The Three Kings Of Langley Academy

The Three Kings Of Langley Academy

By:  hanihaniplease  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lilac moved cities with her family to escape the heat of the media over her father's business scandal. After moving into her grandmother's home, she moves into a new school as well. Her new school has three so-called "kings" that try to push her around but when she pulls herself back up, she pulls also their attention, thus a deal was made. "Whoever gets to make her break and fall first gets to have her."

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Gemma Audsley
Can’t wait to hear more
2020-10-14 06:42:02
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Rikke Eliassen
I also love this book! Just wondering when the next update will be!!!
2021-07-01 18:59:09
user avatar
Jackie Kowena
great book but need to update.
2021-05-07 07:23:34
user avatar
Denice Steenkamp
nice. love it
2020-11-19 13:45:16
50 Chapters
"Mr. Dahlberg!""Mrs. Dahlberg!""Are you going to sue?""Do you feel betrayed?""Are you filing for divorce?""Are you taking the children?""Mr. Dahlberg!""MR. DAHLBERG!" The paparazzi had no regard as their cameras flashed and as they called out my father's name. My family crammed into the black van as guards pushed the irksome photographers away.The vehicle drove off and we all simultaneously huffed in relief."Daddy, do we really have to move away? What if they don't have ballet there? What if the girls there don't like me?" Periwinkle peeped out as she snuggled against my father's shoulder.We all huffed in our own volumes upon the admission we heard spoken by our youngest. My mom comforted, "Baby, it'll be alright. Grandma will be there and she promised she knew a ballet school near our new home.""But
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I: Welcome To Langley Acadmey
"LOURDES!"I huffed at the sound of my middle name being yelled out. I shuffled where I stood, frantically fixing the braid I pleated on my hair. "LOURDES!" the voice of my grandmother called out once more. I whined in frustration then quickly put on my new school blazer, grabbing my red boots as I descended downstairs."I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I swear I don't mean to be late on my first day." I muttered as I advanced to where the voice and an amazing smell came from.  Upon seeing the dining room table contained my grandmother pouring my father some coffee while he read the newspaper, my mother slicing her pancake and my brother with a fully amused smirk, I realized that I was not late."Whoever said you were late? It's 6:15" my grandmother frowned slightly. "I was merely calling you down for breakfast; have a seat."I catch my breath and whip my head to Roux. He had his arms crossed, thus his toned biceps seemed buldging.
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II: The First King
"What a joke." I scoff, making Gail chuckle. "Lilac, you have no idea what you just did though."This makes my brows raise, "What's that supposed to mean? I just told a guy off for being rude and put him in his place." The brunette breaks into a hearty laugh, "You, my friend, just told off one of the king of Langley Academy on your first day. Thank goodness I was showing you around. If it was someone else--""Hold on. hat do you mean 'king'?""It's stupid really," she does not forget to roll her eyes when saying this, "There's a Langley hierarchy, and sadly this is your new reality. You'll get a better picture when we get to the cafeteria. Cece is honestly much better at telling stories than me. But since lunch is still an hour away, let's kill some time. Let's walk and talk, I'll show you all the places in school you should know about.""Won't we get in trouble for cutting class?" I ask, making her turn to me with glimmerin
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III: Hallways Are Interesting
It was the second day of school, and to say I expected much was an understatement. Yesterday ended fine. I decided not to tell my grandmother, nor anyone in my family anything I learned at school, mostly because my parents weren't home, and my grandmother seemed so expectant that my first day would go well.To be fair, he most eventful happening was the storytelling during lunch, and aside from a rude remark from human trash can-Javier, it was fine. So I decided to stay quiet, just until I witness something first hand. Gail truly did not leave my side, neither did Cece, Nina, and Kai, so long as we shared a class.I eventually understood why they hated one mister Pozwich, having both heard the story of him and his temper, and experiencing it fist hand. His wrath was not directed to me, still, his temper and snarky remarks were terrifying.It makes you wonder how he could afford to do that when everyone in the class could literally afford to
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IV: A Deal Amongst Kings
Ah, how long has it been?How long has it been since all three kings were interested? How long has it been since the kings were interested in a girl - the same girl? Since Jenny?Well, it doesn't really matter, cause none of them really remember. "I said it first." Dae-Hyun argued."Well I saw her first." Javier growled."Boys. Let's not kid ourselves." Marcus spoke making the two turn to him and scoff. The lightest skinned amongst them scoffed, "Just kid yourself then, you're second to both of us." The darkest skinned amongst them laughed, "What? Isn't it just better if we make a deal instead of fighting over her?"The sun kissed man crossed his arms, "What kind of deal?""The only deal us kings can make, the best kind," Marcus smirked. "We should welcome her to our kingdom, then we should break her in.""Are you suggesting we beat up a Dahlberg girl?" Dae-
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V: A King's Origin
I wiped my freshly showered hair off with a towel. Thank all things sweet there wasn't anyone home besides my brother and I. It made for a lot less explaining to do.However, on the other hand, my brother had a lot of explaining to do to me."Those damn punks! I can't believe they even got a king after I left!" Roux mumbled making me roll my eyes."It's all your fault then! If an egotistical moron like you hadn't made a dumb hierarchy then I nor anyone else would have to deal with shit like this." Roux gave a guilty look and shook his head, "Tulila, I didn't elect myself. I became king because that's what everyone started calling me." He shuffled on my plush bed where we had lazily propped ourselves on. "And I never went after anyone who didn't cross me, especially not without good reason. I usually just got into trouble with my own friends or those jerks from M.A.C."I chuckled dryly, noting the fac
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VI: The Deal Is Sealed
"I cannot believe that happened," Javier growled, leaning against the chair's backrest which he had in front of him."But I got to say, it'll make the win a lot more satisfying," Marcus mumbled in reply."True," another voice spoke out lowly, sinisterly. The two turned to the tall, pale man whose arms were crossed and whose back was against the wall. "I will get my revenge on him." he spoke, nonchalant, though he clenched his jaw so tight it would've broken his teeth.Marcus' brow raised automatically upon hearing that. "Are you honesty that stupid? Don't you know who he is?"The man scoffed at that and felt a tendon of anger be pulled in him, "Does he know who I am?" He pushed himself from where he leaned. "I'M LEE DAE-HYUN!"Marcus shot up from the seat he sat on, "AND I'M MARCUS D'FROI!" He huffed sharply. "But who the hell cares because he's Roux Dahlberg; he's long left the shadow of his father. He is no player to disregard." 
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VII: Introductions
"Ugh, I swear, if no one shows up and Kai starts snoring..." Gail groaned, trailing off, making the said snorer laugh in amusement. "Hey, it's not my fault I do this! And anyway, I heard there finally is going to be a new English teacher and I hear she's young and hot." Cece rolled her eyes and kicked Kai's leg, under the chair from behind him. Gail, who sat in the middle of my and Kai's shoulders slammed her head on the table. And Nina, who was chatting up with some people on her phone, silently turned around at us then back to her screen, nodding her head in disapproval. Kai's bruised cheek, by the way, was not too visible now. Just as someone else altogether was about to complain about the lack of facilitators present, the front door swung open and the sound of heels clicking on the ground followed. "Good morning," files and a bag was placed on the front desk, "Long story-sh
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VIII: The Second King
"What do mean Javier apologized?" Cece practically fainted. "AND WHAT THE HECK IS 'HE EVEN INVITED ME TO LUNCH' SUPPOSED TO MEAN?""I mean he kept bothering me the whole day yesterday and I don't even know why." I groaned as I stuffed my bag in my gym locker to the right of Cece's, which was next to Gail's, which was next Nina's. It was a miracle that we all had PE class together, along with English; even Kai was here, just not here-here because, well, this was the girl's locker room."But WHY?" Cece groaned out and sighed, slamming her locker door shut. "What possessed that man to be like that all of a sudden?" Nina added."Honestly, I have no clue." I spoke as I crouched down and tied my shoe lace."He probably must've hit his head or something." Gail scoffed a chuckle. "But whatever it is, it seems fishy so don't let your guard down, Lilac." she added makig me smile. "Don't worry, I won't."  "Okay, gather
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IX: A Painful Project
"Sit down before the devil comes!" I whisper-yelled to Gail who was pacing around the room in order to get a good signal on her phone. You are correct if you assumed that we were currently in history class and the teacher of the hour was, indeed, Mr. Pozwich, the lord of darkness himself.Gail huffed and sprang over to me, her seat being to the left of mine after all. She huffed and sat on her chair, violently tapping the screen of her phone where the resend button was. She cussed and dropped the object in frustration, absolutely done with trying. I chuckled just as she groaned."Shut up, I'm waiting for a really important text, okay.""Ooooh, is it from your boyfriend?" I teased. She narrowed her eyes at me and pushed my shoulder, "No. It's from my mom."I wiggled my eyebrows, "Course it is." Just as she glared, all the sound and all the life in the room died down and along came our favorite tea
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