchase my paintings stuff. And it was definitely not a decent idea.I reached out for cookies with my gazes fixed on the paper and thinking deeply about the resolution I took a bite. Suzi's cookies tasted too good.Suddenly, someone kept a packet of watercolour and paintbrush hard on my desk which flinched me. I lifted my head and glanced at the person standing in front of the counter. But he was standing lowering his head down and scrolling through his phone.He wore a dark blue cap which was completely hiding his face. I quickly shoved the remaining cookies ins
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Aviv Powell
Ella's POV"Okay... let's give a final touch..to my lady...uhhuh.. and that's my girl... you are exceptionally phenomenal, Ella," I said, patting on my shoulder with my eyes fixed on a white sheet of paper, where I had drawn a lady wearing a fashionable dress designed by none other than me, myself.I lifted my head up to admire myself but I jolted seeing a person in front of my counter covering his face behind the mask. I was shocked seeing him because I had not noticed him before and I wondered how long he has been standing there."Oh! sorry," I kept a calculator above my drawing not letting him see my drawing. I then glanced back at him. His eyes I know this amber eyes. 'But why was he covering his face?' I wondered.When he coughed out loud, only then I realized I was staring at him for a long time. I hastily withdrew my gaze away from him to the calculator. He kept a bundle of pencil on my counter. I scanned the bar-code and told him the price. The whole way during this process
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Aviv's POVAs I came out of the store I got in my car. I kept the pencils on top of the dashboard and ran my fingers on my hair. Ella's behaviour had moved me. I have not assumed that she would conceivably tear the paper and thrash it away. "How can she damage her creation that way? She was not that before. Why did she do that?"I regretted turning back and getting water for her. If I hadn't turned back and talked to her at least she wouldn't tear it. But I was not able to resist seeing her in difficulty. Her small behaviour does affect me a lot and when I heard her chocking again I was not able to stop myself from turning back. It was completely not in my hand.Last time when I saw her dropping off from the bridge I had no other intentions beside rescuing her. When I finally rescued her and brought her to the seashore I hardly believed it was her. It felt like I was in a dream.The person who I have waited for so long was just in front of me. My dreams and desire had finally accompl
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reminiscence 2
Ella's POVReminiscence 2"Yes, Ma'am everything is rechecked for the event... OK, I will hold people until you are done with your breakfast," I assured and kept the telephone.I accordingly got engaged checking Miss Megan my boss's schedule for the day sitting on my desk right outside her office."Good morning young lady," as I heard a voice, I lifted my head to see the person. The man who was standing in front of my desk seemed to be familiar. I tried to identify him but ended up clueless about who he was."Good morning gentleman. How can I help you?" I inquired still trying to thinking who he was."I am Mark. My boss needs to meet Miss Megan right now," he answered with a smile plastered on his face."Can you hold on for a minute actually she is having her breakfast and she has instructed me not to disturb her until she is done?" I requested tucking my hair behind my ears."It's kind of urgent. Actually, my boss, Mr Pasak has a tight schedule for today," Mark said, turning his head
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thinking about him
Ella's POV" I want to be a dream in your eyes..." Back to the present:"Eyes...your twinkling eyes while drawing..." Aviv's sudden voice on my head made me come back to reality from deep reveries of my past.I was back in my new world again. I was standing in front of the canvas with the brush on my hand. I looked around it was already dark and park light was all light up. Only limited people were wandering around the park.I sat on the bench and toa ok deep breath. I ran my fingers on my forehead. It was painful remembering past. But the strange thing was the way I brought back to my sense with Aviv's voice on my head.Why was I being affected by him not only at present but also while recalling about my past?Thinking deep for a while I stood on my feet to collect my paintings stuff.My eyes fall on my Canvas painting. It was mixed with so many colours which reflected my past where I was happy and suddenly where my happiness turned into sadness."Beautiful..." a voice came from b
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come into my life
Aviv's POVMy eyes were fixed on Ella's motion the way she was using her brush on canvas, the way she was dipping the tip of the brush on watercolour and then on canvas made me sure that she was lost in deep thoughts. And like before her eyes were twinkling sometimes with joy and sometimes in anger.When she was done with her paintings I noticed her sitting on the bench running her fingers on her forehead. I stood on my feet and walked towards my car.As soon as I approached Erik who was waiting for me outside the car I stood leaning my back on the car I and gawked at Ella."Erik..." I called out."Yes, Aviv" he responded instantly."Don't you think she is amazing?" I raised a question."Yes..indeed," he answered back gazing at Ella's direction."I have fixed a place for that painting in my exhibition hall. But I cannot risk going in front of Ella again and again unless she recognized me by herself."When I said this Erik glanced at me in amazement. I gave him meaningful smile which g
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