My Lycan

My Lycan

By:  Peyton Iuga  Completed
Language: English
130 ratings
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Me? Who am I? I am the Alpha of the Blood night Pack. I am feared by those who don't know me and respected by those who do. I never had a problem in eliminating the threat. I've been waiting for my mate since I turned 18, and I am 35 now. But when I see her for the first time, my wolf cries for her attention but she's under a spell. My mate doesn't recognise me.I need her, I will have her. She will be mine and no-one will stop me, not even a spell.

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Good book but I have a question. Why call the book my Lycan when it was about wolves? Also, hope the loose ends in the first book are tied up in the second.
2023-09-26 03:12:05
user avatar
I love this story!
2022-07-12 02:57:00
default avatar
Sarah B
Good book! I did think it was rushed a little at the end. Olivia never got it tell Leon what Emily said
2021-09-09 22:49:21
user avatar
Joy Esau
Amazing read 👌🤗
2021-06-27 07:29:29
user avatar
Sarai Ortiz
loved it, I wish I would of read this one before the second chance mate.
2021-06-19 21:26:45
user avatar
Elaine Wilson
love this book it was great.
2021-06-10 11:59:44
user avatar
This is one of my favorite stories
2021-05-28 20:34:52
user avatar
Lex88 Salvator
loved it has liv not give Leon the message
2021-05-16 02:58:50
user avatar
Terri Nielson Hataway
really good book. will check for more from the author
2021-05-04 03:50:30
user avatar
Sheryl Newlin
I really enjoyed this.
2021-05-03 11:31:32
user avatar
Geraldine Williams
great book....
2021-04-16 03:51:10
user avatar
Rachel Rapp
Loved this book
2021-04-14 20:38:46
user avatar
Becca Taylor
2021-04-14 02:14:29
user avatar
good story but ending was not clear
2021-04-06 14:06:53
user avatar
Malee Xiong
It's an ok novel. I feel like it's being rushed on some part but overall it's a good read. I'm looking forward to reading Second Chance!! Happy reading!!
2021-04-03 04:12:31
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40 Chapters
Chapter 1 – Who Am I?
Dhario POV My name is Dhario, Alpha of my beloved pack. I am 35 years old and I’ve been waiting for my mate, all the meaningless sex is becoming old. Don’t get me wrong, all the sluts that throw themselves at me like being used by me. They know my power, they know my strength and they know that being my mistress brings some perks. People respect them while they are seen with me. Although, I need something more. I am being pressured by my siblings to provide heirs to my throne. All the pack members know that I am getting old to keep being the alpha without an heir. And before you ask. It has to be a legitimate heir. An heir from my mate, none of the she-wolfs that provided me with a child can claim my name or my throne for our pups. I have 2 pups, James and Leon. James is 17 and Leon is 15. Both my boys know who their father is, they are training to become soldiers and close to their future Alpha (if I provide one). I was reckless while young. I didn’t want to be the alpha, I want
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Chapter 2 - How do I get her?
Dhario POVI give my speech (the same shit every year, how it is a safe town and no criminal activities have been recorded the year before, how all the women feel safe and how it’s not allowed for anyone to wander around the forest at night).She looks at me interested in everything I am saying. I can see her biting her lower lip, I can feel her heartbeat. She can feel my eyes on her. I can’t put my finger on it but there is so
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Chapter 3 - Help me
Olivia POV  I feel Jack’s hand tight around my arms while he’s kissing me, I don’t kiss him back as all I can think about was that man. How gorgeous was he? The way he devoured my body with his eyes.“FUCKSAKE LIV I AM TRYING TO KISS YOU HERE”
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Chapter 4 - My mate
Dhario POV I link with Danni “keep Liv some company, I’ve got some stuff to take care of”“Where are you going D?”“He touched her, he hurt her, and I’m going to kill him”
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Chapter 5 - My mate part 2
Dhario POV I feel my wolf getting agitated, I let go of her face and turn my back to her feeling an ANGER like I never felt before, something inside of me is tearing me apart from so I walk towards the towel wrapping it around my waist... He touched her, I can feel it, He touched her perfect body, and I am going to kill that fucker"I can't promise you that Olivia, you are way t
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Episode 6 - Butterflies
Olivia POV I left the house and my heart was feeling extremely small. I try and make small talk with the bodyguard “Hi, I’m Liv”, he smiles at me while driving replying “I’m Edward, I know you don’t want me around so I’ll keep my distance “ - he says understanding my position in all of this.“What’s his deal?” - I ask and I can see his body language changes“What do you mean? His deal?” - He asks me and he sounds extremely uncomfortable with my questions right now.“Is he always that demanding? Intense?” - He laughs and relaxes at my question.“He is just... how am I going to say this... careful” - Edward says and he smiles at me.“But he doesn’t know me.” - I let out in frustration.“That won’t stop him from keeping you safe” - Edwards tells me as if he understood why Dhario was doing this. “But who is he? How is it possible that he is that powerful?" - I ask, he is not just powerful, he is confident, charming, and scary at the same time. how is that even possible?“Let’s just say
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Chapter 7 - Butterflies part 2
Dhario POV I heard the link from Ed and my wolf growled, I left the meeting I was at, making up an excuse about something happening at the pack. I linked with Danni asking her to take over and, I strip my clothes before I shifted into my Wolf form and grabbed my clothes with my teeth and I started running. That Fucker was trying to talk to my mate. I’m going to kill that son of a bitch.  As I arrive and get dressed I walk towards her dorm room and when I open the door for the corridor I see her crying, Ed holding J
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Chapter 8 - The Witch
Dhario POV Leaving her is hard but I need to know what I can do to break the fucking spell around my mate, so as I walk to my office I feel her presence, the witch. I walk in and she is sitting on the sofa waiting for me, she is one sexy bitch but nothing compared to my Olivia."Thank you for agreeing to see me" - I say, I don't want to upset her.
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Chapter 9 - My Luna
Olivia POV "Kiss me" – I ask him, looking him deep into those beautiful blue eyes"I don't think that's what you need right now Love""You don't want to kiss me?" – I feel upset with his answer.
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Chapter 10 - My Luna part 2
Dhario POV I hold her naked body with my arms and I link with the pack "If anyone dares to look at my mate heads will roll"I heard that" - she says burring her face on my chest"Good, I am dead serious, if any fucker looks at yo
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