Episode 1129

While on the border of Aeternum, the refugees were being moved and process as fast as they can, to further increased the expectancy of Aeternum sufficient labour during the full scale phase of the constructions. The other parts of Aeternum is also in a large motion of activities, and one of the many aspect that were being ramp up is that Research, Development and Health Ministry, especially, The Research and Development Department. On top of getting the new type of machinery of multiple array of industry productions. The amount of things that they have to do and achieve is a lot, furthermore not a single person in these department could ignore the recent order, because it was issued by the President Himself, and also the Minister of the ministry itself were present to ensure that everything were in place.

“Director Bar…is the Sewing machine, and all the textile related machinery has all been done being turned into the Magic machine?..”. (Rafaela)

Currently, Rafaela were as always doi
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