CEO Husband's Crazy Love For His Little Wife

CEO Husband's Crazy Love For His Little Wife

By:  TSI  Ongoing
Language: English
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(David & Kate) He forced her into marriage; he gave her everything she wished to have, except she couldn't look at any other man with her beautiful gaze, she couldn't love anyone but him; she was his; he was obsessed with her, someone asked him "Why are you heartless?" He replied, "Because I have already given her my heart" Everyone was getting jealous. he had become an international magnate controlling business, law, and the underworld. "You have more than enough power; why want to obtain more? " He declared, "I want to become the king of the world to make the world bow in front of her." he had become a wife-spoiling manic. They turned to her, "I'm the queen. Isn't this why he became the king? " She boldly proclaimed. Everybody almost vomited blood because of her words. This husband-and-wife would torture S country's people to death. Life was never easy for David and Kate, but they found each other and became each other's souls. (Ace & Nina) She despised men because they were beasts in human flesh; besides her brothers, she felt disgusted toward all men caused of a past nightmare. She committed to letting no man in her way of life, but a devil himself forced his way into her life, and fate drew them together; Naive Angle didn't know she shouldn't make any deal with a devil who has no morals because the devil's deal always comes at a price. He's a devil who plays with death every second of his life, and she's a broken-winged angel who tried to fight against her fate. Insta: tsi-author-official FB page: TSI's Books Worlds

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The novel is about an Unconventional Romance with humor, tragedy, and comedy. It is written by TSI and has a rating of 9.5 out of 10 from 1874 ratings. Readers say that the novel is thrilling and a bit confusing through its unique twists. She was compelled to consent to marry him and he provided all she needed and wanted in life. Apart from him, she is unable to find any other man to love beyond the thoughts of looking out for someone else. The proposal only lasts for one day which she needs to think about right away...

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Chapter 1 : * Sudden marriage proposal *
"Can you please tell me why your master wants to marry me? I don't even know him?" Kate looked at him with her fearful and confused gaze. She was feeling very nervous. "Miss, if you want to save Mr. Waston's company, marry our master. This is the only condition our master has for you," he told her. Kate thought, "how could I marry a man whom I have never met in my life, but he knew she didn't have any other options to save her adopted father's company?" "I need some time to think about it," Kate felt confused. She was just a college student. Alex stood from the chair and looked at her. "Miss, you have only one day to think about this deal," Alex handed a card to Kate. "If you change your mind and agree to marry our master, then please call in this number." Kate took that card from Alex "thank you." Alex turned around and left that coffee shop; Kate sat there in a daze; she felt like the entire world was crushing her hard. Alex came out of the coffee shop and quickly went inside
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Chapter 2 : * He Made this Mansion for her *
"Are you sure you want to force an innocent little girl like her to marry you"? Adam looked at David; he was trying to find out if he was joking or not. "Why? Do you have any problems if I marry her?" David looks at them with no expression on his face. Adam was speechless; he just wanted to know if he was serious about this marriage or not; why did he have to react like this? Adam looked at Liam and hinted at him to say something to that old wolfman. Liam looked at David," David bro, you know you have an obsessed character. How can a little girl like her be able to handle you? Also, your age and her age have too much of a gap between them. Are you sure about this marriage? Also, you know you have more than one danger around you." Liam knows David and his character very well; that's why he wanted to know what David was thinking. David glared disapprovingly at them; he was glaring at them because they called him old. That was his sore spot. The door pushed open from outside, and
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Chapter 3 : * Send Gift *
After 2 minutes, someone knocked on her room door. Kate crawled out of bed with a groan; Kate looked at Amy, who was sleeping like a pig. She didn't want to wake up Amy and hurriedly opened the door. A woman was standing with a few packages in her hands; those looked like shopping bags. These bags look like they're from luxurious brands. "Do you miss Waston?" The woman asked Kate. "Yeah, I'm" Kate gave a polite smile. "Mr. Xiver sends these to you, Mr. Xiver's wishes that you wear these today" that woman handed her these bags. Kate took these bags from that woman" thank you" After that woman left, Kate closed the door gently. She put down these packages on her bed; she looked at these bags for a few minutes. She took the large package among these bags and opened it. Inside the package was a black box. She opened the box, and her eyes opened wide. Inside that box was a white and pink dress. She opened that dress; that dress was long below the knee with full sleeves. The neck
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Chapter 4 * Married without seeing her groom *
She asked them” where is Mr Xiver was and why he had not come here yet.” Alex explained to Kate, ” Miss Master will not come here.”It confused Kate” will not come here, so what are we doing here without him?“Miss, all the documents are ready. My master has already signed the papers now. If you have signed the papers, then everything will be complete.”Kate understood what Mr Carter meant.his means that her groom will not come here.She felt angry; he is the one who wants to marry her, but now he is the one who doesn't want to come.That person is irritating,” I thought I would see him today. Did he try to play hide-and-seek with me?”She put a forced smile on her face and went inside with them.After 10 minutes, she comes out; she feels like she is dreaming; she becomes a married woman without seeing her groom. Kate stood there in a daze until Alex called her, “madam congratulations” Alex happily wished her,It stunned Kate” Madam?Kate thought” half an hour ago that he had summon
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Chapter 5 * Low IQ *
“Are you listening?” Kate comes back to her senses from David's sudden voice; she was so nervous to answer him. She softly replied, “mmm.”David knows she is nervous; he doesn't want to frighten her,“Okay, if you want to move out tomorrow, then tomorrow is okay,” he wants to hear her voice so badly.“Okay,” Kate answered softly.“Don't be nervous, we are husband and wife, you can tell me anything so tell me do you want to move out tomorrow?Kate hardly blushed,” yeah.”Kate comes back to her room. She checks the entire room to see if Amy was there or not,Seeing she was gone, Kate was thankful as she changed her clothes, seeing the time she hurriedly ran for her classes.On the other side of the city, in a luxurious office,Alex was standing in front of his master with his head down.David was sitting coldly on his swivel chair; he was glaring at Alex; he was looking at Alex in such a way that Alex is his most significant enemy in this world.“Now, because of you, I can't see my wife
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Chapter 6 * Goodnight call *
“Don't tell me you want to go to that bloody hell, Waston mansion. Are you crazy? You know how they will treat you, right? Amy angrily scolded Kate.“No, Amy, do you think I have gone mad? I don't have any plans to go that hell,” Kate refused immediately.“Then where are you going, Kate don't talk round and round just say clearly” Amy stood up and stood in front of Kate, she glared at Kate.“Okay, okay, I will tell you everything now, so just sit down, you're making me more nervous like this” Kate pleadingly looked at Amy.Amy sighed loudly and sat down.Kate took a deep breath,” Amy, I just got married today.”“Okay, next, what did you say? I didn't hear you, so say again,” Amy looked at Kate like she was joking with her.''Actually, I got married today,” Kate said with a low voice.Suddenly both of them became silent. Kate looked everywhere but didn't dare to look at Amy.After 10 minutes, Kate started saying everything. Amy was her best friend, so she hid nothing from her and told h
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Chapter 7 * Prepared for her *
“What do you mean by an unknown husband? This name feels weird.” Kate pouted her face even though she didn't see her husband. But he is still her husband.“You know your husband's name, so why are you still calling him Mr Xiver.”Suddenly Kate looked everywhere but didn't look at Amy, but Amy still caught her awkwardness.“Woah, you also don't know his full name, lady you're so open-minded, your speed is too fast, even bullets can't catch up with your rates, someday don't tell me you are from the 18th century.Kate doesn't know what to say to Amy. Kate felt stupid and brainless.“Amy, it's already so late. Get your beauty sleep. I'm also feeling sleepy, so I'm going to sleep,” Kate says this to Amy and gets in her bed immediately and lied down” good night Amy.”Kate covered her head with her blanket and pretended; she fell asleep.she left Amy speechless at her foolish act,” this girl.”“God, this girl is naïve, but her heart is soft like a child, so I hope you will protect her from th
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Chapter 8 : *Welcome to my world *
She went to the closet to see if he also prepared clothes for her. She was surprised again that every type of clothes is here, even her undergarments. She picked a light-colored nightdress with full sleeves. She laid on the sofa and took her phone and called Amy. After talking with Amy, she felt tired and soon fell asleep on the sofa. In the same building on the other floor, David was sitting in his office. Alex comes to the other floor and enters David's office, and reports everything. "Master, I think this is unfair for Madam.""What "David gave him was a cold look."Lying to our innocent Madam. "Alex feels bad for his Madam. David also looked guilty." I'm giving her some time to adjust; that's all.""But I think Madam is scared inside, and she was looking for you, but I had to tell her a black lie because of you." Alex was trying to persuade his brainless master. He knew his master nature very well."Do you think it will be okay if I go to her now?" Hopefully, David looked a
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Chapter 9 : * You're extremely handsome *
The petals of her eyes were moving. Kate is too nervous. Her thoughts are running wild. Of course, she wants to see him, but he is a stranger to her, and he is too close. She doesn't even dare to take her breath too fast. After she made up her mind, she opened her eyes to look at him. She lifted her head and saw an extremely handsome man was looking at her. His eyes meet hers. They looked at each other silently. There was a smile on David's face, but Kate looked totally different. Her facial expression seems to be saying she didn't believe his words. Suddenly Kate spoke to others loudly, “Who are you?” How can you be my husband?” David's smile froze on his face, and now he was shocked. “You don't believe me?” Kate nodded her head at him. David was left speechless. “How can I believe you? I don't even see my husband's face, and if you are my husband, then why are you showing up just now?” “Okay I admit I had my reasons not to show up on our marriage registered day, now I'm
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Chapter 10 : * Everything I have is yours *
She raised her head and saw that he was none other than her stranger husband.Kate's nose turned red when she bumped his chest.David frowned seeing her red nose” Did you get hurt?” can't she walk carefully.If she bumped into something else she wouldn't get more hurt.Kate looked at him like she was blaming him with her innocent eyes. David's heart melted.“Come here”David takes her in his embrace, his left hand at her waist.His right hand softly rubbed her nose.“If you didn't come so suddenly I wouldn't bump into you.”Kate pouted her mouth at him.He gave her a charming smile.“You were taking too much time I thought you might fall asleep in the bathroom."“Okay let's go downstairs and feed your hungry stomach.”He let her go from his embrace and held her right hand in his left hand tightly as he led the way.Kate tried to take her hand back, but he gave her a warning look, and she stopped moving.avid took her to the dining area and pulled the head chair for her to sit.The maids
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