Episode 6 - Butterflies

Olivia POV

I left the house and my heart was feeling extremely small. I try and make small talk with the bodyguard

“Hi, I’m Liv”, he smiles at me while driving replying

“I’m Edward, I know you don’t want me around so I’ll keep my distance “ - he says understanding my position in all of this.

“What’s his deal?” - I ask and I can see his body language changes

“What do you mean? His deal?” - He asks me and he sounds extremely uncomfortable with my questions right now.

“Is he always that demanding? Intense?” - He laughs and relaxes at my question.

“He is just... how am I going to say this... careful” - Edward says and he smiles at me.

“But he doesn’t know me.” - I let out in frustration.

“That won’t stop him from keeping you safe” - Edwards tells me as if he understood why Dhario was doing this.

“But who is he? How is it possible that he is that powerful?" - I ask, he is not just powerful, he is confident, charming, and scary at the same time. how is that even possible?

“Let’s just say
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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
You wouldn’t be so turned on if you knew he was fu.cking Eve not ten minutes ago! I doubt he even showered. I bet her lipstick stains are on his private area
goodnovel comment avatar
U is she so worried about jake when she keeps saying that she does not love him or wants to be with him when he forces her to do things she does not want I don’t get it
goodnovel comment avatar
Christine Sands
So she doesn't want Jack hurt but admitted to him forcing himself on her several times! how starved for acceptance is she? - really? or maybe she's just confused???

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