Child of the moon goddess/ book one sun and moon
Child of the moon goddess/ book one sun and moon
Author: China SummersBreath
Chapter one

(Zira POV)

It was late in the afternoon when I finally reached to Killington Mountain Lodge in Vermont. I found this place on an app on my phone because I needed the cheapest place to stay in while I am here. I wanted it cheap but wanted it still to be high in the rating. My funds are getting low again and I will need to find a way to make quick money the only way that I know how by hustling the pool table. As I pulled into a parking lot of the motel, I really cannot believe my eyes how fancy this place is at such a low price. I looked over to my companion Nisha, she is a black-footed cat. She was fast asleep in the passenger seat, she only 3lbs but is one of the deadliness cats on the earth. My foster dad had a thing about owning rare and dangerous animals and I was able to save her from him. That night when I was 15, I left my foster home and never looked back. I took about a five thousand from my foster father that I been taking here and there for almost two years. I bought a mid-night blue Kia forte. I am now on my own, but oh well I am better off alone. I am going to need to wake up Nisha so she can go out hunting for her food. I try to keep her hunting skills up in case one day she goes off on her own.


She slowly raises her head to look at me as she stretches her body.

'Nisha? While I go inside to get us a room that we will be staying for a week or so. When I am checking into a room, you should go hunt for some food.'

She then meows and jumped out of the window of my car. I grabbed my large duffle bag and felt that I can always for the rest of my stuff later after I check into a room. The lobby was very cozy that had a large fireplace in the sitting area, a game with a pool table, and a nice dining area with a bar. I walked up to the front desk to see a guy on the phone talking to who I believe is most likely another guest. The guy looked to be in his mid-twenties, blonde hair, pale green eyes, and a light tan skin. He gets off the phone and looks up to me with a big bright smile.

"Welcome to the Killington Mountain Lodge my name is David, how may I help you this evening?"

"I would like a room for two days if possible. I would like to have a room on the ground floor and one bed."

'Yes maam, that will be about $200, and I will need a card."

"Yes, that will be not a problem."

I handed him a pre-paid card that still had about $300 still on it and he handed back paperwork to be filled out. Finishing off the paperwork I then look back to David to see that he was checking me out. I cleared my throat to reign his attention. He just smiled at me and handed me a key card for the room.

"Your room number is 114 and it has a great view of the mountains. I hope your stay will be pleasant and if you need anything please ask for me."

"Thank you, David, and I will keep that in mind."

I than pick up my bag and headed to my room to get ready for the night. I have done my research for all the near by bars with pool tables in them, so I can find some gaolable men to hustling them out of their money. I went through all my clothes and decide to wear my crush black velvet dress, it came just above my knees and was thin strap. I put my hair up in a loose bun and put some make up on but not too much. Before I grabbed my black jacket and my black velvet knee high boots, I decide to get a hold of Nisha to let her know where the room is.

'Nisha, I am leaving for a while, but I am leaving the window open. So, make sure you wash up after you eat.'

I then headed to the furthest place that I wrote down on paper. The place was called Cloak and daggers. My first thought of this place was an old tavern look, but in the inside was modern looks. I looked over to the bar and seen a guy over six feet tall, very fit looking, black hair that was on the short side but not too short, and his eyes were a sexy dark brown. He was mixing a drink talking to two blonde and he was watching them closely. I walked over to the bar closely hearing the girls giggle as he flirted with the, and that is when a sense it. I sense that the guy was a vampire. Yeah it is strange, but I can sense the supernatural even though to them I am just some human. I can feel there are other vampires in this place, but I am also feeling there are werewolfs as well. Like the guy standing by the pool table playing is a werewolf. He was close to six-foot, lean mussels, long dirty blonde hair, and light brown eyes. He looked to be an arrogant guy who would not think much of me a mere human to be a threat. I walked over there trying to be more alluring and innocent. My dark raven hair, greyish eyes and a body with curves in all the right places that always get a second look from almost all men.

"Hey beautiful, is there anything I can do for you?"

"Would you mind showing me how to play this game. I be so grateful if you can."

"It will be my pleasure to show such a beautiful female to play pool. By the way my name is Michael Hays. What is your name beautiful?"

"My name is Zira."

"A beautiful name for a beautiful girl."

He went around the table explaining the rules of the game and then he was showing me with the pool stick how to shoot the balls right. He gave me the stick and came around me to help me guide the stick to show how to hit the white ball to the others the right way. As I went to go shoot the ball, I can feel him smelling my neck and I knew what he was doing. He was trying to see if I was his mate. It was a werewolf thing.

"What a shame."

I looked at him acting like I was confused on what he said even though I knew what it meant.

"Never mind beautiful. How would you like to play a game with me and to make it a lot more fun we can make a bet on it? I have about $500 on me."

"I only have a $100 on me right now."

"I know lets say your $100 and spending one night with me for lets say for my $700."

"Wait, I thought you said $500."

"Oh, come on do not sell yourself short. One night with you is worth more than that's all I have right now. So, what do you say? Is it a deal?"

"I do not know if I am comfortable spending a night with you. I never been with a man like that before."

"Yes, I know beautiful."


"Never mind, but I promise to be gentle with you and if you win then you will have $800 out of this."

"Well alright I guess."

Yeah right like he is going to get to sleep with me.

"Alright, I am going to let you break."

"How do you break?"

He rakes up the balls for me to break. He took his time to explain what I am going to make a break. So, with that I made the break and did a rather good job getting solid.

"Wow, that was surprisingly good for your first time. Alright, it still your go."


I went around that table just sinking the balls with each move until I get to the black eight ball. I called out a hard shot to just rub it into Mick that I am going to win this game.

"Are you sure about that shot? That is a hard shot to do. Also, are you sure this is your first time playing this game?"

I just smiled at him not answering the question. It was funny watching the shock look on his face. As I was lining up the shot, I noticed two guy and one of them was staring at me with an intense look in his eyes, but the other guy did not even look up. The guy that is looking at was about six-foot-tall, short blonde hair, and he is muscular but with a young boyish face. He gives me a wink before me taking my shot, and the ball goes into the left corner as I called it. That means I won this game without even giving him a chance to shoot one of his balls in.

"But how? How could you have beaten me?"

"I do not know. I guess that I luck out and all the balls were easy on me to make a clear shot."

"No, I think you played me."

"Why would you think such a thing? Why would I do something like that to you?"

I can feel this is going south fast. I could tell he was about to lose it and that is not good him being a werewolf. I could not show anyone that I am stronger than a human, but still no match for him unless I use my powers. Just as I was ready for him to attack me, I felt arms wrapping around my waist pulling into a strong chest.

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