Chapter 8

Trigger Warning: disturbing content, violence

Ciara's pov

What did I do to make myself feel this way? Why does he have to make me feel as though I'm worthless as garbage in his eyes? Why does he have to make me feel as if he truly despises me when he could simply tell me that he doesn't want me here and I should just leave? Isn't it funny how he always makes me feel as if he wants me to vanish, but he won't let me leave the house without him knowing?

I just stared into the emptiness, tears streaming down my cheek. The burden of my feelings was reflected in each drop of my warm tears.

"Ciara!" Fear was so clear and visible to my eyes as I turned my gaze at the door when I heard Tyron call out my name. His loud and deep voice and heavy footsteps coming towards my room made me feel his rage, I could even imagine his death glares pinning me down and I knew that this time I could never escape from the pain again.

As he slammed the door open, trembling began to rumble in my chest, and
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