Homicide Squad

Homicide Squad

By:  Jhema  Ongoing
Language: English
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Veronica was a rich city girl until her parents forced her to live in a town close to the edge of the Lagos city boarder after a mental episode. There she met Grace, a fellow high school girl in dire search of some excitement before graduation. Grace saw Veronica as means of getting that excitement. Little did she know that it would pull her and her friends into a world filled secrets and horror. Secrets would be revealed, some would be buried and friendships would be tested as they try to navigate their new life, one case at a time!

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Amazing work! Must read!
2021-01-21 00:21:52
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Awesome work!
2020-09-25 05:56:42
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I give myself 5 stars. There is so much thinking put on this so there are no holes and it is an awesome stuff all together! I hope you stick around!
2020-08-14 04:08:23
50 Chapters
All of Grace's friends could tell she was the least enthusiastic about their graduation coming up in two months. Of course, she was glad and eager to leave high school after six years of tolerating "irritating teenagers, frustrating teachers, and a silly excuse for a principal" as she fondly puts it. Bottom line, she was angry and it didn't help to see everyone happy about it. There was nothing she could count as memorable in all her years in Ketu town. It was a boring school and a boring town and although she didn't want it to end that way she had no choice but to settle in for what fate gave her until she saw a tiny opportunity to turn it all around and she was damn well going to make work. "Something's got you in a good mood. It's a boy right?" June teased. "June, Haba even if it's a guy, it's not your business." Joana countered "Or are you jealous that you might soon be the only one among us without a boyfriend?" She added and shifted her attention to John, the captain of the foo
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Bury a friend PT 1
Hakim Bello had always been grateful to the Badmus family for assistance after his father who was Mike's driver, died of a tragic illness. So it didn't cause any problems when he got a call from them asking for a favor in return, especially when he was going to be compensated for all his troubles. He was a lanky man in his forties, had a small mouth and pale eyes that could keep one staring at his face for a long time but somehow, the boss had chosen him as the perfect guy for the job. He just had to act as a guardian to their only child, Veronica while she proved she could handle settling back in with her peers by proving it in a town she didn't know anyone. Easy, he had thought had first. Veronica although from a rich background wasn't a brat. She was as respectful to him as anyone younger could be and she always minded her business but Hakim was starting to get worried. It was already two weeks and from what Veronica had told him, she wasn't fitting in, rather she was being isolate
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Bury a friend PT 2
"Joana!" John called softly from the end of the chair where he sat opposite Joana. He had taken her to a fast food restaurant- the same place they had special dates like Valentine's day and birthdays. It wasn't too much for a small town but Joana seemed to like the food there so they always went there. Ever since they got there, she seemed lost in her thoughts and oblivious of everything else that was going on. 'What's going on with her.' He thought as he watched her. Her eyes were fixed on the menu she held in her hands. He called her name again."What?" She said taking her eyes off the menu."What are you ordering?" He said with a concerned look in his eyes."Huh?""This man has been standing here for a minute now waiting for you. What are you ordering?"Joana's attention came back immediately as she saw the man standing impatiently by her side."Oh my God! I'm so sorry... Just give me what he is having."The waiter shot a glare at her which she wasted no time to return. He then ro
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Game Over!
Grace, June, and Margaret let themselves out of Veronica's house that night. None of them thought about going up to check on Veronica, they were all busy wondering about what happened and what it meant. As they trekked home in silence, Margret was angry that she allowed herself to believe Grace's preaching on wanting to do something exciting before Graduation. "What the hell was all that?" Margret asked Grace after she couldn't bear the silence. "Was that the excitement you were yapping about all these while?"Grace didn't know what to reply, she was busy being sorry she led her friends into whatever was going on."I-I don't know." She said."You don't know? We just told that bitch our deep dark desires and you're saying you don't know?" Margret raised her voice."I'm sorry."Margret scoffed."Sure you are... Just so you know, whatever happens from here on, it's all on you." She said pointing a finger at Grace's face.June was the worst of all of them. She could feel herself shaking
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How to get away with murder 1
Margret felt a tad bit hazy as she woke up. She had no idea why she had a kink in her neck. She rose a little, supporting herself with an elbow and massaging her neck with her other hand. Struggling to open her eyes, she wondered why couldn't feel her pillow, or why her bed felt hard like the floor, and why her shirt felt soaked. Slowly, she opened her eyes to a shocking realization. The cold eyes of a lifeless Sylvester staring back at her! She became fully awake instantly. Sickened by a pool of blood all over her, she quickly jumped to her feet, tossing the stretched arm of the body wayward. She started walking backward, her steps in sync with the rhythm her pounding heart was making till she reached the bookshelf separating her from the wall. Immediately, images began flashing to her head, and the pounding in her chest increased with every horror she saw. The horror of what she had done. * * *It was very unlikely for Margret to ever miss school. She was the most serious st
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How to get away with murder 2
The ride to Veronica's had been a silent one. Grace had nothing to say to her and neither did she. And she understood why they were all angry at her. She had lied from the very beginning and now it seemed like everything that was happening was her fault. She knew that Grace had been keeping a close eye on her since that night, and she had used it to her advantage, acting loose so she could figure out what they would do next. She wasn't expecting a dead body when she trailed the girls from school to Margret's house, but she had hoped that this would help take some of the guilt away but it was clear from Grace's expression that that wasn't going to happen.Veronica didn't bother calling Hakeem, he was always at home although often left the house when she was around to give her space. She was counting on the former and it was indeed so. "Veronica, what are you doing home by this time? The game is over?" Hakeem asked as Veronica and Grace barged into the living room. He threw a curious
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How to get away with murder 3
"Oh, my God Jo what have you done?!" Margret yelled staring at Francis's motionless body on the floor. Joana dropped the remainder of the broken vase in her hand."I-I don't know, I panicked." She stammered. "I thought were going to be caught... I can't go to prison." She started pacing back and forth a few steps, trying to catch her breath. Just then she remembered the front door was still open. She quickly closed it shut, turning the key in its mouth to make sure it stays closed. They all went silent. She might have saved them there, but it was only momentarily. And it could go worse from there. "Is he dead?" June asked sending Joana into action as Margret and her watch. She bent down towards Francis, reach for his upper neck with two fingers, looking to feel a pulse. While she did she held her breath in a short prayer as the story of her life flashed before her eyes. Lord knows how she did her best to stay away from trouble. She only wanted to be happy, grow up to be a fulfille
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Veronica's POV
We had gathered all we needed to bury Sylvester's body. Margret had called her mother explaining to her that everything was fine. Everything was going according to plan. You might probably be wondering how a cute little rich Nigerian girl like me could come to have all of these ideas. It's simple. Back when I was younger, when all the other girls were engaging their fantasies with romance novels, I was a fan of murder mysteries. I read stories, watched movies, studied cases, and analyzed all of them. And don't get me wrong, I still had friends and I had fun. It was a weird hobby to my parents but it never stopped me from getting the materials I needed to continue. Who would have thought it would come in handy?It took our combined efforts to carry the folded rug outside to the back of the truck. I stood in front, peering my head out the door to see if the coast was clear before staggered out and dropped the body with a thud."Phew!" I exclaimed wiping off the sweat that gathered in
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Margret's POV
I got home that evening to find my mum waiting for me on the couch. I had frozen at the glimpse of her figure that was barely revealed by the dimly lit room. "Where have you been?" She asked coldly. "I was with my friend's ma," I answered as I walked into view of the room and tried my best to avoid eye contact as I did. "Since? And you took Stanley with you?" She yelled springing to her feet. I was tired, I was frustrated and most of all I was in shock. I was used to her shouting, her usual way of dealing with her stress was transferring her aggression from work to me. But I couldn't take it now, not this night. "And who was I supposed to keep him with? No one else was at home.""What about Sylvester?"Veronica had made me rehearse what I would tell my mum over and over during the ride back home. It was supposed to happen while she was relaxed and calm, the direct opposite of what was going on. Oh well, no time like the present, I thought."He is gone, mother! Your boyfriend aban
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Grace's POV
What do you do after buying a dead body?For me, I went back to my quiet little apartment. No parents. They died five years ago and the closest person I had as a guardian was my elder brother who was barely around due to the nature of his job. Efe, my brother was a journalist and you couldn't make it being a journalist in a small boring town like Ketu so he moved around a lot in search of bigger stories. On getting home, I quickly heated the noodles I had made earlier that morning before heading for school and headed straight for my bed. I did my best not to think about anything that happened as I ate quietly that night. We weren't caught. I'd sleep it off and by tomorrow I would be over it. Just then, my phone vibrated from a text. 'Hey, how u holding up?'It was an unknown number. I sat up, wondering who it could be. My phone beeped again. 'It's Veronica'It only increased my curiosity. 'How did you get my number?' I asked. 'I have my ways' She replied with a winking emoji.
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