Chapter 10 : * Everything I have is yours *

She raised her head and saw that he was none other than her stranger husband.

Kate's nose turned red when she bumped his chest.

David frowned seeing her red nose” Did you get hurt?” can't she walk carefully.

If she bumped into something else she wouldn't get more hurt.

Kate looked at him like she was blaming him with her innocent eyes. David's heart melted.

“Come here”

David takes her in his embrace, his left hand at her waist.

His right hand softly rubbed her nose.

“If you didn't come so suddenly I wouldn't bump into you.”Kate pouted her mouth at him.

He gave her a charming smile.

“You were taking too much time I thought you might fall asleep in the bathroom."

“Okay let's go downstairs and feed your hungry stomach.”

He let her go from his embrace and held her right hand in his left hand tightly as he led the way.

Kate tried to take her hand back, but he gave her a warning look, and she stopped moving.

avid took her to the dining area and pulled the head chair for her to sit.

The maids
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Gail Alexander
does anyone know how to turn off the audio (listen)
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Lena Isaac
awesome love the story
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Mae Cabilin
its so nice

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