Chapter 3

I walked into my room I dropped my phone on the bed and sat down i was worried about raising money for my sister and i also have to worry about a kidney that matches with her isn't this life unfair 

I stood up and tried to see if there was anything i could eat but there was none, i sighed and checked my purse but there was nothing there. I had no money to even eat, I went to my tiny kitchen and drank water to fill my stomach, i walked back to the bed. I picked my phone and tried to call that number again but it was unreachable .

I dropped my phone and tried to sleep, but sleep wasn't coming through how would sleep come through, i have so many things on my mind and I can't do anything about it, only money can solve it

I stayed up all night without sleeping and the next morning i woke up more determined to get a job and at least save my sister's life.

I got up and wore an old dress that my mom had bought for me before she left, packed my hair into a ponytail and walked out of my house, my confidence level has risen. Going into the busy streets i was determined to get a job as soon as possible. Although I didn't know exactly where to start from, but that wouldn't stop me. I saw a coffee shop and went in but came out rejected, i wouldn't let that let me down, i spent morning and afternoon trying to get a job but instead i got a lot of we will get back to you and by that time my confidence level had gotten low, i sighed and made my way to the hospital, i went straight to June's room but she was unconscious again, i walked to the hall way and sat down trying to process the days event.

I stood up and walked to the doctor's office, i knocked and heard a come in

"Good Afternoon Aubrey " he greeted me and i smiled weakly at him 

" Good afternoon Doctor, i went to see June but she's still unconscious" 

i tell him and smile on his face faded away

"I don't have good news Aubrey" He said and i braced myself for whatever news he had to tell me.

"June's condition is really deteriorating and we need a kidney transplant as soon as possible, and you also need to pay But we can worry about the payment later. First we need to do a surgery as quick as we can" he says and tears clouded my vision 

"Umm Doctor, can we find a doctor soon?" I ask him

"Yes we can, don't worry Aubrey we will find a donor" he says and i nod

"Thank you Doctor " i say and walk out of the office, going back to June's room i saw a nurse doing whatever she could do there

"Thank you miss" i smile at her and she nods. I stood by June's side and held her hand in mine, using my other free hand to wipe my tears, i sniffed and just stared at her without talking, all my efforts to get a job had been a waste.

She stirred and her eyes flutter , i smile and stroked her hair

"Hey baby, how are you?" I ask her and she smiles faintly, if I wasn't so close to her I probably wouldn't even see her smile. "I feel very tired Bre, and my tommy hurts" she tells me and i try to smile 

"Don't worry sweetie, you would get better soon" i say and she looks at me, probably didn't believe anything i said

"What's really wrong with me Bre?, please tell me the truth I don't feel good all the time, my tommy hurts so much that the doctor's has to give me something to use, so please what exactly is wrong with me?" 

She asks and the words get stuck in my throat 

"Don't sorry sweetie, there is nothing wrong with you that cannot be fixed, I don't want you to worry you little head about it" i tell her and she smiles

"Okay Bre" she says and i smile at her

"I have to leave now baby, but I'll be back soon" i tell her and she nods

"Bre,  I don't like the hospital food, i know we don't have so much money But do you think you can maybe buy something for me" she tells me and i smile

"Okay Juju" I walked out of the room and walked back outside, well i had nothing to do today. My sister's condition kept deteriorating, i need to raise 400, 000$ how i would raise it, I don't know.

I went to my usual park and sat down, my tommy started to rumble a lot. I haven't eaten for at least two days it's just water and now i am beginning to feel so hungry. At least June is eating even though it's hospital food

I clutched my stomach and sat down, trying to suppress my very hungry self, I can't keep drinking water and at this point i am really desperate. I sighed and stood up, walking back home.

When i got home I undressed and went to my tiny kitchen and drank water again, wiping my mouth i heard someone knock on my door, i wonder who that it is. I went ahead to open it and saw a very large man standing in front of me, dressed quite classy 

Why would a man dressed this way come here?

"I'm sorry, i think you're at the wrong door" i say and attempted to close the door but he used his feet to block it

"He doesn't have the wrong door" i heard a thick voice say and the person with the voice comes forward, nodding at the large man to leave he looks at me and removed his dark shades, I recognized him immediately 

He was the guy whom i had seen in doctor hales office, but why was he here, more importantly how did he know where i live?

He looked too expensive to be here, he looked so out of place in my house, scrunching his nose he looks around before his eyes settled back on me

"I'm sorry, i am very sure I don't have anything to do for you " i tell him and he raises his eyebrow

"But i have something to offer you and I believe it would also favor you" he says and i sigh

"Alright come in" i tell him and moved away, he bends and comes in. He looked so out of place in my tiny apartment 

"You can sit here" i gestured at the small chair, he looks at it and smile

"No, I'm fine standing " he stretches his hand forward 

"I'm Doctor White, i work in the same hospital we met, Doctor hales is my colleague " i looked at him confused, and i would never guessed he was a doctor, i would have said a model"

I shook his hand "I'm Aubrey, what can i do for you" i ask him, getting tired of the conversation my tommy had started to hurt again

He looks at me and dusts his tailored suit 

"I want you to be my Surrogate "

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Can we find a donor
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Can we find a donor

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