Child of the moon goddess/ book one sun and moon

Child of the moon goddess/ book one sun and moon

By:  China SummersBreath  Ongoing
Language: English
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Zira Deverauxdoro was left and was abandon at St. Maria hospital not long after she was born. After that she's been to one foster home to another and each one, she felt alone like there was a part of her missing to keep her from being whole. When she turned 10 years old, she was finally adopted by Ahriman Radamés, one of the riches CEO. There was always something strange about her adopted father, but when she found out that he wasn't human by accident and that he had plans with her that's when she left. Even though she was only sixteen, she had a great common sense and a good amount of money she stashed away of her adopted parents. She's been on her own for 2 years and knows she can never trust or count on others. She can never stay in one place for too long fearing that Ahriman Radamés would find her. She lived day by day in one hotel after another. Driving to a different state every few days. Until one day she rides into a small town in Vermont and runs into a guy name Seth while hustling on a pool table in a bar that happens to be run by vampires.

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12 Chapters
Chapter one
(Zira POV)It was late in the afternoon when I finally reached to Killington Mountain Lodge in Vermont. I found this place on an app on my phone because I needed the cheapest place to stay in while I am here. I wanted it cheap but wanted it still to be high in the rating. My funds are getting low again and I will need to find a way to make quick money the only way that I know how by hustling the pool table. As I pulled into a parking lot of the motel, I really cannot believe my eyes how fancy this place is at such a low price. I looked over to my companion Nisha, she is a black-footed cat. She was fast asleep in the passenger seat, she only 3lbs but is one of the deadliness cats on the earth. My foster dad had a thing about owning rare and dangerous animals and I was able to save her from him. That night when I was 15, I left my foster home and never looked back. I took about a five thousand from my foster father that I been taking here and there for almost two years. I bought a
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Chapter two
(Zira POV)"What do you think you are doing Michael? Where you are planning on attacking a female off your land?""This is none of your concern Seth. Mind your own business pretty boy."I looked over my shoulder see the guy that has been watching me the guy with the boyish face behind me did not look happy toward Mick."I suggest you just walk away to where you belong.""Not until I get my money back from her."Mick growled at me, but before Seth could react to that the guy behind the bar was already next toy us. "What is going on Mike? You better not hit a female in my bar, or I will band you from here.""This female took my money, Gab."The guy looked over at me with a confused look."Did you? Did you take this mans money?""I did not take it, I won it in a pool game.""She tricked me."He growled even louder than before, and I had to act like I did not know what was going on. A normal person would be confused in such a situation like this a
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Chapter three
(Zira POV)When I finally woke up, I discover that I was laying on a cold stone floor that was dirty and wet. When I got the chance to look around not only, I can see that I am in a cell, but I also found I was not alone. There was a guy that did not look taller than 510, blonde hair that was shaved but with a long hair mohawk, light brown eyes, and built. He was not bad looking, but there was something in his eyes that I did not like."What the hell are you looking at human? Why are you running from the Red river pack?""What are you talking about? What do you mean when you called me a huma? I was running away from wild wolves."He came over to me as he smacks my face hard enough for me to be spitting blood."Do not lie to me you filthy human. If I must beat the information out of you, then I will.""I do not know what you are talking about. Please do not do this to me and let me go. I promise to leave."I can not believe this is happening to me. I see another
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Chapter four
(Sebastian POV)After watching the wounds heal up on her back and she was finally asleep. That's when I decide to go to the packs library with Seth. We needed to go through all the supernatural books that my family was able to collect through their lives. I need to know more to find out about my beautiful mate. As I was going through all the books that I didn't realize that five hours have gone by in a blink of an eye. We went through most of all the books not finding anything that will tell me about my baby girl. I then thought about the book of the gods and goddess, but as I look through the other books, but I didn't see that book. "Seth, have you seen that book about the gods and goddesses of the world. I know that book that there is a spot in it about the moon goddess.""I haven't seen that book in a very long time, but I'll go check a few other places to see if it is there.""Well, in that case I should go and check on her to see if she is awake. You should go and get some rest m
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Chapter five
(Ahriman POV) It’s been more than three years that my foster daughter Zira ran away from this house, and I know that I’m missing some money but that’s not the reason I’m really upset about. About three months before she decides to run away from me, I was attack by a werewolf and was severely hurt that I needed some blood so I may heal. I was so weak and disoriented from the blood lost that I went to the wrong room. I was going to my room where my wife Madelaine is to drink her blood to be able to heal the wounds, but instead I went to Zira room instead. I didn’t realize until I was drinking her blood and that she was fighting me to stop doing so because my wife would never do so. Her blood was so good that I really didn’t want to stop, but it was also strong that I heal really fast, and I need less blood form Zira than I do from Madelaine. It could be because Zira is a virgin, but I think it’s more that she isn’t human and might be a supernatural herself. I don’t know what she could b
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Chapter six
(Sebastian POV) I decide it be best that Zira gets as much rest as she can. As I go to my office so I can get all the pack business take in care of that I decide to leave Seth with her to keep her company. Yeah, I don’t like how close they are, but I trust my little brother and I also trust Zira to leave them alone together. As I was finishing up all the paperwork so I can get back to my baby girl that I get a phone call. “Hello, this is Sebastian Broderick. How may I help you?” “Hi Alpha Sebastian Broderick, this is Alpha Damian Ladarius.” “How can I help you Alpha Damian?” “I was wondering if any of your pack member found a female on your land in the last 24 hours.” I see that it was his pack chasing my beautiful baby girl, but why is he asking about her. “Can you describe the female that you’re looking for?” “Well, she’s at least 5”6”, long black raven hair, silver grey eyes, pixy face and light tannish skin tone. The last time I seen this female was on the edge of your pack
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Chapter seven
(Zira POV) Sebastian decides it be best if him and his brother left me so I can get some rest. He also needed to get some paperwork done for pack money finance. I laid there for only a little while before I was able to get a hold of Nisha to let her know that I’m alright and that she was given permission to hunt on this pack land. Sebastian has already given me his word that he alerted his wolves that does the patrolling that they will leave her alone. Laying there I get this feeling that I wanted to sleep, but it was more of a feeling that I needed to sleep. It wasn’t too long that I woke to a familiar place that I’ve been dreaming of since I was 5 years old, maybe longer not sure. I looked around to see in the sky that like always the sun and moon shinning brightly in the sky. The sky was spilt into day and night, but I always seemed to be on the side of the night. I walked toward the sunny side looking for my friend Aeliana who always seemed to be waiting for me there. I guess I wa
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Chapter eight
         (Sebastian POV) When I get back to my office to call Alpha Damian Ladarius back, I just find myself pacing around the room thinking about the call and not really wanting to make the call. All the thoughts of him thinking that Zira is his mate is making my wolf incredibly angry to the point where he wants to rip Alpha Damian throat out. I sat down for a bit before finally grabbing the phone to dial his number. I guess he was still waiting by the phone because he picked it up during the first ring. “Alpha Sebastian? Did you finally reach the decision of me meeting Zira or not?” “Yes, I had a talk with her, and we both decide to allow you to meet her so you can see that she isn’t your mate so you can move on.” “When?” “Tomorrow morning around 9 am. I already alerted the wolves on patrol
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Chapter nine
         (Damien POV) After I get off the phone with Alpha Sebastian Broderick, I started feeling that this might be a big mistake in meeting this girl who might be my mate. All my life I’ve always had others choosing the path of my life, the way they feel my life should be without even asking me if I wanted it or not. Like me becoming the next Alpha to this pack that was never my choose, my extra training, losing my parents at a young age, this war with the demons, and now some goddess choosing who I’m going to be with for the rest of my life. I will decide who my mate is going to be and that will be Paige. The thought kept my mind swimming with what might come out of this meeting I’ll be going to in the morning. Even as I get into my room getting ready to sleep, I just couldn’t get out of my head about my action will be when I meet this so-called mate, that I didn’t even realize that I was n
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Chapter ten
(Aeliana POV) Waking up from the dream with Zira, I now know where I’m going and that is to Vermont. Where in Vermont, I’m not sure right now but I’m hoping in time that I will. I need to get ready to get going. I grabbed the bag that Beta Micah put together for me with only adding a few of my clothing. I didn’t add too much because I didn’t want to make the bad too heavy for Sulien to be able to carry on her own. ‘You’ll be surprised how much I can carry. I’m not some weak wolf, because this wolf could even hold herself against a Royal Alpha wolf.’ ‘No, you don’t have a big ego about yourself.’ “No, Aeliana, I mean what I say. I am even stronger than a Royal Alpha wolf.’ ‘It don’t matter, I don’t own a lot of clothing anyway but how are we going to get out of here with the door being locked.’ ‘Wait, I think I’m smelling a key in your bag in the front pouch.’ As I looked into the pocket sure enough that I find a key that’ll get us out of this place. ‘We need to get going now Ae
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