A week has passed since Hakim's and the day every senior student at Ketu High finally came. Graduation. The four girls stayed in June's house that morning to do each other make-up and hair to look absolutely stunning for the event. Grace stared deeply at the small dressing mirror she sat in front of while June brushed her hair. 

Everything wasn't quite back to normal yet. They were still the talk of everyone in the town as well as in their school but they were not going to let it bring them down as they looked to put the event behind them and make the most out of the day.

"How is it?" June asked, admiring her masterpiece.

"I look like Barbie princess," Grace replied with a little sarcasm in her tone.

"You look beautiful, you mean." Joana said as she gazed at Grace, monetarily taking her eyes from Margret who she was helping with her make-up.

"Let me say what I want to say," She retorted then took a moment to look at herself again. Every other

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