XXXIX: You Get What's Coming

I hiss and whip my head to the guy. His hair glistened against the light and his plump lips were curved in a smile. Stellan looked just as disgusting as I remember.

"I'm guessing your boyfriend is on the team or you wouldn't have cheered so hard."

With a surge of adrenaline, I bit back, "Funny you've never heard of team spirit and naturally assume being supportive is inclined only to romantic relationships."

Stellan threw his head back, "Wow. Look at you talking back. Without me you're so misguided and think that girls are supposed to be anything than a good girlfriend."

I scoff at this. I was about to reply, but then he cut me off, "I'm glad we broke things off, honestly. No matter how good you are doesn't matter anymore because your father's a corrupted liar. Everything you are, from the blood in your veins and and the money in your pocket is dirty like him."

At this point, Kai, who was in the middle of his conversation, looks over

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