Hyun-Ki and I wind up walking around the venue, which may I add is so lavish and wide. We make our way out to the garden and my heart drops.

Javier is there chatting to some friends loudly and suddenly turns to me, face dropping.

I turn to Hyun-Ki and grab his hand---FOR SOME REASON.

I stutter and turn to him, feeling my cheeks burn. I let his hand go and give a face, to which Hyun-Ki finds amusement and laughs at.

"Lilac," Javier, who walked up towards, says in a loud tone. The tanned man turns from Hyun-Ki to me and clears his throat. "I'm so glad you could make it," he says stiffly, not particularly glad sounding at all.

He heaves and turns to Hyun-Ki, "I'm sorry, can I just borrow her for a second."

Hyun-Ki turns to him and raises his brows. The older of us three turns to me and gives a questioning look, "I mean... sure."


Javier then grabs my hand and pulls me off. It's not in a demanding way,

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